Len Testa Admiration Thread

Thank You! @Lentesta

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Hoping to meet you one day @Lentesta so that I can thank you in person!


Thank you, @lentesta, for giving me a place to hang out and converse with other Disney nuts like myself. Liners have made my bad days brighter and my great days more magnificent, and you’re the one who allowed that to happen.

You’ve been unbelievably helpful, kind, & understanding as most of us went into utter meltdown mode when we thought our own personal Disney world was crashing down around us. You treated us as adults and gave us reasons for the necessary change and didn’t just say, “Because I said so” or “It’s our baby (& @LaurelStewart) and we make the decisions.” You even continue to ask us for our opinions!!!

Of course, it goes without saying that my friends and family think I’m a Disney goddess and it’s all because of you, the UG, & Lines.

I appreciate you (& @LaurelStewart & the rest of the team) more than you’ll ever know. Thank you! :slight_smile:


You guys are positively glowing in that shot. (ho ho ho)


Thanks @len @Lentesta and team! You guys rock!

@Lentesta is a rockstar in my book. I would love to meet him one day to thank him for making my trips to Disney World so much better. Without chat, I never would have known half of what I know and wouldn’t have had the chance to meet such awesome people who are as crazy about Disney as me. Thanks Len!!! :heart_eyes:

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No!! I do not want to thank him for inventing something that I spend all my time on! My family is starving my house is dirty I need to bathe about to be fired… LOL I am TOTALLY kidding! Please know that! I do LOVE this place and Thank you for bringing all us crazies together. Rename: the lines asylum Again Thank you All for the hard work and time put into this for us!!


@Lentesta rocks because he’s the kind of guy you meet for the first time when he says “Hey, I’m not a creep or anything, but can I take a picture of your baby?” and he’s so good natured about it, you say sure.

(For disclosure: Lily was wearing her WDW Today bib, and it was at a meet where we knew who he was…otherwise, yeah maybe it would have been a little odd.)


Thanks @Lentesta! I’m a planner and you’ve helped me sooooo much.

@lentesta is alright I guess. Not really a fan…


Thank you Len and crew for all you do! Our trips wouldn’t be near as fabulous if not for y’all!

Love listening to @Lentesta on WDW Today! It’s great that you used your passion for mathematics and statistics to make your mark in this world! And Mickey’s world too!

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Just to be clear… I liked this because Brian made me laugh, not because I agreed!


Thanks to @Lentesta , the UG, his web site, and this crazy Liner thing I am the go to guy at work if your going to WDW.

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I am a fan of @Lentesta due to his help in my finding my love of Disney again. I stumbled unto Lines when my wonderful wife @Suprgurl suggested the UG for our first trip together.
Chat ensued shortly after. I immensely enjoy the community of which I have become a part. Also, I enjoy the WDW Today podcast. I look forward to passing my resurrected love to my beautiful new daughter. Thanks!


I too remember standing in the bookstore in 2004 and knowing I needed help planning our first WDW trip as a single mom and then DS3. We are now annual pass holders, sold our home in Minnesota and moving to Celebration, FL. For our little family Disney World is our home of joy and where wishes come true. @Lentesta and crew helped us come to know that happy place in a way that best releases all the magic WDW can be.

I listen to his podcasts and I trust his insights and analysis. I am proud to be a Touring Plans team member - that’s how I think of all the Liners. As a team.

And following our break in from last week, I know I have true friends that I have met because of Lines. Kind and thoughtful people who have reached out and offered heartfelt support.

My DS10 knows we will meet Liners every time we are at WDW, and he assumes they are all friends and family - we know them, we just haven’t shook hands in person yet.

Thank you @Lentesta.
The GG slush in France during Epic Liner Weekend was just bonus points!


thank you to @lentesta. I read the UG every year, cover to cover. And Touring Plans and Lines gives my poor husband a break. I can keep up with Disney stuff without dragging him into it!! Your whole team is awesome!!

@lentesta… I have over 3700 chats & 130 times posted. Why am I a basic user? I can’t access the lounges? Thx

@Stitcharella, try this link : How to Move from Trust Level 0 to 1

can’t imagine visiting disney without your terrific help over the years, Len. you definitely rock. this past week’s trip made me look like a genius to my fam, with toddlers etc. not a line in sight for us with first time using personalized touring plan. thanks for all the years since the early 80’s.