Checking Every Day?

Yeah, that is the page. I’m not super familiar with him, but most people seem to think he is more than clickbaity rumors.

I want to know when and how we will be able to get FotLK tickets since it’s supposed to re-open before our trip. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

There are no separate tickets to the FoTLK show. If demand is really really high I could see them maybe instituting BGs, maybe.


Ok. Good to know. I think I was thinking of the dinner and show packages :grimacing::woman_facepalming:


There were amazing Festival of the Lion King dinner packages (Tiffins. Front row at FoLK, semi-private safari).

If that returns I will let you know (in between my screams and jumping up and down).


Yes please and thank you!!! :grin::grin::grin:

I was in a meeting this morning and I received an email and phone call from DVC member services. This is the email:

The phone message said “when we know when APs will be sold again, it will be posted on the website”.

I actually didn’t think they could make me feel this frustrated. I included DVC on the email just to express my feelings as a member. I know this decision is not theirs.

This is what I asked:


That email is perfect. The lack of communication from DVC is so horribly frustrating!


I struggled all day yesterday but decided I wanted to talk to someone about my email. A few things: 1. they told me since I was DVC only DVC would respond to me 2. it seems as if my reference to the DL AP announcement might have triggered the call. She said that it was emails and calls from DL regulars that forced them to announce the timeline.

I did explain I understood they did not control ticketing but since I knew they would not take three or four tickets and combine them to an AP they were forcing me to decide if I was willing to chance not being able to go to a park or pay over $2000 for tickets just for me.

I also pointed out that promotional videos for new DVC resorts highlight ticket discounts and many of us would be happy with just the opportunity to purchase a ticket that could be used over an extended time, similar to FL resident tickets.

It was a lovely conversation and she said it seems like better days are ahead and people are so happy that all the CMs are being called back.

I will continue checking every day…

I did end by once again telling her I wanted Disney, not DVC to know my concerns. I am grateful for everything DVC did to work with me over the closure .


For those who are checking every day for MNSSHP like I am, look what popped up in my facebook roll this afternoon. I’m still not holding hope that it will be happening in August during my family’s trip (I think they will start it later this year, with the announcement not happening yet) but there are exciting rustlings happening in that direction!


Not packages but the show returns today


Just to add, this is soft openings. So you probably won’t find show times in the app yet.

I believe it’s meant to be opening May 15th, but just to clarify that hasn’t been announced as such so not official in that sense.


Ok, I’ve got a tiny one that would actually mean a lot to my kids…The Boneyard. Outside, with masks and plenty of hand sanitizer it should be fairly low risk?


My kids would be thrilled to have the Boneyard available! Already excited for the Jurassic park play area in IOA which just opened a week or two ago.

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I saw that! Woot!

I figure it will be a fine substitute, but of course would rather have both! It will be a great place to hang out during our meetup early entry while waiting for day guests to clear out!

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WDW is hiring a Seasonal Fireworks & Special Effects Designer!


I am SO EXCITED for the Boo After Hours. I know disappointing for those MNSSHP fans but I LOVE DAH. We are there week of October 18th in btw FL weddings so can’t wait for dates to be announced.


Okay who had this on their Checking Every Day List?

Disney World’s trash cans are being restored to their normal state at the theme parks, resorts, and Disney Springs



Seems as good a place as any for this too. And hopefully without upsetting @cherokee_jacket too much, I think this is just slightly more exciting :wink:


How is this slightly more exciting? It looks like the very same information? The earnings call bit?

Oh wait - was the article I read about this posted somewhere else on this board?