Still at basic trust level

I’ve been on here so few days, but my profile still says basic test level for some reason.

I’m also seeing ads intermittently, only on my phone.

Last, emoji selections don’t seem to be appearing on my phone (after you press the :, like on the computer.)

On the plus side, I was able to get into La Cava. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for everyone’s work on the issues people are having!

Is the Leader status still fluctuating? :frowning: I lost my title too. Others are getting random badges & titles. Me sad kitteh :crying_cat_face:

I think it’s still fluctuating. I just find it odd that I’m still at basic trust level 4-5 days in, with 2K chats. I guess it’s just normal shakedown issues, and @Lentesta and company are working hard to fix the problems.

curious also, started out with one trust level then downgraded. Then this morning I was back up. Now down again?

Me too. @LaurelStewart said they’d be back tonight. Kind of a bummer, hey?

And I’m still at basic user. Getting a little miffed now. :interrobang:

I lost my leader status…no idea why! I have tried logging out and logging back in but perhaps I have cookies messing with me. I don’t have a deep desire to work that hard to sort it out.

I feel ya @Minnie, I feel ya.

staff said on another post they’ve done away with level 3 for good.

I’m going to close this so people who are still at Basic (TL-0) can reply at How to Move from Trust Level 0 to 1