Disney Refugee's Universal AP trip

I was wondering if it was from Central Park Crepes. Looks like brisket.


So, if there’s a family that doesn’t care at all about Harry Potter, is there any nighttime entertainment?

Thank you :+1:




I think @Randall1028 would be the big winner for his iPhone endorsements :laughing:


It is the brisket crepe! Coming from Memphis, TN, home to the Annual World Champion BBQ contest, I’m a bit fussy about smoked meats and BBQ. This was really good! I’m really fussy about coleslaw as well and this was surprising solid. (Not too mayo covered or sloppy)

I’m definitely going back for a dessert crepe!

I wish they still had the chicken & goat cheese though.

The Castle show was very good, but a bit brief.



Hope it’s as good :crossed_fingers:t2:


@ryan1 …Hey! Wanted to update you on Food cards. I went to Cowfish for dinner and they didn’t accept it. (Which is fine, almost all my dining this week is in park, so I used my credit card) I didn’t want you to plan on buying a bunch to use in CityWalk

For everyone else… Cowfish is great! Maybe not amazing, but definitely a good meal at a great price in a theme park setting. I had an appetizer, entree and dessert w/ 20٪ tip for $45. The criticisms I heard about is it is slow service. I didn’t experience this. My meal wasn’t “quick” .It was paced at a casual restaurant setting. I was seated at 7:15pm and my check was ready by 8:15pm with no rush to flip the table for another group.
(GET A RESERVATION! People without were being told a 90 minute wait!)

Crispy Brussel Sprouts

Boursin garlic cheese bacon burger

S’mores milkshake… better than Toothsome’s. Neither of them lived up to the hype. I would definitely go to Cowfish over Toothsome’s for shakes. However, the quick service counter at Toothsome’s makes it easier to get


Thanks for the update on the food card.

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The sushi gets very high recommendations. One patron even had the same rolls twice in succession:

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I like Cowfish a lot, but with so many burgers in CityWalk, I tend to go to the sushi myself.


Everyone else was fine though! Risks of sushi… :woman_shrugging:


Ha ha! I’m only teasing. When searching for your post, I found others with genuinely good recommendations for the sushi there. Personally I avoid raw fish because my body just doesn’t accept it.

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OH MY GOODNESS! I just finished reading the entire saga!

@amvanhoose_701479 - That sounds awful! Seems like everyone took it in stride and y’all made the best you could from it! So sorry!


Well, it was a great meal until that point. I think it was just a one-off. It was just a shame he rightly figured it best to sit out the next day.

That whole trip felt like the chair kept getting kicked out from under me so it fit in with the other experiences. Hopefully I get over my WDW PTSD eventually. :sweat_smile:


Oh I totally also bought the iPhone :joy::joy:


Good morning! I’m back for another rope drop… moving slowly today though. As much as I am truly enjoying Endless Summer Dockside the one very big negative is the laminate flooring. It looks nice and probably easier to clean. However, without the carpeting there’s no soundproofing. The kids above me were “just being kids having fun” running all around their room and yelling until at least 1am…

No white noise app could drown that out!

Thinking about the hotel… the buses are great! I have only waited once this entire trip. I just missed a bus one night. The wait was only 5 minutes for the next one.

On Tuesday when it rained all day and night, they had a row of busses just waiting on line so no one was waiting outside at all.

The bus from Dockside takes 5 - 6 minutes at most. I have timed it a couple times. I see people talking about the ease of walking and private screening at the deluxe resorts. IMHO - if you are a rope dropper, you’ll get to the entry gates in the same amount of time staying at at value hotel.

Speaking of the deluxe hotels, I hopped on a water taxi and explored Hard Rock and Portifino last night. The boat ride is pleasant and at night really pretty.

Hard Rock is covered in scaffolding and construction walls. The interior is fine, but I wonder if I was staying there and wanted a mid-day nap would there be construction noise?

Portifino is beautiful. It seems to be the lowest-priced of the deluxe hotels and I am considering it if my DW comes with me in the future.

In other news…

My tummy is stuffed! I planned out my meals and snacks for this trip and thought even on a $50 per day budget I’d need to bring in snacks to tide me over. My culinary FOMO was definitely larger than my stomach! I purchased a value of $300 in food card ($240 actually paid). I am past the halfway point of my trip and I have only spent about $120. This would put me “on track” with my plan, but I’m so full that I doubt I’ll even eat lunch today… (of course that’s stll 4+ hours from now, so we’ll see! )

I probably have a few more thoughts, but until I get some caffeine I can’t remember what they were! I don’t drink coffee. I’m a soda guy. I decided to not get the resort refill cup because I didn’t want to carry two cups all day. There is no place open in CityWalk during Early Park Admission to reactivate my Coke Freestyle, but it will be my first stop on the way into WWOHP this morning!

I originally didn’t think I would do this trip report live, but I am glad I did. While there are soooo many advantages of traveling solo and I’ve made a lot of “5 Minute Friends” in queues, not having someone to chat with sometimes is a bummer. So thanks to everyone reading this and keeping me company!

If anyone has any questions or anything I’m happy to help! I have plenty of time the next 2 days, so I might be able to do a bit of legwork if you have a concern you need answered.

I know the rainy Tuesday was probably a bummer for families, but as a non-stop ride enthusiast I rode basically everything in both parks in one day. (A few rides multiple times)

So…as a hard core planner this is hard for me to say… here goes… the gates are about to open and I am totally off plan today! I’m going to focus on shows and entertainment today! Wish me luck! :rofl:


Good luck!
I hope it’s a great day for you.

NB RPR has always worked out as the cheapest deluxe resort for our stays. I hope Portofino stays cheaper for our next trip so I can try somewhere new (although I absolutely LOVE RPR).


And thank you for sharing!

I’m interested in these QS places at IOA I’ve heard good things about.

Croissant Moon Bakery

If you try anything there let me know, thanks!


I am trying Royal Pacific for the first time hopefully at the end of this month. We did PB last trip and I really enjoyed it. The room we had was very large, and while it could have used a refresh, we would definitely stay there again. At the end of the night, it’s a very relaxing walk back (more relaxing if you don’t have a 13 year old complaining about how tired he is!).


Keeping you company? Is that what we’re doing?

I was only in it for the door prize.