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Over on chat last week or so I mentioned a method to find ways to purchase convention tickets. I’ve modified my method slightly, and since it just came up again over there thought I’d create this quick post for later reference:

Long story short: My family doesn’t have a trip planned this year. After some success at advancing in the Mom’s panel application process last year I’d like to give it another try - but need a qualifying trip this year to be eligible to apply again. Ergo, I’m thinking of taking a crazy 1-day trip down and was looking for the least expensive way to do that.

In addition to cheap flights and a good rate at a value resort, I thought getting an after 1PM or 5PM convention ticket would be just the ticket to enable my not-so-evil plan without breaking the Mickey bank.

While I am by far not the originator of the idea of buying inexpensive convention tickets, I used a little Google Massaging to streamline the search process. In an earlier chat thread I had mentioned using Google’s “site:” search operator and the domain to find pages set up to sell the convention tickets for each group. I also suggested adding a month and year to it if you had a focused time period to shoot for.

However, I’ve found that brings up a fair amount of URLs at that site that are expired since the event had passed, but The Google doesn’t know it.

So, these days I am instead using the “link:” operator in the search, which I find comes up with some better results. My line of thinking is that convention pages that link to the tickets page will often be taken down once the convention passes, so Google might have more refined results as the pages change or go away. (Both search methods work, though, so play around.)

My new method: in The Google, enter something like: june 2018.

That will bring up results with convention pages that link to the tix site, then you can visit those pages and just look for the link on each page.

Voila! A cornucopia of pages where you can purchase convention tickets.

Just Be Aware: as I said in that earlier chat: I can’t guarantee that CMs won’t give you the 3rd degree to determine you are actually a legitimate conventioneer with such ticket in hand, but I kinda doubt they would. So, pack yer stethoscope, fez hat or moose antlers and flash that convention ticket with gusto.

Success using Convention tickets?
GOVX tickets

:rotating_light: This post in the thread contains a Summary regularly updated to the most current info and reports. See other posts in thread for more details on some items. :rotating_light:

Thanks to liners @Jaslan @lizardcave and @CheeZ for their info on their purchases and reports!

Adding a couple of tidbits to this thread after discussions on The Chat:

  • FYI: If you already have park tickets for 4 days or more, the cost to add another day is much less than buying an after 1PM or 5PM convention ticket. (Somewhere around $11-$15 per person per day.)

  • When you can buy “regular” park tickets through a convention link, you will probably notice that 1 & 2 day tix are not discounted at all, but 3+ day tix are discounted to the point that they are around the same cost as 3rd party discounted reseller prices or even a few dollars less.

In this case, I’d say the main advantages to buying multi-day tix via a convention link:

  • The ability to use Disney gift cards to pay - if you can get discounted GCs (via Target, BJ, Sam’s Club etc.) then you can squoze a little more savings out.

Note: You will likely have to call Disney to use a gift card to pay for the transaction. They don’t seem to know about convention ticket prices for various types of tickets, (or at least discounted special event tickets). The direct phone number for the “Preferred Ticket Team” that handles convention tix is: (407) 566-5600

  • Multi-day Convention tickets include a free water park (and more) visit!

Other things:

  • You can also buy special event tickets like MNSSHP etc via a convention link - looks like you can get $8-$10 discount on those tickets that way. (Savings is up to about 10%!)

  • When buying convention tickets you will get a code via email that you can link to MDE, BUT when buying online or via phone the conference code often does not sync to MDE systems until whatever overnight refresh Disney systems perform, or perhaps even 24 hours later. Takeaway: plan ahead if needed.

(Update to this mid August, 2018: several people have reported being able to link immediately. Someone else still had to wait more than a day. Not sure if change in process or some other variables in play.)

  • Thanks to a report from @CheeZ who purchased a convention ticket at the Swan a few weeks ago, you can scan those same-day purchases right into the MDE app, no wait or refresh needed. (Suspected that, but good to have confirmation from a Liner who has done it.)

  • Reports so far are that convention tickets purchase now have expiration at end of December, 2019 BUT do not have any specific date of use tied to them. So, they do NOT appear to need to be used within some window around the convention dates.

*Thanks to @heathernoel, If you are just intend to buy after 1PM or 5PM tickets, here is a regularly available link from the Omni for convention prices that are not connected to any particular convention. (Note: it does NOT have discounted multi-day tickets nor Special Event tickets. Just the partial day tix. If you want either of those, use my technique in the first post in this thread.)

Are most of these tactics worth it? I dunno, that’s your call.

Good luck all! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info @JJT ! Been following on chat, but thought this might be a better way to ask my question. I have purchased 2 day PH+ tix for me and my son (we are 13 days out). I will be upgrading to AP when we arrive. I like the idea of purchasing one of the convention tix options for my son (probably the 5:00 ticket) to use on one of our water park days. If I purchase a convention ticket for DS, and load it into MDE, how do I know which ticket will be used when we tap in that afternoon at the park? I’ve never had to prioritize my tickets…is that what I will need to do? If so, how do I go about doing that? ***OR, is the better option to purchase a convention ticket and opt to pick it up at Will Call so that I don’t have to load it into MDE. I’m assuming it would be a hard ticket. Since I won’t be upgrading my tix until we arrive, I’m not really worried about scheduling any FPP for that afternoon…would just be a bonus for us and we’d take what we can get when we enter the park. Does that make sense? :slight_smile: Anything else I need to be aware of if I move forward with buying the convention ticket?



I haven’t had to deal with the multiple ticket thing myself, but from reading lots of posts, I think your 2 options are to speak to someone at GS to prioritize your tickets before you use them or create a “dummy” person in your MDE and assign the ticket you want to use last to the dummy.

Then, once you’ve used the first ticket you can reassign the unused ticket from the dummy back to your son.
Again, I haven’t done this myself so I’m not aware of any issues that might occur with the latter process, but it seems like people do it regularly.

As I type this it occurred to me that I suppose a 3rd option is to just not load the convention ticket on MDE at all until you’ve used the other ticket. You’d want to make sure you have the confirm code handy to get it done on the road, of course.

(I suppose that assumes that you want to use the convention ticket after the 2 day PH+ tix.)

Unrelated to that info: You probably know this already, but just throwing it out there: if you use a water park day on PH+ tickets, when you upgrade those tix to AP you will have to upgrade to the Platinum Plus AP, which is $107 more than the standard Platinum AP.

If that’s your plan, great (I’d like a Platinum Plus!), but didn’t want you to be surprised if you didn’t know. If you just hope to upgrade to the regular Platinum AP, you could buy a 1 day water park ticket for $65 and save the $42 difference in AP.


