Poll Time! Best and Worst Queue in WDW? Nominations Thread

I received a suggestion (from @Randall1028) to poll the best and worst queues in WDW. So here we are.

I’ve been thinking about how to do this most effectively, and I decided that rather than do a multi-round tournament with every attraction, I’d first take nominations so that we can start with a narrowed down list of contenders.


In the thread below, reply and nominate one or more attraction queues and specify whether you are nominating for BEST or WORST and also include an argument for WHY people should vote for your nomination.

You can nominate as many queues as you like for Best, Worst, or both.

Nominate away!


Best - Flight of Passage!!!

The detail throughout the queue and how many environments you go through is absolutely breathtaking. It is designed to accommodate 5-6 hours, and there are new things I see every time I fly!!


Worst- JC. It’s cramped and hot AF.

Worst- BTMRR. It’s cramped and hot AF.

Best- whichever one is shortest.


BEST: Peter Pan. When fully operational there is so much to take in in that queue, especially in the Darlings’ bedrooms with the shadows and Tinkerbell. I love it and try to make my way through it most trips one way or another.

WORST: Jungle Cruise. Because it is one of those sneaky queues where you think you’re almost there and it makes a fool of you (and I swear I hear it laughing like a villain) when you round the corner and find you have a whole new room to navigate via switchbacks. And this happens multiple times. And I hate it.

Oh I forgot to include my arguments. Because I am the Voice Of Reason In a Sea Of Noise. Says so right next to my name.


BEST: Rise of the Resistance. At least starting at the official gate. There is plenty of shade and fans in the outdoor portion, and the indoor portion is air conditioned with lots of interesting artifacts to see. The portions of the queue after the first preshow are as immersive as any attraction in their own right (hangar bay anyone?).

BEST: Tower of Terror. The hotel lobby has so many knickknacks and antiques, you’ll never notice them all. The boiler room really lays the mood on thick, especially for a first timer, so you’re already primed to be scared before it starts.


Best: Millenium Falcon (even though I’m not fussed on the actual ride)

Worst: Dinosaur…so boring, too much reading


Worst: I’ll go with the Jungle Cruise line of thought. Though it is detailed and the music/radio is entertaining, it is deceptive.

If we go way back pre-New Fantasyland, it would 100% be Dumbo. No shade and just back and forth in metal chains and stantions.

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Oh right I forgot the hot AF part for JC


This was us today and I knew it was going to happen and I was STILL mad about it. :rage:


I’m mad about it from here!


Best: BTMR, JC, PP, SpM, EE, KRR, FoP, . ToT, SDD, TSMM.
Reason: Details

Worst: I won’t put JC here even though it’s hot AF as mentioned. It levels out for me thanks to the above. The only queues I take issue with are 7DMT and TT. Too many touchy, feely, germ(y) surfaces.

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Sounds just like something that someone called TheSafetyLady would say


Na’vi’s queue is pretty garbage. Nothing to do at all. It’s in the shade though, so there’s that. But it’s still a swampy queue like JC’s.

SDD is another one. And that’s out in the sun unless you’re huddling around an umbrella. MMRR is another one. Though it’s AC’d once you’re indoors

I kinda love the BTMRR queue with the ability to set off “explosions”


FOP - the details, the theming, I see something new every time
EE,: see reasons above - I’m the annoying person who treats it like a museum and wants to read everything. Meanwhile I can feel the stares from the people behind me
TT: the way the sprinkler systems at the beginning make it feel like fog to the empty fountains, to the cobwebs, it’s everything a Disney ques should be
FEA: the ride is just meh for me, but the lighting and the trading post are always a delight
Splash: I actually waited in the standby que for the first time in May (line took 40 mins!) and I loved the trees with lanterns in them. Just the thoughtfulness of the tree placement by the imaginers - details that make a difference
SpaceM - I’m a nostalgic and love the music that plays as you are walking up the fire ramp in the que (it’s my ringtone)
RnR - “How about some back stage passes!”

People mover: there is no que, but it become so popular and with social distancing it’s walking back and forth outside

Several ques in MK don’t have much to them: AO, Carousel, Small world, even pirates could be more

Soarin: Because of how they load the ride, there are periods of just standing but not much but blue neon lights to look at


Thanks to you lot and various up-charge events, I’ve rarely queued for very long for any ride. My worst experience was Jungle Cruise, because it’s cramped and hot and claustrophobic. And, as @Randall1028 said, the line for NRJ is boring.

I haven’t used the regular line at BTMR since I started coming back to WDW, but I remember it as being horrendous: endless and inescapably hot.

I’ve only walked the FOP standby line as an optional extra during DAH, but it’s great. The EE line is probably great, too, if I’d ever stopped to take it all in.

Oh! New nomination: KS. Slow, boring and really hot. Ugh.


This is how I was at least the first time I went through. So many details in the EE line!


I can’t pick one. We’re usually not in a line very long. So memories are faulty.

Pirates at MK is great because of the music, the dungeon, the coolness. Haunted Mansion isn’t awful if it’s not HOT.
Definitely Jungle Cruise is horrible for truth in advertising. Buzz caught us once that way too. Longer than it looked.

Lines at Epcot are neutral. Except Living Seas, where we go in the back door. That whole clamshell thing is not much liked by our family.

HS has a great line in Star Tours with all the sight gags and sometimes our names but on multiple repeat rides, I ask for the senior short cut. Too much walking, especially since we’re usually not waiting just speed walking down and up. Toy Story Mania also has too much walking but at least it has fun large toys. I don’t know if HS has a horrible line.

Animal Kingdom of course has the best line in FoP - or so I’ve been told.
As for truly awful lines, maybe it’s tough to be a bug. Last time I was there - possibly 2019 - I was astonished at how much I didn’t want to be experiencing that big waiting area before the doors. Close feeling.

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That’s an interesting one - this week we were there and the overall wait was short (10 min?), but they really packed us into that waiting room tight. And while not hot, it wasn’t a pleasant place to be. On the plus side, it had the cool punny movie posters.

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Add Winnie the Pooh to that. Those germ walls that people don’t need to touch but do. But they also have the play area for the kiddos.
Maybe it should go on the best and the worst?


The posters were punny but not enough to offset that room.

Up to about 2004 we did its tough to be a bug every trip. Started leaving it off when it wasn’t a good fit for the new kid in the family.

I couldn’t recall that room from our previous trips. Has that area been changed?

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