Disney Refugee's Universal AP trip

We don’t use meal plans ever, and mostly eat at quick service places. Sounds like it is valid for that?

I have used it at Green Eggs and Ham for tots and to get a drink at a booth at USF. I’m going to Toothsome’s after park close. I’ll let you know.

BTW - VelociCoaster lives up to the hype! Posted wait 55 minutes. I took single rider and was on in 15 - 17 minutes. You don’t miss much in the SR queue (a couple raptors)


Card works at Toothsome’s! They knew about it and said it will work tableside too


That seems consistent with what I read elsewhere. Thanks for the report!

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After reading news articles, it looks like all the restaurants at all the resorts offer special menu items for Mardi Gras. So I’m sure the F&B card works at the resorts.

Not much info on Citywalk:
“Universal CityWalk has special offerings at select venues including Pat O’Brien’s, Voodoo Doughnuts, and Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen.”


Good morning! I’m up with the RD crowd on the first bus.

My thoughts on Dockside after the first night. Like most hotels the walls are thin! I ama light sleeper and was woken up multiple times as people came down the halls at 11pm / 12am.

I decided to sleep in the “spare” bedroom. I liked that I could “black out” all lights. Plus it felt like an actual bedroom.

The shuttle service runs consistently. I have not waited more than 5 minutes and it only takes about 5 minutes to get to CityWalk.

The hotel food court wasn’t open until 7pm, but the Starbucks and Coke Freestyle machines were available.

The best part of traveling solo…I can “really” RD without having to drag my family along… I’m literally the first person at the turnstiles!


Spare? No, no. That’s the “master” bedroom! That room is considered a “family suite”, after all.

Now that’s awesome!


This is excellent intel! Thank you!


They let us in about 10 minutes early. I got my Coke Freestyle…using my Mardi Gras food card. I’ve walked on Hippogryph and a 5 minute wait at Forbidden Journey

They’ve moved the lockers for FJ out of the gift shop. It’s sooooo much better and easier to get to!


Totally agree with you! Only…if you had been there a few months earlier, and they weren’t there, and then return…you might end up going to the wrong place to get to the lockers.

I mean…not ME. Ahem. But others might. You know. :roll_eyes:


I totally did it too!

Those are the ones built in the fake rocks right?

I used to travel with my white noise machine for this reason, but now I use an app on my phone set to ‘box fan’. It helps to drown out some of the outside noise when sleeping.


Definitely will try that tonight!

FYI - because I truly was at the front of the RD Crowd, I’m an hour ahead of schedule. Plus, I’ve done an extra ride on JPRA and met Blue at the Raptor Encounter


This was the last time @darkmite2 was ever seen or heard from again. Not sure what could have gone wrong…


But does it work on actual meals and not snacks.

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It would be very strange if a restaurant accepted it on seasonal items but not all other food.

I have had breakfast at 3 Broomsticks and lunch using the card today. Most Team Members are aware how it works. The couple people that didn’t know knew it was valid, but needed help ringing it up

I had my first hot butterbeer! It’s perfect! I actually don’t like any of the versions, so this was a wonderful surprise!

BTW - I know a Universal Touting Plan is more like a checklist than itinerary, but I am so far ahead of schedule. I’ve been on at least 3 extra rides and done some shopping!


Got you

Last years tasting landward was only for snacks and the wording on this years food card made it sound the same.


So maybe it’s the sweetness you don’t like. According to this, you should like the ice cream and potted cream.