News: Advanced Dining Reservations starting to re-open to some WDW guests on June 30th, Also some extra experiences as well

Finished making ours. Sad I’m not feeling excited. Last week I was feeling so optimistic but now I just feel kind of depressed. Leaning toward cancelling. Blahhhhhhhhhh.


I am starting to feel the same way with all of the bad news this week out of FL. Wondering if this trip is a bad idea. I don’t want to disappoint my DD who will probably have a less than optimal freshman year at college…

Perhaps we already knew this…but I see we have overlapping visits. We’ll be at the parks from 8/8 through 8/13. (We check into Pop on 8/7, check out 8/14.)

Wonder if there will be a day we can get a quick liner meet picture? Our park days are the following:

8/8 - MK
8/9 - AK
8/10 - HS
8/11 - EP
8/12 - HS
8/13 - MK

Couldn’t get Sci Fi at any time on my HS date either, 7/20

I could not get the September calendar to open. It would only allow me to book through 8/31.

I’m only really worred about Sana’a. Normally quite easy to get, I expect it will be challenging as the only dining location open for AKL at the time of my trip

DUH! Split stay. I’m a dummy.

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Did I read that you can only book ADRs up to 60 days out? That may be why September is not showing right now.

Usually its 180+10 and my understanding is that this will now be 60+10

I am at 59 days, so within that window

HOWEVER, I do have a split stay so I can only make ressies for 60+length of stay for first part of my visit; in a few days I will be able to make the rest.

It took some time and some caffeine for my addled brain to awaken to important details today.

Also, as we are all always ready for the Disney IT systems to fail us, it is easy to overlook the obvious and go straight to the “it’s broken again!”

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Got it. I am slurping my first cup of coffee right now as well.

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Is this going to be a thing in 2020? I read somewhere that parks will not open before the stated time.

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I seriously doubt it will be happening anytime soon, I don’t know, I was just responding to question about the abbreviation. I think this Crush the Turtle quote I posted yesterday should be the automatic response to any question about future actions from WDW.



I was really hoping they would fix this to be like FPPs with no restart for each different resort stay.



Crush rules

I got everything I wanted for our “might happen, probably won’t happen, definitely won’t happen, but might happen” trip. :laughing: I got Sci-Fi and Topolino’s without problem, those were the 2 that seemed like they might be the hardest. Also The Wave breakfast, BOG dinner, Yak & Yeti (though have a Landry card so might not need an ADR), La Hacienda de San Angel, Liberty Tree Tavern, the Plaza, and I already had Morimoto and Homecomin’. The only thing I was sad about not getting, as it isn’t available is Garden Grill pre-rope drop breakfast. I was hoping they would still have that at 10am, but it wasn’t to be.


Not gonna lie, this late sleeper would love a world where PPOs were at 10am!!


I got a lot of the same ADRs as you for our “probably won’t happen, but might happen” trip! :joy: Only thing I couldn’t get was Homecomin’…it was booked up for multiple days I tried to snag an ADR.


This is probably because you could book Homecomin’ a couple weeks ago. Which is when we booked it.


Yeah probably. That and we have 5 people in our party so fewer tables available for that size group anyway.

Yeah. We have a party of 7. Homecomin’ was one of only a handful of places at Disney Springs that would allow a party that size.

My entire family concurs.

For me this would definitely be second breakfast


Yes! I just ate breakfast a bit ago, it’s 11:20am here. Avery and I did the Garden Grill 10am breakfast over Christmas (no need for early morning when we had 6 preplanned FPP a day). It was perfect!

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