How to Move from Trust Level 0 to 1

You have to have Trust Level 1 (Basic User) to access La Cava.

Here is how you do that:

  1. Go into 3 separate threads
  2. Read 10 posts (so if your thread from #1 above only has one post each, you still have 7 to read)
  3. Spend at least 2 minutes (the software watches this, so just skimming the 10 posts doesn’t work) reading.

Right now there are still ~200 users who haven’t bumped up to TL-1. If you do the above and still haven’t made it, reply here and we’ll see if there’s something wrong.

Why restrict La Cava? Spambots are everywhere. And as much as I like fake handbags, quick weight loss, and huge ****s (yes, I censored myself, we don’t have a filter in place that I know of), I’d rather keep the ads for them out of La Cava for you guys.


@LaurelStewart You love Huge Sandwiches too?!? I knew I liked you!


We can share links to the big ****s on our own :slight_smile: Thanks @LaurelStewart for being awesome.


"And as much as I like fake handbags, quick weight loss, and huge ****s (yes, I censored myself, we don’t have a filter in place that I know of), "

Well… @LaurelStewart does have a sausage report…


Perhaps you should globally pin this for a few days so people see it?

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how does one find out what numeric trust level they are? My profile says “Trust Level: Basic User”. Is that 1? 0? Something else?


I’m at “regular user” for what that’s worth. When I click on the “leader” badge, it says, “Granted recategorize, rename, followed links and lounge” though that info is out of date, as “lounge” is now for all subscribers. I’m interested in this stuff too; I always like to know what’s going on under the hood. :wink:

Basic = 1

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Interesting that you still have your leader badge. I lost mine a couple of days ago.

Some chose it as a title before the change. The title (and badge) doesn’t go away even if the Trust Level did.

@Mr_Itty This has interesting info:

Found it by:

  1. Clicking on the drop-down thingy in the upper-right just to the left of your avatar.
  2. Clicking on “badges” (which shows all the ones available)
  3. Clicking on “Granted” for one of the badges that grants privileges.

Not sure if these are relevant to this forum, as this is the 3rd party site that wrote the original code.

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Or something like that. The badge was tied to the Trust Level. I can guarantee you at this moment there are only 3 people in TL3 - me, len, and daybreaker.

Just FYI, if the title was selected before the privilege was removed and there is no other title option available the title field went away so we can’t remove it now even if we wanted to.

Yeah, there’s that. Do you want it gone? That I can do.

Oh it doesn’t matter to me I just wanted to make sure you guys were aware in case you were getting complaints that some people still had that title and they didn’t.

People are pretty chill. Thanks. I don’t want to fool with the db while daybreaker’s working on stuff. I looked to see if I can enable any of the other system badges for titles, but I can’t through the admin page.

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@thatdisneyguy_outer1 Interesting… I chose “leader” while it was available & it has remained for me… but I just checked & I can turn it off if I want to. I can’t choose anything else (I’m not being snarky!!!, I like “leader” :wink: ), but I can turn “leader” off & on if I want. There are still 43 leaders grandfathered in right now, and you’re one of them. Wear it proudly. :wink:

How odd. When I edit my profile the Title option with the little pencil icon to change it doesn’t even show on the screen. I assumed because it thinks I don’t have any available titles.

Yeah. I checked your profile and it’s not acting like some other ones. Let’s let daybreaker catch his breath for a while. It may have to do with special characters (either the _ in your user name or the TM in your description). Not sure.