Poll Time! Best Disney Resort Hotel Location Round 4

Time for Round 4 of the Best Disney Resort Hotel Location poll! Here is the link to the Round 3.

All responses that achieved at least 15% in the last round have advanced. We will continue until one resort hits over 50% in the overall poll. I have listed the percent received in the last round in parentheses (note that the last round was divided into three polls based on transport type).

Which Disney Resort Hotel has the best overall location?

  • Beach Club (35%)
  • Polynesian (23%)
  • Boardwalk (20%)
  • Contemporary (18%)

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Since Caribbean Beach received only 4 votes and Riviera received none in the last round, I don’t expect the results of this round to be much different from last round, so I’m keeping the poll open for only three days. Get your votes in now!

Jeff's Official Polling Rules for Cynics and Skeptics

In case of a tournament, the following protocols will be followed:

  • All voters are eligible to participate regardless of their familiarity with the various options
  • Voters may cast or change their vote as desired until the poll is closed (generally timed)
  • The first option to receive over 50% in any round upon closing of the poll is deemed the winner
  • The percentage displayed by the forum software will be deemed the official result, regardless of the absolute number of votes cast (i.e., rounding differences may be decisive)
  • If no option receives over 50%, additional rounds will be held
    • All options receiving 15% or more will advance to the next round
    • If all options have received 15% or more, the option receiving the lowest % of the vote will be eliminated
    • In the case of a tie, the option receiving the higher % in the previous round will advance
      • If there is still a tie after following the above rules, the option listed first by the forum software in the results will advance
  • All results are final – no recounts, re-dos, challenges, or complaints will be accepted; however, discussion and debate is welcome.
  • Have a magical day! :rainbow::european_castle::fireworks:
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We just stayed a BW last night for the first time. Walk to parks is nice, DVC walls too thin, fun activities on the BW at night. Decent food choices with 2 other resorts near by. You can choose a BW view and watch Harmonious fireworks from you room balcony


Just posted Round 5!