WOW- I would’ve been completely surprised about the AP upgrade thing. It has actually never even occurred to me to investigate that! Might have to do some thinking over the next few days…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate the reply and will figure out how to move forward. :slight_smile:


OK, There’s a new spreadsheet in town.

As I was updating my Maximum AP spreadsheet with the latest reseller prices, I decided to see how they actually compared to the savings provided by purchasing convention tickets. So, I created a new tab in that spreadsheet that compares the current cheapest multi-day reseller tickets to the cost of buying the same tickets through a convention link.

First: Some Background and a DIRE WARNING
See above in this thread for the theoretical perambulations regarding finding and purchasing said convention tickets.

Considering that you can use Disney gift cards to buy convention tickets, AND that you can buy them GCs at a discount (let’s just assume the usual 5% using a Target Red card), you can really make out very nicely when buying convention tickets.

Add to the mix the fact that convention tickets include a freebie “1 Water Park Fun & More” visit, I think it can be a pretty sa-weet deal!

While you can upgrade convention tickets to an AP - you DO NOT get to keep the discount you gained. So, if your plan is to upgrade to AP and take advantage of price bridging, stick with buying reseller tickets.
END Dire Warning

Back to the spreadsheet: If you visit my Maximum AP sheet, you will now find a Convention Tix Comparison tab. On said tab are tables that list the Disney direct ticket price, current best Reseller Price, and Convention Tickets price for each of the ticket types (Base, PH, PH Plus) and number of Park Days. (Convention tix are only available up to 8 days.)

To the right of those prices I added tables that tell you how much the Convention tickets save over the Reseller (both with & without using discounted GCs), followed by other tables that compare the $Dollar and %Percent savings of Reseller and Convention tix to Disney’s online Price.

An Aside
In the spreadsheet, the Convention Comparison is the ONLY place I use the Disney ONLINE ticket price and NOT the GATE price.

This is because I assume if you are thinking about buying convention tix then you are not upgrading, in which case the gate price doesn’t come into play. Unless of course you are not much of a planner, which I think unlikely since you are reading a random dude’s notes for a Disney ticket price spreadsheet. :wink:
END Aside

Wrap Up Example
If I haven’t confused you enough, here is a screen capture to scramble your brain into submission.
Below you can see the Convention Comparison numbers for Base tickets. All numbers in my sheets include tax.
I have drawn a red box around the 5 day ticket line.
You can see that Disney’s price is $420.68, the best Reseller price is $386.21 (color coded blue for UT), and the Convention Tix price is $378.61.

So, the Convention tix would save you an additional $7.60 over buying UT tix right now. If you used a Disney gift card to pay for these tickets, and you bought said GC at a 5% discount, then your Convention tix would actually save you $26.53 OVER the UT price. Pretty nice.

To the right of those tables are more tables (go figure) that compare the dollar amount and percentage savings of Reseller and Convention tix as compared to Disney’s direct online price.


So, you can see that the best reseller price for these 5 day base tickets is $34.47 less than Disney’s price, while the Convention tix are $42.07 less. Again, if you use a discounted GC, you’d be saving $61.00 over Disney’s price. Look to the right of that and you can see the same savings listed as percentages.

Getting 14.5% off of tickets is a pretty nice thing.

A final note: this is my first run at this comparison so this tab is mostly static - it only compares the savings for 1 Adult ticket, and in the future I’ll have to update the reseller prices manually as they change. I may automagic it up later, but for now it is what it is.


For what it’s worth: my spreadsheet compulsivity wouldn’t let me leave the reseller prices in the convention tickets sheet as static numbers, so I have updated the sheet so it will automagically look them up as they change over time.

So, the only static data in the sheet now is the convention ticket prices themselves, which I will check and update once in awhile in case they do change over the course of a year.

Finally, I made it so anyone can change the Gift Card discount at top to see how it affects the savings - just in case anyone scores better than the usual 5% GC discount.


Do you get a code via email if you select that they are shipped? The other option is will call.


I know we responded on chat too, but just so it is out here too: yep, you get a code emailed that you can link to MDE. Only issue is that it can take at least 24 hours for it to be linkable in system, so beware trying to go for convention tix at last minute.


Nice additions.


So, since the last convention tickets thread on chat maxed out yesterday and is closed to replies (so can’t be bumped), thought I’d stick the thread here so peoples can see all of the replies in detail. (Hopefully my summary above covers most of it.)

Someone had a trick/tip for finding convention rate tickets and after 5 tickets, but I can’t remember what it is. Can anyone help? Thanks!
3:25pm on 5/16/18 by zstrassburger

Because it was a long 255 post thread - to save people scrolling here I put it in the “Summary” section you see right below this line.
If you would like to read the whole thing, click on the summary arrow, it will open or collapse the rest of the thread…


