How to Move from Trust Level 0 to 1

Oh don’t bother him with it. It’s really no biggie. I actually went to change it this morning to stop causing issues and realized that if I change it I can’t see the dashboard on the regular website for testing lol. I’ll change it once it’s released.

Thank you for taking for the greater good. I thought I remembered you not changing your name because of the dashboard test.

@Mr_Itty, I’m at Basic User also, I think it’s the “dreaded underscore in user name” issue. @daybreaker said in another thread that it would be fixed shortly. If nothing else, based on @ejj 's post, in a little over a week we should move up automatically.

@LaurelStewart Am I understanding that correctly? I’m basing it on the link @ejj posted in this thread.

Thanks for posting this. I too like looking under the hood.

Basic is right where you should be - basic is TL-1.

According to the link, here is how to get to “trust level 2”, though these are the defaults which can be changed by admins of this site:

“visiting at least 15 days, not sequentially
casting at least 1 like
receiving at least 1 like
replying to at least 3 different topics
entering at least 20 topics
reading at least 100 posts
spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts”

I think the reasoning is to prevent spam, not to exclude people.

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It is. And we haven’t changed the defaults. I just pinged daybreaker to ask if there are some grandfathered users. We have some in TL-2 right now but the site hasn’t even been up 15 days.

Ok,can someone explain to me how my Leader changed to inappropriate! Yup!


Magic… :wink:

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So, MDU gets Beta a User and I get Inappropriate !

Wow! Jackpot!


I’m not worried about it - just trying to understand how the site works. I was just wondering why some had been granted Level 2 or Level 3, and both @Mr_Itty with over 29K posts and myself with a little over 2K posts were granted basic user. Doesn’t matter at all, especially with the way the site is set up now, more just curiosity. @ejj 's post explained it , but I hadn’t seen that before.

Thanks for all your hard work. This is a new challenge. Hopefully soon I will have all this sorted out.

I just noticed my title change about an hour ago. Talk about inappropriate. …I LOVE IT


@mdu last time I was on here you were going to tie your Ds to a boat so you could get in a butdart tournament how did this go?

I won!

No @MDU! I told Laurel how thrilled I was that my title is Inappropriate! :wink:

Hey, @Poohs_Your_Daddy - here’s the how to so you can access ALL the THINGS

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Muah!!! @HappyKar


Thank you for thinking of us. I don’t like spambots either.