Re-opening news for WDW

This post has been pinned to hopefully provide some information about the re-opening of WDW.

It contains a brief summary under different headings, with links to information and other threads where most relevant.

A Whole New World - an introduction

Mk and AK are opening July 11th.
Epcot and DHS are opening July 15th.

When the parks reopen there will be hugely reduced capcity in the parks, and likely the resorts.

Everyone will now have to book park reservations in advance.

Everyone can now book park reservations if they have valid ticket media. There are currently three “pools” of park slots: resort guests, AP holders offsite and regular offsite ticket holders.

There is an availability chart showing the availability in each pool for each park and date.

Availability chart here:,resort,passholder&defaultSegment=tickets

Thread link for park reservation system:

Main information about the re-opening here:

Fastpasses have been cancelled and will no longer be used in the initial re-opening phase. At many attractions the FP queue is being used for DAS access.

No more EMH, tickets for all tours and special events are being cancelled.

Masks will be required for everyone aged 2 & up.
Temperature screenings required for Disney Springs and Theme Parks

DVC Resorts & Fort Wilderness opened June 22.

Dates for other resorts to open have been published, although these could change.
All previously booked ADRs have been cancelled, along with dining plans. Going forward dining reservations will be made at 60 days out instead of 180 days.

ADRs can now be booked with a 60 day window, plus length of onsite stay, up to 10 days.


Whilst park capacity is reduced everyone, including AP holders, will need to book a park reservation in advance.

The Park Reservation System is now open for:

  • 2020 and 2021 guests with tickets , whether onsite or offsite

  • AP holders, who are limited to 3 days at a time other than onsite stays, for which they get length of stay.

There is an availability chart here:,passholder,tickets&defaultSegment=resort

Availability changes regularly and can even be found on the day.
AP Holders have been warned that they may have difficulty securing park reservations initially if not onsite. However park slots have been moved from one pool to another and AP holders have seen reservation availability change.

Not all attractions are open. In general, shows and parades are not running, plus anything that uses Equity CMs.

A useful link to what is open is here, although things can change:

You can check the other parks from that page.


DVC Resorts and Fort Wilderness opened on June 22nd.

There is now Information posted on the WDW website detailing what will be open at each DVC resort and FW when they re-open.

Pools will be open, although Stormalong Bay will not be.

There is at least one TS and one QS open at each resort, but they may have modified menus. The only character dining is at Topolino’s (Riviera) and that is described as ‘“a modified experience”.

It appears they are limiting resort hopping. The wording is a little ambiguous, but effectively you will need an ADR to be guaranteed entry to a resort that you are not staying in.

From the Dine page:

“ Planning to dine at a table-service restaurant in a Disney Resort hotel? A confirmed dining reservation is required for day Guests (those not staying overnight) and is highly recommended for Guests staying overnight at a Disney Resort hotel”.

Also note the section on temperature screenings for resort guests. In addition, guests in quarantine (currently from three states and in force until July 7th) may not enter WDW.

From the Resorts page:

“ Persons who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, have been in contact with someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 symptoms without completing a 14-day quarantine, or are under quarantine orders must not enter Walt Disney World Resort.

Walt Disney World Resort Guests may be subject to additional screenings. Before you leave home, please check the temperatures of everyone in your party—including yourself—as an extra layer of precaution.”

This link gives the initial information released and is left in for information, including that pool access may be limited.

Non- DVC Resorts

There is a list of other resorts opening from July 10th thru to October 14th.

As of July27th, some dates have changed:

BC & BWI will remain closed until further notice.
Poly opening pushed back until Oct 4th
AoA opening pushed back until Nov 1st

Those with stays at resorts not opening are now being moved to a similar level of resort.

We know the NBA will be using Gran Destino @ CSR, GF and YC. The lower ranked teams stay at YC and GF so those resorts will be freed up earlier.

Club Level will not re-open for the time being.


All ADRs previously booked have been cancelled automatically.

ADR booking has now resumed at 60 days out instead of 180 days out.

The length of stay privilege for onsite stays remains, up to 10 days.

Subsequent onsite days open up one day at a time, so day 12 at 59 days out etc.

Split stays have separate booking windows.

Dining Plans have been cancelled through to Sept 2021.

Not all restaurants are open and those that are have modified menus.

For QS, mobile ordering is strongly encouraged.

It appears dining may be limited to groups of 6.

Information about Dining is here:

Blog Mickey has a list of restaurants that are open in the parks and resorts, although again this is subject to change. There is also a thread here that discusses changes etc.

Food and Wine information can be found here:

As of July 27th, temperature screening will be introduced at Resort Table Service restaurants.


AP Holders staying offsite can book park reservations for three days.

Those staying onsite can book them for length of stay.

