HHN Starts Sept. 2, 2022!

Halloween Horror Nights 2022 starts September 2nd and runs through Monday October 31st!

I got an e-mail this morning from the Orlando Informer offering advance tickets for $66.66!! ( :imp:)


I’ve got my room already booked and getting my plane tickets, hopefully, when they SW releases fall flights next week.


Cool :sunglasses::smiling_imp:

Hope you enjoy it. I would like to do HHN one day, but that’s not when we travel unfortunately.

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WAHOO! When ya going and which hotel are you staying? i need to book but was hoping for passholder rates. We will most likely be there for the Oct 2nd event! I wonder when express passes will be on sale?!

Can’t look, can’t look, can’t look……

I love HHN……


I’m going SOLO…oh no!!! :scream: :scream:


MVT still have rooms available that weekend?

Asking for a friend

I love that!

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I’ll be there the week of Sept. 19th. I travel solo so I just stay at Endless Summer - Dockside. (I booked my room last month for $99 / night including all fees and taxes) I really like it as it was just opened in 2020 and still new.

I’ll definitely be doing a trip report (probably “live”) so you’ll have a bit of advance scouting done for you!

I don’t know when Express will be on sale this year, but probably not until much closer to the event. They often don’t release/sale the Frequent Fear Passes until August.

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Gosh, that’s a great room rate! Are the buses consistent? I love being able to walk to the parks and not deal with transportation, but man for that rate…

and omg yay! I’ll love reading that report! Are you going to HHN multiple nights or just one night? I can’t decide if I should splurge on express pass since I’m only going the one night. Last time we went we only got a couple houses done, but we also weren’t really hustling either.

I love Universal’s buses. Never more than, literally, a 5 minute wait - no hyperbole or exaggeration.

Feel free to look over my February TP for any recent info. I had a blast!! I’m going back at the end of April too.

Since I’m going Mon. - Fri. (leaving Sat. morning), I’ll be doing HHN midweek and before October when it’s typically slower, so I feel pretty OK not paying for Express.

Here the room rate link: (It does expire Sept. 29, but they typically will have another one in placed once the “Traveling Soon?” offer dates are done. It just rotates to the next set of months.)


I just dont see it happening for us this year :pensive:

I am sorry! I won’t make it this year either and 2023 doesn’t look so good either!

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Anyone figure out what the dates are for Premiere Passholders yet…

Hi, we are going 6th October!!! Our first time, really exited!

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I’ll be there the 21st - but staying at Surfside (and definitely not doing HHN - I’m a chicken!)
I’ve never stayed at a Universal Resort, but I’ve read your trip reports praising them, so I’m giving it a shot!


It’s a great Value hotel. The benefit of staying at Surfside is that it is the first bus pick-up of those two connected resorts. So, you get dropped off first when coming home