Lines worth standing in?

I’m leaving for WDW in 4 days! It’s been 3 years thanks to the pandemic, but I’m finally going on a short solo 5-day trip, mixed in with a day at Retro Magic 50 on Sunday. Sooooo excited!!

My question to you folks is what lines are worth not skipping? I’ve decided to embrace the inevitable crowds and just try and enjoy the longer lines when possible. I’ve always used Fastpass in the past for Peter Pan but will endure the long line to see the updated cue. I’ve also heard Flight of Passage is worth the wait because of the cue? Are any others worth not missing?


Here are a few threads where this is discussed:

There are not many that to me are worth waiting in more than 20-30 mins but I would (and have) for Peter Pan, FOP, and 7D


I deliberately entered the stand-by line for FOP (for the first time) in February when the wait was posted (very accurately) as 70 mins. I thought it was worth it for me.


Considering none of my family recalls the movie (and DD7 has never seen it), it’s hard to imagine anything in FOP queue would make a 70-minute wait bearable.


I agree. There are so many details in the FOP queue I always see new stuff.

I had to laugh when the park reopened without FP lines at the number of WDW regulars - and bloggers and vloggers who were amazed at all the things they had never seen and had no idea were in the queue because they had never gone through it.


If the entrance to the FoP queue as at or near the marquee with LL return times, etc., go for it. It’s likely an hour or more, but it’s mostly in shade, inside, and through interesting theming. If there’s a significant portion before that point, I’d come back later.


My mom & aunt loved the FOP queue (the whole 2 hours :crazy_face:)

Peter Pan is cool (although so slow!). 7DMT is best to catch around fireworks or near park close.

I had to do the 2 hour ROTR line in January, so long!!! But I was with newbies, so they really wanted to ride it.