collapse thread
3:25pm on 5/16/18 by disneydreams4
Ooo I heard a tip on backside of magic…I’ll go back and relisten…it was yesterday’s podcast.
3:33pm on 5/16/18 by Ommax3
3:34pm on 5/16/18 by Sister_Suffragette
It was episode 122 but it is not in the show notes.
3:35pm on 5/16/18 by PrincipalTinker
Bump for @JJT who I think was the one discussing this.
3:35pm on 5/16/18 by evamarie320
They said to do a google search “my Disney group” and sort by most recent. They said to use the quotations.
3:43pm on 5/16/18 by PrincipalTinker
It is around 29:45 of the episode.
3:43pm on 5/16/18 by PrincipalTinker
When I mentioned it last week or so, I said to try using the “site:” operator & the URL to focus in on things, but I think I have a better way now: use the “link:” operator & you will find sites that link to the convention tix site…
3:50pm on 5/16/18 by JJT
So, in The Google, enter something like: june 2018. That will bring up convention pages that link to the tix site, just look for the link on each page. Here’s a link to that search:
3:51pm on 5/16/18 by JJT
Fantastic! Thank you so much.
4:00pm on 5/16/18 by zstrassburger
4:02pm on 5/16/18 by toronto2wdw
Just to have it out there for posterity, I posted a summary of the info on the forum for future reference and easier searching: Convention Tickets Tip
4:05pm on 5/16/18 by JJT
Saving for after work… Thank you!
4:44pm on 5/16/18 by Mickey143
4:59pm on 5/16/18 by strider1
6:07pm on 5/16/18 by anndistasio
I have to say that it works. :slight_smile: I used the convention tickets for our upcoming trip. $59 for after 5pm ticket and about $80 for after 1pm ticket. I found a few sites with relevant dates – pretty easy to find.
6:09pm on 5/16/18 by lizardcave
Awesome info!!! Has me rethinking my 5-day, 3-day Hopper plan!!! May look for a 1-day after 1p ticket for arrival day for 1-3 of us and save the other day ticket for RD on MVMCP Party night. Doubtful but good to have options.
6:24pm on 5/16/18 by brtaylor73
6:40pm on 5/16/18 by Magicmeg
6:43pm on 5/16/18 by budgie
6:52pm on 5/16/18 by Keenanfamily5
6:54pm on 5/16/18 by UndeadMonkey
6:57pm on 5/16/18 by samnobles
Just an update - I noticed my 5pm convention tickets have an expiration date of 12/31/19. When I get the 1pm tickets set up I will share what that expiration date is.
10:33am on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
10:55am on 5/17/18 by tinkertanchez
They also have MNSSHP tickets. About a $10 savings per ticket.
10:56am on 5/17/18 by heathernoel
11:08am on 5/17/18 by ackfamily
Good info!
11:16am on 5/17/18 by dbarxdoc
11:24am on 5/17/18 by Eeyoresmama
11:52am on 5/17/18 by EmGEm
This is new for me. Can anyone order tickets through here? Don’t need to show proof of attending conference? That could be very helpful.
12:14pm on 5/17/18 by hookedsince72
@hooked I tested it last week with 5pm tickets. There’s no personal info provided at ticket purchase to identify which convention you’re with – other than the originating link. I had tickets mailed to my home.
12:24pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
Also, I see my attendance as no different than a spouse or travel partner of a convention attendee. So, I can’t imagine CMs at gates questioning why I’m not a CPA (or having the time to do so). I figure it’s worth a shot. My trip is in 27 days and I’ll…
12:26pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
…report back with my experience.
12:27pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
Sfl tix
12:35pm on 5/17/18 by mepatton
@lizard Hadn’t really thought about it since I’d just be using them for a spur of the moment trip, but just wondered if these tix are linkable to MDE to make FPP before trip?
12:35pm on 5/17/18 by JJT
12:39pm on 5/17/18 by imadisneymom
@JTT – yep! Mine are linked in MDE and I have FPP assigned.
12:40pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
Behind the magic podcast said you can put FPPs on convention tickets. Episode 113 I believe.
12:42pm on 5/17/18 by zstrassburger
@jjt nice work!
12:42pm on 5/17/18 by jeremy1002
Awesome, thanks!
12:43pm on 5/17/18 by JJT
@JTT – here’s some screenshots from MDE.
12:45pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
12:50pm on 5/17/18 by JenniferB1975
12:54pm on 5/17/18 by sbillet77
Great info! Thanks!
12:55pm on 5/17/18 by julesander
12:56pm on 5/17/18 by ToTerrorizer54
I like this idea for arrival day and to possibly save on party tickets!!
1:05pm on 5/17/18 by Pixie_Dusted
Saving convention tickets
1:14pm on 5/17/18 by nevertellmetheodds
Thanks all! Aspiring to:
1:23pm on 5/17/18 by JJT
This is an interesting find!
1:25pm on 5/17/18 by stairstepmom
1:33pm on 5/17/18 by AVeryMerryUnbirthday
So looking at doing a full day ticket through that link, it seems the only option is Will Call. Do they email you the info to link to MDE and make FPs?
1:46pm on 5/17/18 by stairstepmom
@stairstepmom if FD ticket is the same as 1pm/5pm, they email you a confirmation email and after a few days you can add the confirmation number from the email to MDE. I haven’t tried a full day ticket, so that’s my best guess.
2:01pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
Are the tickets linked to a specific date?
2:05pm on 5/17/18 by sassinator
@stairstepmom I just looked at the full day ticket prices for 1 day ticket on a couple of convention site links and they are not discounted. Looks like 2 day tix do take off about $20. Are you seeing cheaper 1 day tix for a particular convention?
2:17pm on 5/17/18 by JJT
It was through the link given above
2:22pm on 5/17/18 by stairstepmom
@JJT - I was looking at a 6d PH, it was $50 less. Not worth the will call though LOL
2:22pm on 5/17/18 by stairstepmom
Oh, and just to mention to folks thinking of using convention tix on an arrival day: adding a day to multi-day tix of 4 days or more that you already have is far cheaper than getting convention tix. Somewhere in the $11-$15 range pp.
2:27pm on 5/17/18 by JJT
2:28pm on 5/17/18 by JRAYN82649
@stairstep Hmm, I didn’t look at multi-day tix at all on the convention site. Shame on me! :wink: Looks like convention discount 6 day or more PH comes in about $4 ahead of cheapest reseller tix right now, a& about $10 & $14 cheaper for 3 & 4 day PH. Nice!
2:35pm on 5/17/18 by JJT
Going to have to check this out!!
2:46pm on 5/17/18 by sunflo559
@sassinator you have to select the date that you want to visit but there doesn’t appear to be anything actually tied to it. The 5pm ticket claims it is valid until Dec 31 2019. I did a screenshot above - as long as it falls in one of the “good” dates I…
2:49pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
…assume you don’t have to use it within the convention window at all.
2:49pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
So do you think it’s safe to order them as Will Call? They’ll email the number to link it in MDE? And then you don’t need to go pick up a hard ticket? I’d be nervous they’d ask for proof of trade assoc or something haha!!
