Current same day FP drops

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For those who don’t know, WDW usually drop more FPs into the system at points during the day for that same day. These do count towards your normal FPs, so the usual tiering rules apply - only one tier 1 FP in your first 3, if you are in the same park. You can modify an existing FP, or book a new one if you are eligible.

The current FP drop times are:

AK - 11.01, 1.01, 3.01, 5.01
HS - 9.31, 12.01, 2.31
EP - 11.31, 1.31, 3.31
MK - no specific drop times

None of these times are guaranteed, and you may not see the same ride availability at each drop.

If you see a change reported on chat or elsewhere and I haven’t updated the times, reply to this thread and I’ll check it out.

Happy FP grabbing!


Thanks for this!


You are amazing! Have I told you that this week?


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Thank you for both the FP timing and the keeping it pinned info!

If you park hop to one of the parks with tiers, does that reset the tiering rules? For example, if we used 3 or more FP+s at MK and then went to Epcot for the afternoon/evening, would we be able to get two Tier 1 FP+s if they were available or would we need to get Tier 2s as our 5th and 6th before another Tier1?

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When you park hop, tiers don’t apply. You could just book FOP in advance, and then immediately book SDD once you’d used it.

If you’ve used 3 in the same park, any subsequent FPs can be tier 1 whether you’re in the same park or a different one. Tiers only apply to the first 3.

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Thank you! Great information and I’m glad to have the times listed in one place. That’s a much more concise list than what I’ve found searching around and trying to put it all together.


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Wow, I always thought that the stories about more FP dropping during the day were an urban legend like Bigfoot, However, I’ve gone onto MDE earlier today and just now at 12:01 PM. TSM and RNR FP appeared at 12:01. They were not available earlier. But by 12:02 they were all gone.


Probably best to email Unless @david can help?

If you go and read another pinned topic, does that unpin as well? I’m wondering if you are already too late to keep this thread pinned if you’ve opened it before you change your settings, even if you haven’t read to the bottom.

Thanks for this! Is there a general timeframe for the FPP’s that get dropped same day? I.e. does the 12:01 drop usually provide fastpasses for 12, 1, and 2, or are some of them four or five hours down the road?