Which attractions have not to be missed queues

As efficient as fast pass is, the downside is that you bypass some of the cool stuff that was designed into the queues to keep you entertained while you wait. Which attractions are worth waiting in the regular lines for?

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Peter Pan

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This is on my list of things to hit while everyone else is gaga for the Mine Train during EMH.

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I agree Peter Pan. For me Everest and Tower of Terror are queues that Are amazing although the FP line in Tower of Terror gets you through at a faster pace and only really limits the gardens.

I’ve heard FOP queue is awesome. However, I’ve only ridden it with a FP. I can’t justify standing in line for 3 hrs. to see the queue.

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Haunted Mansion; so much that sometimes you feel cheated if you use a FP.


Every day of the week I would happily miss every queue at disney

FOP is good for about ten mins of 2 hours plus queuing! Depending on how fast the queue is moving

I count going into the de-contamination room of FOP as the start of the ride rather than the queue. If you count it as the queue then FOP queue is good for 15 mins out of 2 hours plus!

Yes with haunted mansion you can read the jokes on the graves but really all you want to do is get on the ride and out of the queue!

So for me there are no must see queues. The interesting stuff is just a slight distraction to make the queuing slightly less bad

A couple of the Harry Potter rides at Universal have way better reasons than disney to make you want to queue or at least walk slower through the queue when you get there early with a fast pass.

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When they redid Dumbo and added the play area with the pagers, my whole family really connected with that, so much so, that the kids didn’t want to get on the ride when our time came. No need for a FP there, in my opinion.

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Although it wasn’t a constant stream of something to look at/do, I enjoyed the line for 7DMT. I took photos of the cottage, and there were some interactive things in line that my kids also liked. I thought it was a great touch to have some things be a “group” event where the more people who participate, the better it gets.

I also like the theming in the lines for Haunted Mansion, Tower of Terror and Winnie the Pooh. I didn’t see Peter Pan’s queue - only used a FP there. As a previous poster mentioned, my group of 10 (including 5 children) absolutely LOVED the queue process for Dumbo and they weren’t ready to leave when it was time. To have a closed in play area where there is only one exit/entrance, a few spots for parents to sit and breathe and the kids to run off excess energy WHILE you wait in line - AWESOME!

Also, the Frozen Ever After line has lots of sweet details & photo ops to look at that make waiting in line somewhat less boring.


As said above, the new standby line for Peter Pan is pretty cool, with the butterflies and all. I would add, tho, plan to see that ride 1st in morning at RD ( or possibly last at night b4 closing?) if planning to ride without FP.

That line builds up very fast right after RD, to the tune of more than 30 minutes, sometimes up to 1 hour wait.

I should add, I just checked the standby graph for Peter Pan on TP site. The actual wait times on a typical CL Disney day (6 CL or more) that standby line goes up to 90 minutes and more very quickly, by 10 am or so.

One of these days I’ll have one of my computer-savvy children show me how to set up links here. I have found those graphs to be a good checkpoint re standby time.

I always go by personal touring plans last few trips, which are amazing. We were able to avoid all lines over 10 minutes on trips where CLs were 9! Can’t say enough for those touring plans.

It’s easy just to copy and paste the link. You can do it! Click in the address bar and highlight the whole thing. Right click on it and click copy. Click into the text box, right click and then select page. Done!

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Thanks, @Ladythomas- I’ll have try that over the holidays, haha, with one of my children mentoring the entire thing!

Thanks to Fast Passes and Express Passes and VIP tours, I did virtually no queuing during my trip in August. Which I slightly regret now as I feel it was all a bit rushed.

I know what a FastPass and VIP Tour is. Does Disney have Express passes? What are they?

Express Passes are at Universal.

++ Peter Pan hands down

Great, now I’m doubting getting a FP for Peter Pan. Hmmm…6 months to think about that though! :slight_smile:

I think if you want to see the PP queue you better rope drop it as it is popular and a VERY slow loader so lines get ridiculously long. Particularly for what the ride is - more pleasant nostalgia than headliner. For us it is a FP or nothing type ride…

The Under the Sea queue has some fun stuff. We tried to look at some of it by letting people walk past us in line!

I haven’t seen the PP one, but I loved the HM line. Didn’t see it all last time with FP but the headstones in the graveyard are hilarious! Ties in nicely with the stretching room too.