2:50pm on 5/17/18 by stairstepmom
Here’s one you can purchase through until November:
2:51pm on 5/17/18 by stairstepmom
@stairstepmom I think you’d be fine. They email a confirmation number which you then paste in MDE to link the tickets. As long as you live in the US and have time before your trip you can avoid will call. As I said above, I don’t think CMs at the gate…
3:01pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
… will say, “oh, what convention are you with?” or “where are your CPA convention credentials?” I could be wrong – but I’ll report back in 27 days!
3:01pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
Yeah I can’t imagine either, plus it says “tickets are valid during your pre- and post-stays too” - really I guess an attendee could buy tix for other friends/family as “their guests” and gift them if they wanted to.
3:04pm on 5/17/18 by stairstepmom
I’m so tempted! I have $300 left on a GC from our trip and I am planning a solo trip early next year. :slight_smile:
3:05pm on 5/17/18 by stairstepmom
I am an enabler. I saw a post about these tickets a few weeks ago and decided we needed a 40 hour trip – so @stairstepmom, I think you should do it!
3:09pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
@stairstep As I mentioned, the cheapest reseller for 6 day PH right now (Boardwalk) is only $4 more than that convention discount. Sounds like buying at BW might be worth the $4 to give you peace of mind.
3:11pm on 5/17/18 by JJT
3:13pm on 5/17/18 by ashleyfreeman
True @JJT - but I can’t use my GC then and make myself feel better about only blowing $160 right now instead of $460 LOL :slight_smile:
3:18pm on 5/17/18 by stairstepmom
Ahh, those GCs do burn a hole in your pocket. Have some from our trip last year locked away, but they keep rattling the box. ;D
3:23pm on 5/17/18 by JJT
Ha yep, exactly. I have enough AA miles for a plane ticket and half a hotel stay, too, so anyway I can tell DH “my solo trip is practically FREE!!!” is oh so tempting :wink:
3:25pm on 5/17/18 by stairstepmom
Thanks @lizard!
3:34pm on 5/17/18 by sassinator
@sassinator you’re welcome!
3:39pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
Here’s the confirmation email text… this will be a few posts. "If you have selected to pickup your Tickets at a Will Call location, please present this confirmation letter along with a valid photo ID at any Walt Di
3:39pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
sney World Theme Park Guest Relations Window. Will Call orders are only available at the Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida, and tickets can be picked up starting the day after your order. Upon arrival, please present your confirmation along with a v
3:40pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
valid photo ID at any ticket sales location. Pick up your Will Call ticket order at one of Epcot GR, Disney’s AK GR, HS GR, or TTC at MK. If you selected a shipping option your tickets cannot be picked up as a Will Call order.
3:41pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
SHIPPING ORDERS…Please allow 7-14 business days for Standard US Shipping.Please note: you will be able to claim your Meeting/Convention ticket reservation number in My Disney Experience 48-72 hours after receiving this confirmation. If you have MyMagic
3:42pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
questions or need assistance claiming your tickets, please contact 407-939-7765.
3:42pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
For the record, multiple times I have picked up tix at “will call” at WDW: at TTC, HS, and DS GS. It was really any open ticket window at HS or TTC. And, except for DS GS, I did it pre-RD and it took 3 min with 0 wait time for an open ticket window.
3:55pm on 5/17/18 by sixarfun
3:56pm on 5/17/18 by kelly4397
Just take a photo of the back of your ticket before you walk away so you have a record of the ticket number in case of loss.
3:56pm on 5/17/18 by sixarfun
**these were regular tix not Convention tix.
3:58pm on 5/17/18 by sixarfun
3:59pm on 5/17/18 by Jaslan
Can convention tickets be upgraded to AP? Just in case LOL
4:07pm on 5/17/18 by stairstepmom
I believe that convention Tix can be upgraded, but you don’t get to keep any of the discount savings.
4:16pm on 5/17/18 by JJT
I never bought convention tix, but almost did once. A key, as @liz quoted, is “tickets can be picked up starting the day AFTER your order”. In other words, don’t wait until the day you’re walking-up and intending to buy/use them.
4:20pm on 5/17/18 by gmcc
Yup sfl
4:21pm on 5/17/18 by uolyram
…we had scheduled YES program one year (back when discounts were great). Max 8-day tix, though. We arrived early and knew we couldn’t add a 9th day to those tix, so looked-up convention tickets.Had we bought them the day before, we could have gotten
4:21pm on 5/17/18 by gmcc
…them to use before we used our main tickets.
4:23pm on 5/17/18 by gmcc
Update: 1pm passes took 24 hours to update in the system and allow me to link with MDE. The convention is in mid-June and I can book FPP through mid-July. I’ll post screenshots.
5:30pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
Ignore that. I’m looking at FPP window.
5:34pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
Awesome @lizard! I think I might go for it, too! I always knew I was a Machine Vibration Analyst at heart LOL :slight_smile:
5:36pm on 5/17/18 by stairstepmom
5:42pm on 5/17/18 by DDuckRodz
6:43pm on 5/17/18 by EstherM
6:46pm on 5/17/18 by Hometown
6:46pm on 5/17/18 by equineone
7:27pm on 5/17/18 by MommytoPrincesses
Looking into this
7:37pm on 5/17/18 by vailcollins
7:47pm on 5/17/18 by
8:07pm on 5/17/18 by Lmf1977
8:09pm on 5/17/18 by rage42
8:13pm on 5/17/18 by nelsost
8:15pm on 5/17/18 by Cooky4MICKEY
8:18pm on 5/17/18 by bdncfv18
Ah so it looks like Will Call was only for that first link in the thread, probably because that conference is very soon so no time for shipping. That other link I posted allows shipping of a hard ticket :slight_smile:
9:59pm on 5/17/18 by stairstepmom
11:22pm on 5/17/18 by abbycwell
@stairstep click on the image of the castle. Bottom right of the page.
11:30pm on 5/17/18 by lizardcave
11:37pm on 5/17/18 by IHeartKermit
I bought a 6d PH through the link. I’ll link it as soon as it arrives- hopefully it really is good through next year, otherwise I’ll be moving my solo trip to this fall LOL
11:57pm on 5/17/18 by stairstepmom
11:59pm on 5/17/18 by Woodsyrup
12:00am on 5/18/18 by maryvh
12:13am on 5/18/18 by Hshoote
Well once disney catches on to this I am sure they will take away the ability for actual conference members to get discounted tickets. I went last month to a convention and The tickets prices saved us approximately $75 per person over gate prices. If you
12:33am on 5/18/18 by ami_s (JJT Note: removed full email.)
