Convention tickets - any recent success?


I have read several posts on Convention tickets. Has anyone had success recently purchasing and using convention tickets? I saw an update from March concerning using a convention ticket at Disneyland.

I am planning to purchase a convention ticket within the next few days to be used in May. I have found a convention page with a link to the ticket site (a, compared prices, will purchase online and not using gift cards. Just wanting to check on any other feedback before I make the purchase.

Thank you in advance!


There have been a few threads on chat over the last few months asking as well - so far all reports continue to be: no issues, still works fine.

My only suggestions (as a few of us said in that thread)

  • Keep in mind that it can take a day or so for the convention tickets to be linkable in MDE, so factor that in if you are close to the trip.
  • If you do have to call in for some reason and speak to a CM, know the conference info and where you are staying. They don’t grill you at all but do seem to have it as part of their call script to ask.

Good luck!

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Happy to hear reports continue with no issues! Thank you for the additional suggestions!

I will report back with our experience.

I haven’t actually used them yet, but in March I bought convention tickets for my kids to use in 2 weeks (my husband and I already have tickets). I used a discounted gift card to buy and had to call to order them (I saved 10% by using my Discover card at the grocery store during the 5% cash back period/matched during the first year, so it made the hassle of having to call worth it). They did ask which conference and if I had a hotel reservation (the conference I mentioned is offsite, so I just told her where it was). I was able to link the tickets on MDE within 30 minutes of getting off the phone, and had no problem making Fastpasses. From all reports I hopefully don’t expect any issues using them when we get there!

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Thank you for sharing your experience so far. It is encouraging that you were able to link the tickets to MDE so quickly. I am planning to purchase the ticket this weekend and hope to link it soon after.

Just used 7 convention tickets this week. 4 of them were adult 4 day tickets. 1 was a child 4 day ticket. And 2 of them were after 5 tickets. No issues at all. They acted just like normal tickets.

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It is good to hear you had no issues. We attempted to purchase a convention ticket online tonight. However, we received the error message to call for assistance. I am not using a gift card and was hoping the purchase would complete online. I will try and call tomorrow.

Quick update… I was able to purchase a convention ticket online this morning. I did not have to call for assistance. It must have been a user error last night.:grinning: I was able to link the ticket in MDE this afternoon.

This is a last minute trip and the ticket will be used next week. Thank you for everyone’s feedback and I will post an update once the ticket has been used in the parks.


I’d guess your initial issue wasn’t actually user error - the convention site is a bit wonky, as most of Disney tech is.

Have a great trip!

DD was able to use a 3 day park hopper convention ticket this week. The ticket was linked to her MDE account. She did not experience any issues. The other people in her group had regular tickets.

Thank you for sharing the convention ticket information and experience. It was a great option for DD’s trip. I will definitely look at this option for future trips.

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My kids used their 2 day park hopper convention tickets this week with no problem. They were linked in MDE ahead of time and all of our Fastpasses made in advance were great.

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what convention did they register with?

For the mutli day tickets that come with a bonus water park visit, I assume that it’s ok to go to the waterpark on the same day as a park visit. Is that correct? Or do I need to make sure to go on a separate day?

I think your best bet is to google “mydisneygroup” and find a live link to buy tickets. The convention I bought tickets through is expired now, but I just googled and picked one that was exactly my dates. I don’t think that is necessary now that tickets seem to be good any time this year (I believe they used to only be good for a couple weeks around the convention dates), but I knew I had to call to pay with gift cards and figured I’d play it safe.

You might want to check out the forum thread Convention Tickets Tip for strategies and tips from Liners.

Some of the discounts you used to get (like parties) are gone from convention sites, but can still get the regular non-date connected tickets etc.

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thanks all. i have found a few conventions that i could order tickets through, but none that coordinate with my dates. I am buying 9 tickets, so my concern is the cost in that if there are any problems. I have seen in some terms and conditions that it states the ticket must be used within 14 days of the end of the convention or by 12-31-19. that is what makes me nervous. anyone else used convention tickets on a convention that had already passed?

Several liners have used convention tickets on dates completely unrelated to the convention they were purchased for. All reports I’ve heard (and experienced) were that the tickets do not have dates attached to them, except the year-end use by date.

I really haven’t seen any statements they had to be used within the convention time frame and I agree seeing that would make me a little nervous as well. I just checked out a few different convention ticket links and the only restrictions/warnings I saw were tickets needed to be used within 14 days of first use (as has always been the case with non-tiered regular tickets) and must be used by 12/31/2020.

When digging into the detailed convention site terms, I saw the use by date there was 12/31/2019, so once again Disney confusing people.

I do think it is still safe to buy convention tickets, but I understand buying 9 tickets ups the ante. I think if it made me nervous I’d weigh the savings, ticket use flexibility, and free extra WP day against how much I’d worry about it. Plus I’d be sure to check all of the regular resellers and see how much savings I could gather at those.

In general, I think not worrying is a valuable thing when laying out so much money.

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I have read the threads mentioned, and I am confused on when the tickets expire. When I get to the page that it asks how many days, there is the verbage “Important Multi-day ticket details - tickets and any options purchased must be used within 14 days of first use and must be used before December 31 2020”. Does this mean the tickets would be able to be used next calendar year (I’m looking at April)?

I think I was writing my post above yours at right about the same time you replied. :slight_smile:

So, looking at my image above, the purchasing page says they need to be used by 12/31/2020 - so that means you should be able to use them next April.

But, I also noticed that the long terms of service for convention site still has the 12/31/2019 date listed. I’d kind of assume they just didn’t update that page properly, but of course that could make me a big assumer. :wink:

In general, when Disney tickets aren’t used by whatever use-by date they say on them, it doesn’t mean you can’t still go to guest services and have the value of them applied to new tickets. HOWEVER, convention tickets are a different animal and I think live in a greyer area than regular tickets, so I personally wouldn’t want to have to count on that happening.

I suppose a generic phone call to Disney Preferred Ticket Team ((407) 566-5600) to ask if the 2020 date is the correct one couldn’t hurt(?)

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yes you are very right!!! worry plays a huge part in my decision. when comparing prices at undercover tourist. it would be right at $3990 total for my 4 day tickets. with the conventions special, it would be $3258 with a free water park day. that is a huge cost savings. So, ultimately, the decision comes down to how much is my peace of mind worth. (I tend to worry to much at times). A personal problem i need to work on. We will also have another roughly 20 people going that could potentially benefit from this. we are going as a family vacation.
this is the link i am looking at purchasing through.
at the mid to bottom of the page it. has these disclosures.
Prices include tax. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. Must be used within 7 days of the last day of your meeting/convention or by December 31, 2019, whichever comes first. Not valid for separately priced activities/events. Prices subject to change without notice. 1A 1-Day Peak Season Ticket is valid for single-day admission on Peak, Regular and Value Season dates. 2A 1-Day Regular Season Ticket is valid for single-day admission on Regular and Value Season dates. 3A 1-Day Value Season Ticket is valid for single-day admission on Value Season dates