POP Standard Room Request Questions

We are trying to fill out our Room Requests for Online Check-In but have a few questions.

We have booked a Standard Room at POP and it would seem that based upon TP’s “Views of Rooms”, all of the Standard Rooms in the 60’s Building have a Lake View. Are we looking at this correctly?

We would like to make requests for the Highest Floor in the 60’s Building, however, the Lake View is also a priority. If Lake View is already a given for POP 60’s Standard then what 2 Requests should we enter on our Online Check-In to hopefully get closest to what we desire?

Thanks for your help!

That is correct. All 60’s standard rooms are lake view. Keeping in mind that this is what makes that area one of the most popular requests.

I would definitely choose 60’s & highest floor. This will give the room assigner the opportunity to look for a standard room in the 60’s and after checking the 4th floor rooms, if they are all full, they can check the 3rd floor, etc. If you choose 60’s & 4th floor, they will check the rooms on the 4th floor and if they are full, they may look for a 4th floor room in another era before looking for a room on a lower floor in the 60’s. Pixie dust for the perfect room for your family! :blush:

Thanks so much for responding.

Is the 1st floor 60’s standard as popular as the highest floor?

And would the same apply here meaning if we were to ask for 60’s 1st and the 1st was full then the assigner may try for another era 1st floor?

We are a little concerned about being sandwiched between floors. It seems it could get a little loud with people above and below but maybe it’s not really an issue?

This is our first long stay in a Value. We stayed one night at POP last year but we arrived after midnight and were out by 6:30. Historically we have stayed at POR and CBR so we are just a little nervous about the noise but maybe it is unwarranted…

That is my understanding on how the room assigners look for rooms. I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (it won’t be the first time and definitely not the last. LOL
I read in another thread that the most requested standard rooms check in selections are 60’s, 50’s, top floor, lakeview, ground floor, close to transportation. Not in any particular order.
If you have a specific floor that you want, you DEFINITELY want to check that during your on-line check in as well as a specific era. That is what this is for. If you are going at a slower time of year you will have a better chance of getting your room request.
When you get your room assignment text, you will be able to tell if you got the floor you requested. Your room # will be 4 digits = 1st digit is your building #, 2nd digit is the floor # and the last 2 digits are the room #. Ex: Room 4136 would be building 4(60’s) ground floor, room 36. So if you requested a room in the 60’s, the first digit is going to be a 4 or 5, if you requested ground floor, your 2nd digit would be a 1 and for a 4th floor room the 2nd digit would be a 4. When you do on-line check in, make sure your cell # is on your account and they will text you your room # when your room is ready. When you get your text and the room you’re assigned does not match your request, you can always go to the check in desk and kindly ask them to see if there is anything closer to your request. They will be happy to help you but keep an open mind, since you may end up loving the room you are assigned. :blush:

Are you doing the Touring Plans fax???

I would definitely recommend that you do, if you are a paid subscriber to TP.
You can look through a view of the rooms and find a view that you like, request that room and it will include a list of several rooms with the same view. There is also a section that allows you to make additional requests (keep them short-no more that a total of 3 so you don’t overwhelm the room assigner) and you can include a brief description of why you are asking for that specific area (Ex: we would love a 4th floor room for the extra quite after a long day at the parks or we would love a ground floor room to avoid the elevators and stairs). If you may have a more personal reason, make sure you include that.

I have read articles of people that have had noise issues (thin walls, people walking by, etc) we have NEVER had a problem but we do keep a fan going in our room while we sleep and if we are awake, I guess we just don’t pay attention.

If you are looking for the quietest area, we loved our lake view ground floor room in the 70’s (building 6). There is no pool in that era and it is close to transportation and Classic Hall. Personally, any lake view, standard room is nice so you may just want to choose a ground or 4th floor and lake view during on-line check in. That should get you in building 3, 4, 5 or 6. There is a chance you would get building 2 which can be a pretty good walk to transportation and classic hall but if you want a specific floor and a lake view that would give the room assigner the biggest pool of rooms to choose from for your request and if you are doing the TP fax, you can say something like: Any ground/4th floor room would do with a great lake view but please nothing in building 2. Buildings 3, 4, 5 or 6 are all close to Classic Hall and transportation. These are all only suggestions of course :smile:
We have stayed at several moderates but once POP opened on December 14, 2003 we checked in on opening day and we have never stayed anywhere else since then. November will be our 9th stay! We love it but others have a hard time at a value once they have only stayed at moderate. We are not in the room much so we would rather spend our money other Disney gems. I hope you love it too!


Goodness, sorry it took me so long to respond. I can’t express how thankful I am to you for taking so much time out of your day to help me with this! I know wherever we are it will be fantastic - it’s Disney afterall :smile:

Thanks again for all of your advice!

Will Pop Century reject the room request I am sending via TP’s fax/online form because I booked my reservation through a travel agent? I just filled out the TP’s Room request and hope they consider it. But, I am wondering if they will ignore it completely, even if the rooms are available, because I have called to make some modifications and payment over the phone and cast members have told me twice, they can’t help me because I have to go through the travel agent that is holding my reservation.

They won’t - Faxing with a travel agent is fine. The difference is the Fax is just making a room request while calling to alter your reservation is circumventing the travel agent who booked the room. Good luck getting your preferred room.