are actually attending a conference you can call group services and buy tickets and get a confirmation # to link to MDE thus getting FP booking privilege vs. will call option.
12:36am on 5/18/18 by ami_s
Interesting stuff
12:54am on 5/18/18 by Wilderness_Explorer
1:11am on 5/18/18 by Tamsin22
@ami I don’t think they’d stop the discount, but it’s odd they don’t require a special number when buying tix, given to attendees upon registering for the conf. With how much we’ve given the mouse in 6 yrs, I don’t feel too badly about the meager $50 LOL
5:27am on 5/18/18 by stairstepmom
Hoping for a convention at WDW next year!
5:39am on 5/18/18 by drkarendc
7:45am on 5/18/18 by kingdomminded
8:11am on 5/18/18 by CastleCrazy
@stairstep…I have devoted my life saving to Disney basically…the best part of conventions is staying at deluxe resorts for only 235 a night. Downside you cannot link these tickets and do DP. I received a link they probably think that is secret enough.
8:20am on 5/18/18 by ami_s
8:23am on 5/18/18 by smallworldgirl
This is perfect for arrival day. The after 5pm ticket perfect! And it doesn’t make you choose a day.
8:35am on 5/18/18 by Jaslan
8:38am on 5/18/18 by DisneyDave1991
Convention tix info has been out on Internetz for years, IMHO don’t think Disney is going to make changes at this point. Also, multi-day convention tix are no better deal than reseller prices, just the after 1PM & 5PM can be useful in certain instances.
8:47am on 5/18/18 by JJT
Remember people, as I mentioned earlier: if you have 4 day or more park tickets, it is MUCH cheaper to just add a day on and use that than buy the afternoon convention tix.
8:48am on 5/18/18 by JJT
8:48am on 5/18/18 by Kschofie
9:19am on 5/18/18 by bargerstock
Darn can’t use gc for these tickets
3:16pm on 5/18/18 by Jaslan
Oh wait nvm! Yea I can!
3:19pm on 5/18/18 by Jaslan
3:23pm on 5/18/18 by Time2gobackagain
Just an update - I was able to link my 6d ticket using the email confirmation number - a hard ticket is still coming in the mail but I figured I’d try - it expires 1/14/20 and looks good to go :slight_smile:
7:45pm on 5/18/18 by stairstepmom
7:55pm on 5/18/18 by JJT
7:59pm on 5/18/18 by lizardcave
8:24pm on 5/18/18 by Disney_Freak
Point taken, JJT, about the comparative cheapness of just adding another day to a multi-day ticket, but the Military Salute tickets max out at 5 days. The convention ticket would be perfect for another partial day for us military folks.
8:28pm on 5/18/18 by rblwcz
Thanks for all the follow-ups!
8:29pm on 5/18/18 by sassinator
8:31pm on 5/18/18 by barnzo00
Ahh, I didn’t know military tix maxed out. That’s great this might help! Occurs to me now that since one can purchase these using Disney GCs, can also shave some more $$ off if one can get the cards at a discount.
9:02pm on 5/18/18 by JJT
JJT, I loved your forum tutorial. I ordered a convention ticket for my arrival day on May 23, and MK has evening EMH that night. Score!
10:26pm on 5/18/18 by rblwcz
10:47pm on 5/18/18 by jwoodardpu
10:53pm on 5/18/18 by zarendy
10:58pm on 5/18/18 by gizmolmc
That’s great @rblwcz!
11:13pm on 5/18/18 by JJT
11:36pm on 5/18/18 by BwayDisneyMama
12:08am on 5/19/18 by MyfairPrincess
Yes, military salute tickets are only available in 4 ($226) or 5 ($246) day ticket options and always include PH. You can add WP for $40 more but can not add additional days. Last trip we bought full price 8 day tickets.
12:19am on 5/19/18 by DisneyJess123
1:32am on 5/19/18 by TiggerBrain
Sfl ty!
5:18am on 5/19/18 by YouCanFlyYouCanFly-583265
@Jess, you can get a longer ticket through Shades of Green about 10% savings I think
9:57am on 5/19/18 by WalleandEve
10:02am on 5/19/18 by coilydisneymomma
11:16am on 5/19/18 by soniabel
11:24am on 5/19/18 by RRCfanatic
10:05pm on 5/19/18 by geewill@
All of the links are giving me Wreck it Ralph messages. Hopefully it is temporary and not a change to convention tickets!
10:09pm on 5/19/18 by heathernoel
It was doing that earlier but work after a few tries
10:11pm on 5/19/18 by Jaslan
@walle, yes I was planning to buy them thru SOG last trip but FD was a better savings for our trip.
10:17pm on 5/19/18 by DisneyJess123
Can you book a room through that link at the convention rate?
10:24pm on 5/19/18 by MickeyChic4
10:44pm on 5/19/18 by campfamily3
At the association where I work they do an audit of registrants compared to booked rooms, so I would be less likely to use the room rates.
10:45pm on 5/19/18 by heathernoel
I get an error message when trying to purchase, they want me to call :frowning:
12:45am on 5/20/18 by Jaslan
2:35am on 5/20/18 by funfourall
5:32am on 5/20/18 by jra418
@Jaslan if it looked like systems were having issues last night, I’d try again today or maybe use link from a different convention site.
6:56am on 5/20/18 by JJT
8:15am on 5/20/18 by milehighmouse
8:56am on 5/20/18 by jillnh
I was able to buy 4 day tickets through a convention link right before the price increases. Ended up having to call. I think the web site was having issues Was able to link to our MDE account right then. Used Disney gift cards so extra savings there too.
9:22am on 5/20/18 by YoHo
10:03am on 5/20/18 by ghorton
I was able to buy a ticket , i tried to link right away but it said my conf number was already link to another account, i how that because I have to wait a day or two. Also I guess you have to call to use a gift card
10:57am on 5/20/18 by Jaslan
10:59am on 5/20/18 by FuzzyLumpkin
I added some info to forum post from reports provided here, but wanted to clarify so I get it right: (1.) Do they require you to call to use GC when buying via a convention link, or was that perhaps a one-off glitch? …
12:08pm on 5/21/18 by JJT
(2.) It sounds like there’s consistently a 24 hour period before you can link convention tix to your MDE, even if confirm email with code arrives earlier, correct?
12:10pm on 5/21/18 by JJT
Yep! I had to call to Use my gcard, and I have linked successfully to MDE, after purchasing yesterday morning!
4:02pm on 5/21/18 by Jaslan
Good info; thanks!
4:27pm on 5/21/18 by MickeyBarHead
4:29pm on 5/21/18 by Love2Disney
Interesting! May need to attend an accounting conference in WDW :wink:
4:44pm on 5/21/18 by princessjo
Just discovered MVT can also book the twilight tickets!
2:59pm on 5/22/18 by Jaslan
@JTT yes, email comes with conf code immediately. That conf code doesn’t sync with MDE until at least 24 hours later.
3:08pm on 5/22/18 by lizardcave
Good info @jaslan! 1:00 and 5:00?
3:09pm on 5/22/18 by heathernoel
3:10pm on 5/22/18 by Jaslan
Thanks! I updated the forum post to include all the info and added shoutouts to @lizardcave and @Jaslan for their helpful info. :slight_smile:
3:17pm on 5/22/18 by JJT
3:20pm on 5/22/18 by JediFamily4
3:25pm on 5/22/18 by AmberGeiser
3:26pm on 5/22/18 by koolaid
@jtt I’ll let you know if they kick me out when I try using the tickets next month. :wink:
3:29pm on 5/22/18 by lizardcave
3:34pm on 5/22/18 by belleandyoda
Saving and wondering.
4:04pm on 5/22/18 by Ryno6433
4:09pm on 5/22/18 by PirateCollie
4:58pm on 5/22/18 by Gullfam
Someone in this thread asked about using this strategy for convention rate rooms. I talked to the person in my association who does housing for conferences. She says unless registration and rooms are linked, this shouldn’t be a problem.
4:24pm on 5/23/18 by heathernoel
Usually people are worried about paying for blocked room nights that aren’t used rather than making sure everyone in their block is with the conference. The rates are similar to MVT and other agency exclusives. So that might still be easier…
4:26pm on 5/23/18 by heathernoel
4:47pm on 5/23/18 by BlizzardPartyof3
5:42pm on 5/23/18 by wgr476
7:05pm on 5/23/18 by Mousehousefan
7:18pm on 5/23/18 by CampDisney
@JJT I was able to use a GC online for my multi day ticket. :slight_smile:
7:48pm on 5/23/18 by stairstepmom
7:48pm on 5/23/18 by kelsea823
This may really help for my January trip, thank you!
11:05pm on 5/23/18 by CPalum99
11:43pm on 5/23/18 by ounda
LY I had my family vacation tickets, then bought a conference ticket as well to go by myself. I could not make my FPPs ahead of time. I called, IT couldn’t figure it out, had to go to GS when I arrived and they manually made my FPPs to match my party.
12:03am on 5/24/18 by Mindys9
Maybe it was just a weird glitch, if you are having issues making FPPs, just go to GS for help.
12:05am on 5/24/18 by Mindys9
Sorry - I wasn’t clear- my conference tix was the one I had issues making FPPs.
12:07am on 5/24/18 by Mindys9
8:36am on 5/29/18 by lizardcave
Oh – are you within the 30 day window? I had no problem with mine – linked tickets with MDE and was able to make FPP. Sorry I’m not more help!
8:40am on 5/29/18 by lizardcave
8:40am on 5/29/18 by av8erdunn
Great info!!
8:56am on 5/29/18 by CharmingPartyof6
9:03am on 5/29/18 by Disnerd10
@JTT I was able to get access to AK yesterday at 4:30 with 5pm convention tickets. I’ll try again today with MK and our 1pm tickets. No one asked what convention I was with – no issues at all.
6:53am on 6/13/18 by lizardcave
Go lizard!
8:22am on 6/13/18 by Ommax3
Keep us updated! I am definately getting 1 PM tickets so interested when you can access the park.
9:00am on 6/13/18 by heathernoel
Also a side note, I reached out to MVT to see if I could add an after 1:00pm to my stay. They have them which is easier than searching for a conference, but they are $6 more per ticket.
9:02am on 6/13/18 by heathernoel
Great Info Lizard! Keep us updated!
9:07am on 6/13/18 by Jaslan
9:19am on 6/13/18 by PrincessGiggles
No such luck with early entry on 1pm tickets. We are 31 minutes early and had the blue ring of death at the tapstiles.
12:29pm on 6/13/18 by lizardcave
I just realized there is a key perk to convention tickets we have not discussed. If you buy a 2 day (or more) standard ticket it comes with a “bonus experience”, i.e. water parks etc. at no additional cost.
12:35pm on 6/13/18 by heathernoel
And you can use that water park ticket on a day that you do not use a regular park ticket.
12:35pm on 6/13/18 by heathernoel
1p tickets get access at 12:45.
12:40pm on 6/13/18 by lizardcave
Awesome reporting - buying my tickets now :slight_smile: Enjoy your day!
12:43pm on 6/13/18 by heathernoel
12:47pm on 6/13/18 by pixiedust2016
Thanks for this info! Plan on going through through MVT for my upcoming conference in March. Good to know they offer discounted tickets for entry after 1 pm!
12:55pm on 6/13/18 by minniemagic
Update: apparently we used our 1pm tickets yesterday. If you use convention tickets and have multiple times, check at the tapstiles that the right ticket is being checked. We are now at GR trying to get it all sorted out. That’s why we were able to get…
12:56pm on 6/13/18 by lizardcave
…early access yesterday. Don’t go by what is printed on the back of the ticket.
12:56pm on 6/13/18 by lizardcave
@lizard…can you make FP 60 days out on a convention ticket if staying on property? On Disney go site, it says FP can be made 30 days out.
1:11pm on 6/13/18 by minniemagic
@minnie I don’t think so. We were at Dolphin and I could only book FPP 30 days out
1:15pm on 6/13/18 by lizardcave
@lizard Cool, thanks for the reporting! If your 1PM tix were mistakenly used yesterday, wondering how come the tapstile let you in at 12:45pm with an after 5PM ticket today?
1:18pm on 6/13/18 by JJT
1:21pm on 6/13/18 by michellek400
1:21pm on 6/13/18 by momsFab5
Just booked my after 1pm through MVT. They say that since I have an onsite stay, and the tickets are linked in my account I will be able to make FPP at 60
4:54pm on 6/13/18 by heathernoel
Please refresh my memory of what MVT stands for. Thanks!
9:04pm on 6/13/18 by Ami3
9:10pm on 6/13/18 by MandMsMom
Magical Vacation Travel
9:11pm on 6/13/18 by minniemagic
Saving to read later
9:23pm on 6/13/18 by moose29
9:43pm on 6/13/18 by Jenniferdai
@JTT I bought a 5pm for yesterday and did a separate order about a week later for 1pm. Even though the tickets are marked (1p or 5p) they apparently mean nothing. I would advise people who have the two separate times to verify at the gate what ticket…
9:48pm on 6/13/18 by lizardcave
…is being used. Or just buy 1p tickets or 5p tickets.
9:49pm on 6/13/18 by lizardcave
@lizard, were you unable to tap in today with the second ticket and that Is how you figured out the mixup?
10:09pm on 6/13/18 by lifeisbeautiful
Hmm, think I’m confused. are you saying a 5pm ticket will still get you in at 1pm? Or after you reported that you can get in at 12:45, did you then get stopped and find out there was a mixup?
10:37pm on 6/13/18 by JJT
10:40pm on 6/13/18 by joa821
11:11pm on 6/13/18 by JNDLTOT
Reading back, she got in on 1st day at 445 and assumed that was an early admit on 5 pm ticket. After she was unable to get in 15 minutes early with 1 pm ticket the next day, she learned that she really had her 1 pm ticket charged the first day.
3:47am on 6/14/18 by SneakyDayTripper
What Sneaky Day said. :slight_smile: Don’t pay attention to what is printed on the ticket. :slight_smile: And don’t pay attention to me when I’m tired. :slight_smile:
4:56am on 6/14/18 by lizardcave
Thanks again for the updates!
8:26am on 6/14/18 by JJT
Bump for @greagan
12:57pm by JJT
1:00pm by lep33
Thanks @JTT
1:01pm by greagan
Worth reiterating here: if you buy multi-day convention tix, you get a free water park etc day thrown in. If you use a discounted Disney GC to pay, you can shave almost 15% off their full price.
1:23pm by JJT
I made a spreadsheet that shows how much you can save vs Disney and discounted reseller prices. Info here: Convention Tickets Tip
1:24pm by JJT
Good info. Thanks!
1:25pm by anneofcreek
1:42pm by GrammieDP4
1:43pm by armandarae
2:34pm by amazon2
5:43pm by saving4disney
Seriously looking into this… again… thx!!
5:55pm by uolyram
5:59pm by tanaquin
collapse thread


All righty, I wasn’t really sure I was going to actually try my Crazy One Day Trip™ but yesterday Frontier and Disney conspired to push me over the falls. I’ll use this post to add some more notes on the process I encountered for buying convention tickets.

If you do not care to read the gruesome details beyond this point, there is a TL;DR at the very end you can skip to - or just read the bulleted notes post near the top of this thread.

Background for the DETAIL ORIENTED

So: After keeping a lookout for super cheap hotel and flight prices since the Spring, I finally hit the right combination. Frontier had a 2 day sale with code FIFTY for 50% off.

I was originally looking at mid-August, but their August 28th down and 29th back flights got me down to $113 including taxes and fees!

Before I booked that I checked hotel rooms via various Priceline Express, Orbitz and UT deals, but all seemed to be staying the same: Values for around $115 plus tax. Not too bad, but I really wanted to find a great deal to make this endeavor as cheap as possible.

Then, I decided to take one last stab at looking on the Disney site: BAM, All Star Music for $88.

(BTW: I’m going to add a follow-up post after this one in the thread to talk about an alternative to expdealshotel for uncovering Priceline Express deal hotel names.)

Where. Is. My. Fez. Hat?
Once I had travel and a place to crash set, I figured I’d get the after 5PM convention ticket.

quick aside: To be eligible to apply for the Mom’s Panel, you just have to visit on site - not even enter a park. But, gotta hit a park, right? exeunt quick aside

My general idea has been to use the earlier part of my day down there to check out AS Music and Disney Springs, then head over to MK. Even though not the latest open park that day, I figured I’d enjoy MK the most since I just like wandering there, could hit a few rides, take some photos, and get a good spot for HEA.

Then, before I bought my after 5PM ticket I very thankfully learned from @the.darlings on The Chat that it was a MNSSHP night and the park closed at 6PM.

So, new day, new plan: after thinking about hitting the other parks with the after 5 ticket, I realized AK would be my 2nd choice for explorative wandering and to see Pandora at night. But it closes at a paltry :clock830: 8:30 PM :clock830:.

Ain’t nobody got time for that. Seems I need to look into buying a MNSSHP party ticket!

I Goggled convention links for August 2018.
The first convention in the results was for the World Convention of Narcotics Anonymous, and for a moment I wondered if their scheduled Pre-convention Cruise to Cuba would have the theme from Miami Vice as it’s background loop.

An interesting thing to note is that this particular convention isn’t even on Disney property at all - but they do have a discount link. If you cruise through the selections, you can see you can get the after 5PM ticket for $63 including tax.

Clicking on the Special Events tab, I see I can get MNSSHP starting at $67.50, and this night happens to be one of the lower priced ones. So, full price for the party: $71.89.

To shave some more off of the price, I bought a $100 Disney GC at Target online using my Red card, so with that 5% savings, net price for party: $66.89. I think paying $4 more than I expected to to get a full 7 or 8 hours in park at a party with the special parade and fireworks is a pretty nice deal.

I added party to my cart, entered gift card number and cart applied the price normally - pushed “Purchase” and… got an error that there was a problem and I had to call. Of, course, from other Liner reports I expected the GC would require a call but thought I’d take a shot.

If You Somehow Read This Far Here Is a Reward of Useful Info and a Phone Number to Note
I put this info in the summary post above in this thread, but here’s a more detailed version of how the minor GCgate played out:

The aforesaid purchase error told me to call (407) 566-1162. Don’t call that number.
I got a very helpful CM when I called, but all they do is forward you to the “Preferred Ticket Team”. I later learned the direct number is: (407) 566-5600. So keep that one in your pocket.

The “PTT” CM was also very nice, but immediately tried to charge me full price for the party ticket. WHICH IS AGAINST ALL I HOLD SACRED. (Well, maybe not all.)

The CMs don’t seem to know about convention ticket prices for various types of tickets, or at least discounted special event tickets. I had to teach her how to go to the convention link and into the buy tickets page so she could see the lower convention price for the party. In between she had to put me on hold to speak with someone about getting my GC to work, then again to get that lower price.

In the end her supervisor helped her work around the system somehow, and I got her confirmation email as we wrapped up the call. 1.3 seconds later I opened to email to see that it reported the total charge for the ticket was, YOU GUESSED IT full price. Blarg.

Called back that first number and the initial helpful CM gave me the direct number I gave you above, dear reader. I got another slightly less helpful sounding CM who got flustered quickly and found the original supervisor from my first call: turned out that they have no way to get that lower convention price on their end, so they worked some sort of magic - even though the system says it was full price I checked my gift card and it was only charged the lower price.

Finally more good info to know: While I don’t think the CMs in any way are trying to sniff out non-conventioneers when buying convention price tickets, the CM I spoke with on my first call did conversationally ask me convention I’m attending, and what hotel I was staying at.

So it is a good idea to have info ready in your brain. As I’m using link for a Narcotics Anonymous convention, she didn’t seem to feel the need to ask many questions after I said that phrase. :wink:

TL;DR: If You Bailed Out Above
It took a bit of time to get the phone CM to use my GC for the convention ticket, but it worked out.

I suggest that you have the GC already loaded in so you can immediately check that they charged the correct amount as the CM puts it through.

Know the name of the convention you are using the link from. Have the name of a local hotel you are staying at if the convention you are referencing isn’t happening when you will actually be on site.

Or, just tell them you plan to pay the $23 nightly parking fee and sleep in your van.



