Disney Refugee's Universal AP trip

Good morning! After waiting sooooo long and changing plans more times than I truly remember, I am finally on my way to a theme park!

One of the biggest things I am interested in for this is tracking how much this trip at Universal will cost versus WDW. I typically spend about $2,500 per person for a week at WDW.

I got a deal on my SW plane ticket - $188. My room at Endless Summer - Dockside is $535 for six nights (taxes included). I bought a “seasonal” AP for $375…the blackout dates don’t affect me.

My food budget is $300. With the Mardi Gras “food card” promotion I will buy my cards at the beginning of the trip and get $375 in value on the card. (It is good at any eatery at Universal and CityWalk)

Running total - $1398


thanks for taking us along! Selfishly I’m excited for some real time intel :wink: Keen to hear how you like the hotel!

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Woo-hoo! Have a great time!

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Have a great time!

Excited to follow along! Have fun!

Have a great trip!

I am curious about this.

This sounds like a nice perk and available to all levels of AP from what I can tell. Looking forward to using this too. But I’m confused by the conflicting statements I highlighted in the “Get Details.” The first-hand report from Darkmite should shed some light on that.




That’s available to all guests.


It seems like I could save a lot of money for our May 2023 trip by buying this ahead of time. Trick is…it is only available for purchase on-site. I’d have to coordinate with someone who is on site (and willing), to buy it for me, I guess?

We haven’t done a food budget calculation yet, but I imagine it will be on the order of $1500+ for food during that trip. Getting those cards could save me on the order of $300…on top of the AP discounts on food.

I’ve landed and in my Lyft to the resort. (Cost with tip = $35)

As I understand the food card, it is basically a Universal Gift card for any food outlet on the property. If it goes as well as I hope, I’ll buy more for future trips. Who doesn’t like getting bonus cash for what I was already going to spend anyway?


It isn’t explicitly listed…but I wonder if it can be used at Dockside, or the other on-site hotels as well.

They get a free Mardi Gras lanyard (or 5) out of it!

“Any SELECT locations” then. :smiley:

Reminds me of an old comedy skit where a guy finds the 24-hour store door locked.
As a worker leaves the store the guy asks “I thought you were open 24-hours?!”

To which the worker replies “We are, but not in a row!”


They gave me a 2 room suite…even though I am solo. The room is very nice!


Not bad for $90 per night!


Free room upgrade is nice! We are booking the Family Suite (the room you have there) at Dockside. Same layout as at Surfside. I liked it better than Pop Century, for a fraction of the cost! The only downside was we felt there wasn’t QUITE enough storage space.


Interesting, at first I though it was only good until 4/24/2022 but it does say the card does not expire. I wonder if this will be UOA’s new “meal plan” but works like a debit card and not “meal credits” .

Interested to hear how this works out.

I have the food cards. I have used them at both USF & IOA so far…I went to Guest Services and asked about the hotels. They didn’t know… I’m going there anyway later and will find out


The F&B Card is designed for Mardi Gras and the food booths, not for dining around the resort. It is not a replacement for any meal plans. Most of the “other items” not included on the Mardi Gras menus are things like pretzels, popcorn, and snacks.

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So the food booths at CityWalk, not the restaurants?