It's alive! New automatic fax for Disney room requests

Yes, if you set up a trip for them and have their reservation number.

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@StephenJames - first choose a room. Then from the Dashboard, click the room number that it shows you at the top of the page. That’ll give you the form to edit.

Let me know if that doesn’t make sense.

The edit button next to my room selection is pulling me back to the the room finder…to select a different room. Should I be hitting edit somewhere else to put in my res number and other info? Thanks! We have a trip in 5 days, so I am excited about this feature being added now!

sorry len. i select the room, but can’t view/find the form to edit…

Same thing happened to me. On the Dashboard click edit where you see: “requesting room: #### (edit)”

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Uhhh this is awesome…going to try it now for my Feb. 1st check-in!!

ETA I figured it out - thank you! Very cool feature. You are awesome.

Len, I do not see the room number I selected on my dashboard. Also I do ot see where to put in the resv number. Help please. TIA for tis feature

Click on the room you’d like. When the system brings up the picture from your room, in the upper right corner it will say “Click here to make a request for this room during your upcoming ####”. I’d take a screen cap for you but they are disabled on work computers.

It then should show up in the Dashboard.

Thanks @len, this is a great service!

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I didn’t either until I went into the edit mode on the dashboard. It shows the room I requested and then, boom, there is the spot for the reservation number.

I hit the edit button, but it only shows the resort I am at with no place for resv number

It shows Name of this trip
Start date
Finish date
and select age group.

No place for resv number

Does not show room number on my dashboard for some reason

I’m sure that it’s so easy to do… when you discover what to click and where… I just can’t work out where I should click… I selected a room, but it doesn’t appear on dashboard… oh, so confused!

Select the room, and in the upper right hand corner of the pop-out window which contains the specific room details, there should be a link in blue text which says something like, “Request this room for your trip.” At least, that’s what worked for me.

I have no clue why it’s not showing on your room view/dashboard pages. Here’s what I’m seeing.

Here’s where the link is on the room view page.

Here’s what the dashboard looks like when you have requested a room.

When you click on the edit button on the dashboard, here’s the screen you get.

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And yes, I found a work around for the screen cap! Yay, technology.

Yep, that’s what it looked like for me, too! Pretty cool!

I see the link is on the room view page and can select a room.but i don’t get the dashboard view

This is what mine shows also

I am having trouble with the room finder again. I am able to find rooms but only if I turn off the filter for noise level. I want the opposite side of the Contemporary from Chef Mickey’s, but I don’t know if the suggested room is on that side. @Len or anyone else, do you know if 4845 is on the opposite end from CM’s? Thanks!