My first trip back to WDW - the good, the bad, the magic!

Today we set out on a quick trip to Orlando for the MK preview on July 10th. I’m going to try to do a pictoral trip report but will also be live streaming on a private fb group I created so not sure i will be able to give live updates here but I will try!
When: July 9-11
Who: me and DH
What: MK AP preview is our only goal on this short trip. We are coming back july 16-20 for a longer trip.
Where: staying off site for the very first time. Picked the courtyard by Marriott close to Disney Springs because I had points to use. We normally stay on site so not sure how this will feel! We are also renting a car with the thought of minimizing exposure by using ride shares everywhere.
Other pertinent info: DH and I have been home bound for the most part since March. We don’t venture out and wear masks when we do. We were germaphobes before Covid so we are more neurotic now (although we feel more “normal” now that everyone else is hyper focused on cleaning :slight_smile:) We are also fortunate enough to both work from home so we can and will quarantine when we get home. No one else lives with us so other than not seeing my parents, this won’t be too hard. I am nervous, mainly regarding the airports and airplanes. But I really wanted to be back in the magic, will take as many precautions as we can to keep us and others safe.
Ok, on with the report!
DAY 1 - JULY 9
We both worked this morning which is always stressful trying to wrap up work and get going to the airport. Right as we were supposed to leave, I got a notification that our flight was delayed over an hour. A blessing in disguise so we could properly wrap things up.
First mask selfie at the airport - We are smiling, i promise!!

Pretty good signs at the airport

Mask compliance was about 90-95% in the gate area, despite repeated announcements thatcthey are required. Southwest now boards in groups of 10 and social distancing markers are on the ground. Feels a lot less like a herd of cattle this way.
We were thrilled to learn there were only 43 passengers on board (normally 140).
Once we got to MCO, we were surprised by how empty the tram was.

Mask compliance wasn’t great at MCO, to be honest. At the rental car counter, they did have plexiglass barriers so I think people relaxed their guard - some had no mask on, some (including the rental car employee) had it pulled down beneath their chin). Others would lower their masks when they talked (:roll_eyes:
We got our rental car and headed to the hotel. I got a little giddy by these signs

Not overly impressed with the hotel but you can’t beat free and its only for 2 nights. Not going to lie, I cant wait to get back to on-site stays!!
The hotel is clean but there are limited services offered. I thought all big chains were offering individually wrapped items (like tv remotes) but this one was not. There are plastic, individually wrapped cups and silverware so thats a plus. We are used to disinfecting and wiping down the hotel room (neurotic germaphobes) so we did that little routine then headed out to Disney Springs in our VW Beetle (its kind of cute!)

Next up is our evening at Disney Springs!


How exciting!! Sounds like you guys are off to a great start!! Thanks for taking us along!!

Disney Springs was great! It felt like Disney and this is really where we started to see the contrast between Disney and everyone else. We parked in the lime garage and were greeted with plenty of reminder signs, hand sanitizing stations, social distancing markers and then on to temperature checks.

We were starving but the siren song of World of Disney was calling.

There is just something about the music and atmosphere that feels comfortable and familiar.
World of Disney was crowded and not as much distancing but mask compliance was excellent.
Its been 5 months since our last trip so…I made up for lost time and made a few purchases

Lots of distancing markers for check out lines

We wanted to see if there were any of the Mickey cloth masks in stock and apparently so did everyone else!

Thankfully the cast member was able to check their stock before we had stood there too long and they didn’t have the size I needed (large) in stock so we continued our quest for dinner while taking in the sites

We decided on DLuxe Burger. You had to mobile order, outside of the restaurant and are given a window. You go ahead and click ‘prepare my order’ and then return during the time slot it gives you. As an example, it was about 8:30 when we ordered and our time slot was 8:55. It was pretty accurate and they called our name when the order was ready.

Someone at the door directs you to go to a station to pick up your food. All food is individually bagged and sealed. Drinks are filled by cast members and given to you (with paper straws and plastic lids). Condiments are all in packets and I LOVED the single serve plastic silverware.

You could then seat yourself inside or outside. But the inside really only had a few tables available and they were all taken so we headed outside. It really was quite pleasant since the sun had gone down. It felt glorious to take our masks off!! Truth be told, they really weren’t too uncomfortable and we adjusted easily to wearing them all the time.

We walked around a little more but headed back to the hotel to get ready for tomorrow.

And now, I’m off to bed. We have an early morning breakfast at The Wave the Magic Kingdom, here we come!!


Looks like a great first night! Have a fab day today!


Wow! I am so unreasonably excited reading your report! I will admit to pixie dust in my eyes…thank you!


Ready! Heading to the contemporary for breakfast


Thank you SO much for taking us along!

Ok I thought those face designed masks would be ridiculous but you are absolutely adorable!!!


Thanks so much! We will be watching your posts closely as our trip is next month!

I feel slightly ridiculous :laughing:


downpour so rainy blurry pictures of my beloved sign



Breakfast first

You receive a push notification in MDE prompting you to check in. They ask how many people in the party and also ask about allergies. Then you get a notification is ready and proceed to the hostess stand.

Inside the restaurant tables are blocked so there are about 11 tables filled.

You use a QR code to look at the menu and they give you plates to place your mask!


thanks for sharing! this is a treat to read. be safe, be well, and enjoy your short trip!

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I am unreasonably excited. A trip report?!? OMG!!! :star_struck::star_struck: Hopefully it doesn’t downpour for too long. Have the best day!! Thank you so much for taking us along!!


Breakfast of champions!


You friggin right that is!

(Rain should be clearing up for you around 10. So take your time and enjoy your breakfast)

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There’s your Mickey waffles, sir

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Lovely profile pic!


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Walked over from the contemporary- temp check was a breeze, we were the only ones. Security was also a breeze, didn’t have to empty pockets or bags and just walked through the metal detector. And then behold…the castle!!

Empty starbucks at 9:00

We are sming, i promise.

At first I wasn’t sure about the pink. I love the bright blue and gold. The pink isn’t as bad in person

paint by number?

Enpty tangled toilets area

So far everything has been walk on. We’ve ridden PPF, small world, HM, winnie the pooh. Now in line for mine train 30 min wait.