Poll Time! Best Table Service Restaurant in WDW? FINAL ROUND

It’s time for the Final Round of our best Table Service Restaurant poll!

See results from Round 3 here.

Which is your favorite table service restaurant in Walt Disney World?

  • Tusker House Restaurant (AK) - 37%
  • California Grill (CR) - 32%

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Note: I included all table service restaurants listed on the Touring Plans Dining web pages.

I’m fine with my vote, but really, the best TS at Disney World comes down to these 2? There is a problem with the electoral process here. @Jeff_AZ you are definitely not allowed to be involved in the 2020 election process… (and that is neutral as a statement so don’t flame me :slight_smile: )


:joy: I just tally the votes. No shenanigans on my part.


Hey! Shenanigans! Tusker had 19, and CG and Sanaa had 16 each!!!

ETA: And I didn’t vote for Tusker. I’m all about the Rules. Explain yourself @Jeff_AZ !

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Ah yes, I was wondering if someone would bring this up. Because the vote total was tied, I gave the tie to the restaurant that had the higher score in the previous round (which is why I conveniently posted those results in the poll):


Also, the software forced the percentages to 32% and 31%, but I would have chosen the same two to move on either way.

Oh dear, post hoc non-transparent rules… There may be a Supreme Court challenge, just saying.

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:joy: For the record, this has happened before, so I am following precedent. :wink:


@Jeff_AZ, clearly you should have employed ranked choice voting. Especially for a vote of such gravity.



This isn’t a valid way to do it. Because it could be that everyone’s SECOND choice would have been the eliminated choice, but their first choice was eliminated in the first round.

This has caused problems in actual elections in primaries, for example, where the winner of the primary might actually only be favored by a minority.

For example, if there are choices A to D and choice A gets 39% of the vote, but the remaining 61% would put A as their last choice, then in a proper run off, A would actually lose despite having the most initial votes. This is because B, C, and D might actually be splitting the vote due to similarities. I pick B, but I would be happy with C or D. Others do the same, but for C and D.


It may be a flawed way to do it but not “valid” is a little harsh. :wink:

In any case, one had to be eliminated, and I chose the one that by two metrics (assigned percentage and percentage in the previous poll) was lower. The other option would be to redo the poll, but at this point I think we need a winner!


Yes. Good point.

You are valid. Just flawed. :wink:


How dare your free and unscientific poll not use the best algorithms to choose a winner! I’m starting to think none of these polls mean anything!



Maybe we need to conduct a poll on everyone’s preferred polling mechanism.


But how would we conduct it?

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A reminder to vote - 2 days left!

This is a tough crowd @Jeff_AZ
Liners have a sharp eye for stats. One might even say we’re a bit… obsessed.


Honestly, the thanks I get for running this polling operation single-handed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What happened to your other hand?


Well, we have a winner!

The best table service restaurant in WDW, according to voters, is California Grill!

I guess I better make an ADR when my 180- er … 60-day window opens up next year. :wink: