Disney Refugee's Universal AP trip

BTW - This sling bag has been the MVP of my trip!

It is the exact dimensions of all the free lockers!

The strap has a case to store my phone, two pockets on the outside, two side “net / mesh” pockets and two large interior pockets with interior pouches.

I am able bring my phone, Coke Freestyle cup, backup phone battery with charging cable (that has a special opening to hold the cord (also good for earbuds cords), ziplock bags holding extra masks/meds/misc and a couple extra items.

TIP - Bring a 1 gallon ziplock bag to hold your Coke Freestyle cup. This will prevent spills inside the bag if you don’t snap it shut well!

It glides into every locker like a glove! Feels so good to not have to cram and shove a big backpack into them. I slip in and out of locker stations like a champ! I got it on Amazon. If anyone needs a link let me know.

@Jeff_AZ - UPDATE: (POST TRIP) - Here’s the link

Ok…on my way to the Green Planet now!


I think you should share this info. :wink:


That is odd, they usually stay the same unless the park hours change.

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Also interested!

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Would an iPad fit in that bag? I love my similar bag but mine seems a tad smaller and an iPad barely doesn’t fit.

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There are different sizes of iPads… mini?

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Standard latest generation.

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We bought the kids a different version of that Waterfly sling bag a few years ago - worked very well! Access to the phone on the strap was the best part. Could have had a little more structure to keep shape (which it looks like @darkmite2’s bag does), but held a lot of stuff and was nice and light.

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I’ll have to look it up later…

Currently at Fallon… no wait, but also no preshow (which IMHO is better than the ride)


Since I’m basically off plan now, I decided to ditch my lunch plans in favor of the Mardi Gras food booths. Let me say that after 2 mediocre/“meh” items I regret my decision…

First was bland Conch fritters and second is the famous twisted tater. I had to send the first one back because it was so old and tough. The replacement was only slightly better…(I wound up just throwing it away)


That sucks. Was curious to see how this stuff competes with Epcot festival food, and so far doesn’t seem like a contest. Hopefully some booth has something decent.


I tweeted out my displeasure and Universal immediately DM’d me. They told me to go to Guest Services and pick up a $30 gift card as a refund with a few extra dollars, $10 - $12, as an apology. I’m really glad I invested in an Universal AP.

I don’t think Disney would have even replied, let alone a refund!


Twisted taters are just bad.


I only knew about them because of HHN. Vloggers I watched made them sound like a “must eat” Universal staple. I’ve eaten similar “potato on a stick” items at fairs that were great. It’s basically French Fries. I didn’t know you could mess them up so badly! Lol!

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I swear companies should give liners some kind of endorsement pay. Just ordered this lol!

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Wrapping up my day waiting for the Hogwarts castle projection show. I’ve got about a 40 minute wait. All the attractions in the area have about the same wait. I’ve “just missed” a couple of times in past and present visits.

Random thoughts for today…

I’ve always been an advocate for Single Rider. It’s still true! At no point have I not saved time - often walking on many rides all over the parks.

For this trip Hagrid’s & VelociCoaster were SR queues new to me. At Hagrid’s it always saved “some” time. I had rides where I saved 15 minutes, but a few where it was only 3 - 5 minutes.

IMHO - you miss nothing in the Hagrid standby queue. There us a preshow, but I have never seen it working. Most vloggers I follow say it hasn’t been on in months. I keep hoping but no luck. (A positive note - even when Hagrid’s standby queue is long it moves constantly)

With VelociCoaster there is a “show scene” and a couple animatronics worth seeing once. However, the VelociCoaster SR queue is speedy. I go that way every time now.

Also, I am so glad I was here yesterday during the rain. Today has been really nice weather and people really came out today. It was a predicted CL 3, but I’d say it was a bit higher - like a CL5.


I saw the Hagrid’s preshow in September. I was surprised. They only had it going once during that trip for me (on a Thursday).


Keeping my fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:

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Lovely pics! Thanks for sharing them.
Enjoy the castle show…

What’s this and where’s it from?
It looks yummy.