Checking Every Day?

Oh, I hadn’t seen it posted.

But I thought EF possibly returning was more interesting than trash cans… :grin:


I think the last seven to ten days overall have been pretty exciting:

  1. Removal of temperature checks
  2. Return of Lion King show
  3. Return of After hours Events for Halloween
  4. Return of College PROGRAM :wink:
  5. Return of Garbage Can Lids, the removal of another Covid 19 Safety protocol
  6. Orange County removing Covid restrictions
  7. Testing some kind of evening EPCOT show
  8. Re-opening more Table Service restaurants

And I’m sure I have missed one or two.

All these add up. Little victories for WDW fans.

Do all these little things mean that something bigger or better might come on Thursday for Q2 Earnings Results. Doubt it, Disney+ has been the big feature of the calls.


Yes had I realized the article wasn’t in this thread I’d have agreed 100000% - way more interesting (exciting is a stretch) than trash cans

But every little movement toward normal is good IMO


I bet there will be at least some theme park news since things are picking up with travel and restrictions are starting to be lifted. Also, Disneyland just reopened. So I could see them wanting to tout some positive theme park news, though it may be more generalizations (hotel bookings and theme park attendance is up!) rather than lots of specific things like particular restaurants reopening and things like that.


And Disneyland has added Indiana Jones to the Virtual Queue.

Maybe this might be a sign that WDW could be expanding its use of the Virtual Queue as well.

It’s less than 48 hours away, let’s see what they say


I’m still waiting for APs to be sold, I am a new DVC member and FL resident and I just need them to start selling them again…before the end of my trip on may 24 would be ideal HAHAHA.


well, I hope it makes it for your imminent trip too but please don’t hold your breath. Not trying to be negative. I think that we’ll see something after the June 18th expiration date of the current FL-Res-discovery ticket deal or if not then, before Oct 1st anniversary celebration.

I’ve been waiting for this, it is a pre-requisite for so many other things to return.


DVC told me the only think that could help right now is if members formally complain.

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I’m checking everyday to see if the calendar has sped up but so far no luck🤣


I just read a post on FB that someone spoke with a DVC member services CM who said that all CMs have been called back to work and there is active training happening now; also claimed that wait times yesterday were rarely in excess of 10 minutes.

Not sure if this will help with overall member services ops, but it might.


How much more can we complain… I know I have, they read back my notes to me :pensive: I’m not mean… I just tell them over and over and over that I want to get my DH an AP.


Oh I’m not, I’ve purchased tickets but with a long trip in the fall it’d be nice if it’d work out.

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You could probably start a social media campaign to make that happen. :joy:

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cool cool… what’s the hash tag ?

Goodness, I’m too old to craft meaningful hashtags! I’ll ponder it while I do some laundry, though! :laughing:

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You’ve got teenagers at home… ask them?

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I mean, the obvious is #ap4dvc

But were you looking for something more catchy?

They said “that is why DL former AP holders know when the new program will be offered”

I’m older than you… so you’re asking the wrong person LOL :wink:

but I do like what you’ve got there

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