Passholder previews on July 9th & 10th.


Express and Resort Monorail running a limited service.
No Epcot beam service, buses from monorail resorts to Epcot.

Skyliner running all three lines.

Ferry boats from TTC to MK.
Boats from Poly, WL and FW to MK.
No Friendship or Sassagoula River boats.

No Minnie Vans.
No parking lot trams.

Disney Magical Express is running.

However there is no luggage delivery from MCO to Resorts.

Luggage is still being transferred between resorts for those with split stays.


All fastpasses are being cancelled.
FP+ will not be used for the time being.
FP queue space will be used for DAS access at some attractions.
EMH temporarily suspended.MNSSHP is cancelled.
Food & Wine starts in July.

Rise of the Resistance at DHS is using a virtual queue system. As before, boarding groups can be obtained for members of your family and friends who are in the park.

As of July 24th, boarding groups are bookable at 10am and 2pm daily.

These are currently booking out within a minute.

From the DPB link above:

  • FastPass+ and Extra Magic Hours: As a result of the COVID-19 impact, the FastPass+ service will be suspended for the time being as we plan to use additional queue space to manage capacity at our attractions and maintain physical distancing. We will automatically cancel existing FastPass+ selections and share any future updates on the service at a later date. Also, please note that upon reopening, Extra Magic Hours will be temporarily suspended.

Threads you may find useful:


Good info. Thanks

I have pinned the topic and set the time for one year. I understand tickets are extended beyond the year but for now, I think that is long enough?

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I didn’t necessarily mean pin this thread! There are several threads with actual info in them, some much more important.

I meant to have a kinds summary thread with links. So people could go to one thread for the park reservation info, another for resort openings and so on.

But OK, thanks. :grin: Maybe there are a couple others that would be useful to pin too.

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Oh boy. That makes my convention tickets that have been so far unlinkable very anxiety inducing. I already have an email in to group ticketing, so hopefully will get resolved soon.

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If you want to, you can always edit your original post to contain the most important links, since you are source for most of them anyway :smile:


@Nickysyme, think about what you want me to do. You can edit, or I can try to gather some links from your posts but it will have to wait if you prefer me to do it. I am on my phone at work.

I agree, you find great info!

This is really, really helpful to see. Thanks! As you know, we’re booked at AKL, very specifically for the Kidani pool. I feel like I had seen you mention that “splash pads” would be off limits. Are you still thinking that? That’s at least 40% of the appeal of the Kidani pool for us.

I think the splash pad was speculation at that point, although possibly from a reliable source.

But given playgrounds won’t be open Ihave to think splash pads would be fenced off.

Splash pads are tricky. If they are running, then chlorinated water is constantly flowing and likely eliminates the possibility of spread, besides the exposure to the sun’s UV to begin with. It would be any surfaces/areas where water from the pools don’t come into contact with that would be of concern.

As such, I would think splash pads are actually safer than the pools themselves.

BUT, splash pads to have more high contact surfaces.


I personally don’t get all the concern about playgrounds, but am hopeful this is one of the easier things to phase back in. Massachusetts is re-opening playgrounds next week thank goodness!


I think the main concern is social distancing is practically impossible with playgrounds. Kids just play in close contact with one another on playgrounds. So masks are absolutely necessary.

That might be the concern as well with splash pads where you aren’t requiring masks.

My understanding of the closed playgrounds (at least around here) seemed to have stemmed from the extremely slim chance that the virus is spread by contact of the playground equipment. My suburban area has PLENTY of small playgrounds where normally my kids are the only one, so I have zero worry of them running into other kids (which I’m honestly not too worried about anyway).

I cannot envision the Kidani splash pad being any more difficult to social distance in than the pools to be honest.

I thought all ticket sales were down for now. We usually buy tickets at SoG, but they are not open. I also wanted to buy an AP for DS/H. Does anyone know when that will be possible?

Right now, no one knows. Up until yesterday you could buy tickets through Undercover Tourist, but that option is gone. Other third party resellers have stopped sales.

The Disney announcement said ticket sales will resume once all existing reservations with tickets have been accommodated.

You know, in another thread I said that they will just keep making things unappetizing to guests until enough cancel to make their occupancy levels safe.

Seems like this is the next step to that plan.

Curious: Has anyone tried to buy those Disney tickets located in the gift card section of stores? My Kroger sells a gift card for a one day pass to any park or a 4 park pass “ticket” as a gift card. Could those still be linked to MDE?

Ruh roh… The Millennium Falcon has reappeared on the wdw site… What fresh h*LL awaits us now?!? Lol.


I just spent an hour trying to edit my first post and now they’re going to drop the next piece of the puzzle.

Really ??? :rofl::rofl: