Disney Refugee's Universal AP trip


To be fair, I am not one who likes hot beverages. Even hot cocoa is something I drink rarely.


I like frozen best. Hot butterbeer is my third favorite after cold. Maybe tied with ice cream.

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Did we have a poll on this? Hot is my favorite followed very closely by frozen (even with the painful headaches).


Good idea! That’s an easy one to do. I’ll do it now.


Here you go!


I voted for hot but I might agree that frozen is the best (especially 9 months of the year).


Because I am a weirdo! LOL! I’ve had cold, frozen, fudge, ice cream and potted cream and now hot.

(My family and I trIed it all on our first visit)

I agree that the fudge and potted cream were kinda bland.

I love Harry Potter and it has made me sad for years that I didn’t like butterbeer. So glad that’s changed now that I’ve had it hot!

(BTW - I am in the preshow room waiting to see Bourne for the first time…very excited! )


Hey! Yesterday was pretty go-go go! It was a predicted CL 3 and I’d agree. Plus, rain was predicted for all day. (I had kept an eye on the weather and packed accordingly.)

The rain held off until after 11am and the only place thay felt packed was WWOHP - Of course!

(I forgot to pack my wand! Which I’d really regret later)

With the light crowds RD queues were still low / walk-ons. The rain was a constant light sprinkle all day. No actual storms. However, by 2pm those crowds were half the size. (Queues not longer than 10 minutes) After 5pm I practically walked on everything until I left at closing.

After lunch I discovered I was at least 2 hours ahead of my schedule. By 4pm I had, literally, been on EVERY attraction at IOA - many of them multiple times! (I had even park hopped at in point)

By the end of the night I had done about 80% - 90% of USF as well. I didn’t watch the Mardi Gras parade, as I have been to the real Mardi Gras a few times in my youth and New Orleans countess times.

Before my trip, I was worried that I wouldn’t have time to explore and take it all in. Now, I only have a couple minor rides to knock out and the rest of the week can be "off plan’ (GASP!:scream:)

Highlights - The Bourne Spectacular! Whoa! This is amazing. Without a doubt the best stunt show I have EVER seen!

Diagon Alley after 6pm. There couldn’t have more than 100 people in there! This would’ve been the best time for wands!

The food cards are very handy. The one catch is you must use it at an eatery. For example - the card works at Lard Lad Doughnuts for a “Big Pink”. However, it won’t buy you a Big Pink doughnut at the Quik-E-Mart because that is a merchandise store.

Also, don’t forget to bring cash for tips with the card. I realized this morning that I only brought a few dollars in cash and left my bank card at home. So, I am going to have to pay for at least one restaurant bill with my credit card instead of gift card.

Here’s a photoshoot of my day…

Fun fact…if you are still in the parks after close they will sell you treats at half price!


It’s been a slow Early Park Admission… I was still at front of the Early Park Admission and literally first in queue at FJ. However, the ride was down and the Team Members were very inattentive. After 30 minutes I was on…I felt worse for the people in the back of that queue. They never told anyone the ride was down and kept admitting guests.

UPDATE - I was pretty disappointed about my start, especially the lack of attention from the TMs. Even though my plan was behind schedule I stuck to it. Thankfully the crew at VelociCoaster were on point. Very friendly and with a posted 35 minute wait, I was on the ride in about 10 minutes.

Taking HE to USF! (Posted 10 minutes, but looks like I will walk on)


Being at the head of the pack really paid off. The line for HE for the EPA folks can build VERY quickly to an hour!


Now I am taking easy in Diagon Alley. Watched Tale of the Three Brothers (which is my favorite).

I’m going to stroll around some more wishing I had my wand until Celestina and the Banshees perform in about 30 minutes

Update - It’s looking more like I will be buying my 3rd wand in this trip…trying to be good though, but after walking all over WWOHP I’m envious of all the people doing spells!

Here’s your daily obligatory picture of the dragon! :grin:


While I have a few minutes between shows…

Make sure to check the Universal App for correct show times. I have had 3 show starts be incorrect in my Touring Plan. Luckily, I have been ahead of schedule and didn’t miss anything.

Also… if you are staying at Endless Summer be aware the room only has one charging port. So if you have multiple phones or backup batteries you may want to bring an AC adapter


if you are staying at Endless Summer be aware the room only has one charging port.

thank you for this tip! Staying in a family suite with my mom and brother, so I will also pack a power strip, cuz that doesn’t look like it will accommodate enough ac blocks, either!


This just hangs out in my suitcase for all trips: Amazon.com: Anker Power Strip with USB, 5 ft Extension Cord, PowerPort Cube USB with 3 Outlets and 3 USB Ports, Portable Design, Overload Protection for iPhone XS/XR, Compact for Travel, Cruise Ship, and Office : Electronics


BTW - This sling bag has been the MVP of my trip!

It is the exact dimensions of all the free lockers!

The strap has a case to store my phone, two pockets on the outside, two side “net / mesh” pockets and two large interior pockets with interior pouches.

I am able bring my phone, Coke Freestyle cup, backup phone battery with charging cable (that has a special opening to hold the cord (also good for earbuds cords), ziplock bags holding extra masks/meds/misc and a couple extra items.

TIP - Bring a 1 gallon ziplock bag to hold your Coke Freestyle cup. This will prevent spills inside the bag if you don’t snap it shut well!

It glides into every locker like a glove! Feels so good to not have to cram and shove a big backpack into them. I slip in and out of locker stations like a champ! I got it on Amazon. If anyone needs a link let me know.

@Jeff_AZ - UPDATE: (POST TRIP) - Here’s the link

Ok…on my way to the Green Planet now!


I think you should share this info. :wink:


That is odd, they usually stay the same unless the park hours change.

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Also interested!

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Would an iPad fit in that bag? I love my similar bag but mine seems a tad smaller and an iPad barely doesn’t fit.

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