It's alive! New automatic fax for Disney room requests

Today we put into production a feature that’ll automatically send Disney your specific room request, 30 days before your check-in date.

I’ll do a blog post on this later in the week, but here’s the gist of it:

**- Use the Dashboard to tell us your travel dates and hotel you’re staying at

  • Choose a specific hotel room using the Hotel Room View tool
  • Back on the Dashboard, click the “edit” button next to your room number, and add your contact info, Disney reservation number, any other text (like birthday celebrations, etc.) to the body of the text**

We’ll send you an alert 7 days before your check-in to remind you that the request is going to be sent.

Those requests go to a special, private email address that Disney has given us for this purpose.

Those of you doing split-stays will be able to send both room requests by setting up two separate trips, with different check-in dates.


What a great tool! Is there any way you can share the data maybe every month or so on how many faxes are sent? I have never faxed a room request but I am wondering if I should re-think that. I think knowing roughly how many people are requesting may help me decide if I need to change what I do.


We faxed the room request for the first time on our last trip. Thanks to advice here and on the Room View pages, we got exactly the room we were hoping for and the room view had not lied to us. It was perfect.


This is fantastic!!!

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Can we use this if we booked through a TA or used orbitz to book the trip?

Whoa! That is too cool!

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I’m 4 days out now…can I use it or is it too late?

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Yes. You’ll need to know your Disney reservation number. We’ll take it from there.


You should be able to use it, @KTatUT . We’d fax it tomorrow morning. Let me know when you’ve got it set up and we’ll monitor it to make sure.

Yes, but I have had four trips in 2014 and I was upgrade three times ( once to CL). I have never requested a room.


That’s your winning personality, not the lack of a room request. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Len!

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Great feature, thanks len!

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This is beyond. Very cool feature!!

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sounds fantastic! where do I enter my Disney reservation number?

Just put in my first request for our August trip. I have a question @len. I have two trips starting in August. I can request a room for the first (starting on 8/23) but how do I do the room selector for the second part (starting 8/31)? Thanks!

@len can u do this for someone else?

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Here you go @Poohs_Your_Daddy [quote=“len, post:1, topic:9246”]
Those of you doing split-stays will be able to fax both room requests by setting up two separate trips, with different check-in dates.


This is great. Can’t wait to use it.

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@Poohs_Your_Daddy - you’ll set up 2 trips, with 2 different dates. (If this becomes a frequent request, we’ll look at simplifying it. Bear with us for now.)