Convention tickets - any recent success?

OK, So that particular link looks to me like it is tied to some deal a travel agent has going as opposed to a regular convention. (I suspect this is the travel agent.)

If you choose some of the other regular convention link sites (try this Google search) those restrictions do not show up at all.

Here’s one convention site I tried.

You might want to post a quick question if anyone else has recent success over on chat - you can reach some Liners over there that don’t frequent the forums and might get some more feedback.

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awesome help and advice… now where is the other chat? is it strictly on the app? or am i missing it. sorry, very new to the forums, but have learned a lot already to prepare for our trip…

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In addition to the Lines app, you can also use chat on the mobile site in a regular web browser. (That’s what I tend to do when working.)

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based on the feedback, and your help JJT. i think i am going to go ahead and purchase. I am gonna get the two tickets for my parents. and then once i have those successfully linking to my disney experience, then i will order the remainder.
upon linking, there should be no question or issue. is the feeling i am getting. based on the disclosures i see.

so, it would not allow me to process my request online. any tips?

Are there 9 day convention tickets? The most I’ve found is 8 days but we need 9.

unfortunately, the most i have seen is 8. keep in mind the convention ticket gets you 8 days in park plus one free water park day or golf or sports complex… so technically you are getting nine. just 8 for parks and 1 extra

@maryroyal Any update on your purchase? If this works, it will save me quite a bit of cash. Thanks!

well. two of the tickets are for my dad. i have ordered those. waiting on shipment. will update! i will order the others after i confirm no issues with the 2. from what i have seen so far. i should be good. just waiting.

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I just wanted to add that I spoke with 2 representatives from the convention ticket telephone line today about using tickets a month after the end of a specific convention. My sister is attending a conference in mid-September and was emailed a link for convention tickets. We’re not going to WDW until 10/5/19 and there was fine print on the page for this specific conference that the tickets had to be used within 7 days of the last day of the conference. The first representative said the tickets must be used “during the conference dates or close to those dates,” whatever that means. She didn’t use the 7-day rule and when asked, would not give specific dates that the tickets must be used by. She just kept saying that they’re “supposed to be used for people coming to the conference.” The second representative was adamant that the tickets could be used anytime within 14 days of first use until 12/19/19. She said repeatedly that there were no dates on these tickets. She said we could use them tomorrow if we wanted. We went ahead and purchased the tickets. I printed out the terms and conditions on the purchase page, which are very detailed, and there’s nothing there about using within 7 days of the last day of the conference.

Obviously, I don’t know yet whether we will have a problem but I will report back. However, I wanted to add that the 2nd rep. also said repeatedly that there were changes coming to convention tickets next month (July) and advised purchasing very soon. She didn’t know or wouldn’t say what the changes were but I got the feeling like they had something to do with dates on the tickets.

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Thank you for this tidbit!

yes. thanks for the tidbit. so, it sounds like they may make changes to make it less likely for people to get tickets like this? so if u r going to, better get them soon. sounds like that is what she was trying to say. when I look on MDE it simply says the 2 tickets i have bought are 4 day plus 1 waterpark and more tickets with a January 31, 2020 expiration. does not say anything about being linked to convention. and I have a screen shot of the date expiration and I will print those rules as well that state the only fine print was 14 days from first use.

Yes, I printed out the rules as well. I guess it’s possible that the changes could be related to an increase in price. But it just seemed like each time I asked some version of the question about using the tickets on dates other than convention dates, she would answer something like “yes, definitely, there are no dates on these tickets. But you are thinking of buying these today or soon, right? Because there are changes coming next month.” It felt like she was saying “hurry, this is going to change.”

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Hello all!

I am attending a CME conference at the GF next week and was going to get my tickets through their link. I was curious with the multiday tickets with the added WP. If I do a 5 day park hopper does that water park day need to be within those 5 days or it is a 6th day? Does that question make sense?

Water park entitlement can be used on either the same day as a theme park day or on its own (6th) day.

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This doesn’t have anything to do with WDW tickets, but I’ve used this site to find reduced airfare: Sometimes you can just go to the convention websites and get a promo code without registering or anything else. Just look for conferences in Orlando around your dates.

I noticed the other day they changed the verbage you highlighted in pink. It now states 2019!

Well, that kinda stinks. I see the landing page for the conference page I used last week changed a little - the Buy Tickets button is now a drop down.

I’m not seeing anything else different, and I think the Terms of Service look the same.

Wish I captured them last week. I just did for the future, and added it to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine so we can all see the changes over time, FWIW.

I noticed when I go to purchase the convention tickets it says pick up at will call. Will they not be emailed? Was hoping to be able to link them before our trip!

my tickets came by mail. however, after about 24-36 hours, I was able to link my tickets on MDE with the confirmation number.