Poll Time! Best Disney Resort Hotel Location Round 5

Time for Round 5 of the Best Disney Resort Hotel Location poll! Here is the link to the Round 4.

All options received over 15%, so according to my polling rules, the option to receive the least votes (Contemporary) was eliminated. We will continue until one resort hits over 50% in the overall poll. I have listed the percent received in the last round in parentheses.

Which Disney Resort Hotel has the best overall location?

  • Beach Club (32%)
  • Boardwalk (31%)
  • Polynesian (22%)

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I switched from Poly to Beach Club this round. I’m glad I helped Poly get this far, but it seems it’s going to come down to BC or BW and I prefer BC of the two due to it being closer to IG and Skyliner.

That’s what I think too.


I’m sad that the Contemporary isn’t in the running anymore. I went with the Poly since it was the first Disney hotel that I ever stayed at when I was a kid.


So I voted BW because it seems like it’s more midway to both EP and HS. I know BC is super close to EP, but BW is closer to HS right? I’ve never stayed BC though so maybe I’m wrong.


I think we established that Boardwalk is in fact closer to the two parks on average - a little further from EP but significantly closer to HS. But not as close to the Skyliner, which I think makes up for it personally. But others will disagree, hence the poll. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Every time I go to BW I love it more….10 days!


I’ll switch when I have to. For now I’m sticking with Poly.


I switched from Beach Club to Poly last time!

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If the skyliner didn’t exist I would go BW for that reason. But the skyliner makes the difference. From a Ferry standpoint, BC is the worst because when you stay at BW you can walk to Dolphin to catch the ferry (last stop) and then take it back to BW (Fist stop).

All of that makes me think I may keep with my switch of Poly…

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The most wonderful thing about BW is the walking path doesn’t close (unlike the skyliner daily during the summer)




Went from Poly to BW last round. Still thinking, still thinking… What to pick…


Between BC and BW I have to go with BW because it’s closer to HS. For our BWV stay we had a 2 br that was apparently a preferred level tho no one said and my sister couldn’t recall what she booked. Very close to all the Boardwalk action. Which was so fun, coming back from Epcot every night. Miles and miles from the [then free] parking. But out a side door, the walk to HS seemed short.

Our BC stay was nearly 30 years ago, so lots of rose colored glasses going on there. We had wood view maybe. Which wound up being all the way out this long hallway from the lobby. But out the side door, boom!, walkway to Epcot, right there.

We haven’t used the Skyliner. From what I’ve read, I don’t see booking a resort based on the use of the Skyliner. Unless Disney will have up to date in use info on MDE.

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And wasn’t it @ryan1 that had that ridiculous experience of walking to the IG only to find out it was down, so he had to walk to the front for a bus, but it was back up by then and had to go back to the IG? Or something along those lines, I seem to remember something about a bus from Boardwalk too. Whatever it was, it involved a lot of confusion and walking thanks to the skyline being down.


That was us. So annoying.


True point! But my DH has some mobility problems so it is skyliner or boat for us! But because of your skyliner point, I am going with the Poly!


Boardwalk is our favorite resort (we own DVC points there). Walks to HS and EP are both reasonable and have had zero issues with buses. Plus the Crescent Lake area is beautiful!


With mobility problems, which modes of transportation are easiest and hardest? That’s an interesting factor to consider. (I’m thinking those with wheelchairs or ECVs in particular.)

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We aren’t at the ECV wheelchair level yet, so I am not the best one to ask for that. It’s just a " limit walking" situation.

That said, in my opinion monorail and large friendship boats (i.e.Epcot lagoon) have to be the best, followed by skyline. Next tier is walking paths folliwed by buses then small friendship boats bring up the rear (which are not at all accessible).

My DD was in a wheelchair for a short HS EP only trip before the skyliner. Not needing the buses, or just being able to walk to the IG was so nice.

Edit: now I have to rethink my Poly vote as the boats were a factor.

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