Current same day FP drops

Usually in the next couple of hours I believe.

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I just checked what was available for AK at 1:01 PM. FOP for 1:30 was there for a minute as well EE with an early afternoon space and several after 6PM in the evening. Interesting the EE early evening slots came available just before 1 pm, the early afternoon was at 1:01 PM.

At of 1:05 PM, EE & FOP all gone.

Then a couple of minutes later, EE was wide open with time slots all through the rest of the day.


Interesting. And a good reminder to also check a few min before the drop times!

I am new to Touring Plan Forums, but not new to Disney or Touring Plans. I just can’t thank you enough for this post. We are heading out in two weeks for a special graduation WDW trip. On our FP day, there were a couple of bumps. FP day is always such an emotional day!! Anyway, I have been trying to adjust ever since without much luck. I have never tried the FP dump time strategy and this gives me hope. Thank you thank you for your great list!


Good luck!

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Thank you for creating this thread. I was just trying to stay up to date on this very topic on chat


When new passed drop, can you modify an existing fast pass to go to a different attraction or do you have to wait until you use all your existing fast passes to claim a SDFP on a different attraction?

(assuming that the new attraction it doesn’t violate tier rules, of course)

You can modify.


Is it confirmed that they drop “day of” FP’s even during the busiest park days? Particularly interested in the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


There were no drops for FOP last Christmas. They stopped right before, and started again in January.

I can’t remember if we knew about the other drops at Christmas. I don’t think we did.

I heard on a YouTube video (can anyone confirm or deny?) that if you only book ONE fast pass in park (A), then park hop to park (B), you can book a fast pass in park (B) as soon as you have scanned into the new park at the front gate. Is that true? I’m hoping that an AP liner can weigh in… Especially if they go to the parks often.

I believe you can search for FP while still in Park (A), once you’ve “tapped” in to the FP at Park (A); in other words, you don’t need to be at Park (B) while looking for FP for Park (B).


As soon as you tap in to FP1 you can get another two in any park - could be 2 different parks. And you can get another tier 1 in the second park, and in the 3rd park - if available of course! If you’re only going to the second park, you have to get a tier 1 and a tier 2.


The tier rules with park hopping are still kind of confusing to me. Is the rule basically that you can’t hold two non-Club Level Tier 1 FPs in the same park at once? Would this example work, assuming same day FP availability?
Start with a pre-reserved SDD FP.
Tap in and book your second FP at Soarin
Wait until you’ve tapped in at Soarin to get your third FP at FEA or TT

Or do you need to do two Tier2s at Epcot before another Tier 1?

If 2 of your first 3 are at the same park, they can’t both be tier 1. So as soon as you tap into SDD, you can book Soarin and a tier 2. You’ll need to use both of those before booking FEA or TT.

Or you could have SDD and TOT at HS, and as soon as you tap into the first of those, book Soarin. Then you could get FEA/TT immediately after tapping for Soarin.

But if you’re only doing 2 parks, 1 of your first 3 has to be a tier 2.

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That makes sense. Thanks! I’m not sure if we’ll use this but it’s helpful to be prepared.

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