The web site has been reported in the past to be helpful with finding short range deals at Disney resorts - it takes an educated guess on what the hidden hotel is in the Express deal and tells you.

(You want to specifically look for Express Deals in the locations Bonnet Creek and Disney Springs.)

However, I have been checking it regularly for several months now and didn’t find a single Disney resort in the days I was looking for (I tried many different days.) There were some pretty good deals for non-Disney hotels though, so worth using in any case. Also, FWIW the web site seems a bit more glitchy to me than the android app.

Anyway, after A Few Months of Fail (my old band name) I began to suspect that the few deals where Expdealshotel couldn’t tell what the hotel was may have been Disney resorts.

So, I tried another tool you might want to check: the Google Chrome extension Hotel Canary.
Once installed, you just surf the Priceline Express deals in Chrome. Make it easy on yourself by limiting the results to the locations you want.


Click the Choose button on a listing and it will open in a new tab…

Note that some of the descriptions in the “About This Hotel” section of the listing can be giveaways.


Click on the little Hotel Canary icon at the top of the Google Chrome window (it is a little hotel bell, but without my glasses kinda looks like a silver :poop: emoji.) After you click the icon, just leave your mouse hovering there while it tries to figure out the answers to all human civilization…


Them Voila! you get a pop up window with possible hotels for this deal.

So, in this particular example I thought Pop and All-Star Sports were much more likely than getting AoA, especially not the AoA suite room as is shown here. But Coolermama let me know that she just booked this deal and it was AoA Little Mermaid rooms. So, the keyword “colorful” is a clue at least to being AoA.

But, also know that you can click on these results and it will take you to NON-Express Priceline deals for those amounts.

IMHO, using Hotel Canary in this example is kinda a win-win: you could maybe kinda get a Disney Value resort for $115 (it probably is), or you get definitely get exactly the hotel listed for $100.80. One day you might get a better Express deal that makes the choice to go for it more obvious, but worst case scenario you are still seeing some decent sure-thing deals with just an additional clickety-click.

(Note: updated to fix missing last image.)

Hotel Deals Research
Hotel Deals Research

Thanks for all the updates to this - you must really want to be on the Disney Moms panel! TBH I have never found them to be particularly useful - Liners have much more accurate info. :wink:


Yeah, I agree the Panel info can be a bit generic, but they have to cater to the general public there.

This is all just a fun challenge. Even with all of the Disney knowledge in the world the chances of anyone getting on that panel is a super long shot - especially for Dads, since there’s maybe one taken per year, if that. :slight_smile:


Quick (for me) follow up: So, I can add another data point to the process of adding convention tickets to your MDE:

Other intrepid Liners who have also ventured out onto the Precipice of Convention S̶h̶e̶n̶a̶n̶i̶g̶a̶n̶s̶ Savings have reported that it takes about 24 hours for the ticket to be linkable to MDE.

I purchased my convention price MNSSHP ticket about 10:30AM yesterday, rec’d email confirm while still on the phone with the CM who helped me use my gift card to pay.

As expected, I could not add ticket to MDE. I was curious to see if I could figure out how long it actually took to be linkable (and wondered if party tickets were somehow different.) So, over the course of the day yesterday I tried linking several times, all the way up to midnight.

I tried again first thing this morning (about 21 hours later) and it linked. So, does appear to just need whatever overnight refresh occurs in the Disney Matrix to make it available.

I’ve never been to one of the Disney parties, so spent my earlier evening looking into tips on attending.

Last night I sat with my DD11 and talked as she fell asleep (one of my favorite moments of any day.) I told her a few of the things I learned about the MNSSHP party (parade, fireworks, costumes.)

She sleepily asked, “How are you NOT pumped you are going to this?”
Oh, I’m pretty jazzed alright, just don’t think it has sunk in yet.


I think that the price for a party ticket is great! And will be so much cooler than your original plan. Plus you get into the park even earlier!

Question: If you aren’t concerned about making fastpasses in advance - do you need to have that ticket linked in MDE? I would assume that you would have to stop in at Guest Services to get a hard ticket. I am going to Orlando next week for a non-Disney trip but I haven’t completed ruled out an after five evening depending on how the trip is going and what we decide to do on our last evening. Do you think it is possible to buy a ticket Tuesday for use on Wednesday?


Yes, I believe you do need to visit GS for a hard ticket - the CM helping me yesterday even asked me if I was doing that. (Which confused me because I led by making sure with her I’d get a confirmation email I could link. Guess it was just part of her CM script to ask.)

I assume (a big assume, perhaps) that if you buy them and intend to pick them up at Will Call the next day that should work fine. I’d bet there are plenty of actual convention goers that make last minute decisions and do just that.

Perhaps a call to the Preferred Ticket Team would give you a better idea if it is possible? (Although while helpful CMs, they really didn’t seem to have specialized knowledge of convention tickets. I sat on hold several times while they checked with supervisors and, presumably, consulted their Magic 8 Ball.)

(To reiterate for future readers that may not have made it through the whole thread:
I do think buying a convention ticket the day before could be cutting it quite close when hoping to link to MDE. As I said, mine was linkable first thing this next morning, but with just a few of us reporting I don’t thing we can definitively state that linking will be available the next morning, as opposed to some period of time greater than 12 hours.)


Thanks! If I end up going that route I will report back.


I’ve added another set of tables to the Convention Tix Comparison table that shows how much you can save buying Special Event tickets through a convention link. Special Events include The Halloween and Christmas parties, H2OGlow nights and Disney After Hours.

(Below I shall add a static version of the table so you don’t have to go surfing for it in the Maximum Savings spreadsheet.)

BTW: I also checked the usual discount reseller sites, and it appears that the only one that sells these special event tix is Undercover Tourist (and even they did not sell Disney After Hours.)

For the record: UT only saves you $1.00 over any special event ticket vs Disney prices.

However you can do fairly well with the convention prices: up to around 10% off. And remember kids - you can also pay for convention tickets with discounted gift cards, so you can usually add around another 5% off that way!

The only other thing I’ll mention is that for certain dates in each party, there are NO discounts available, even when using a convention link.

For :ghost: MNSSHP :skull: party, there are NO discounts for any Friday parties starting October 5th, or any party on or after October 26, 2018.

For :christmas_tree: MVMCP :christmas_tree: there is NO discount available for the last party night on December 21, 2018.

This info was accurate as of the time I compiled it - but I can make mistakes (don’t tell my wife and kids), and Disney can change things at their Magical Whim™ so be sure to double check any pricing shown in this thread before you buy.