Can We Talk About Airport Transportation Options?

Thanks for the heads up.

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Based on these posts I emailed Quicksilver to get a quote for our vacation the week of April 24 2022. We are a family of 5- 2 adults 3 kids. I know we cannot use a sedan but I wanted a quote for a van. I said that much in the request. They emailed me back with a quote for the MUCH higher priced suv. SUV was like $50 more. Then they called me two nights back to back to confirm my reservation. I was ok with the call- but when I asked if we could have a van. They told me they don’t drive them anymore :face_with_monocle: I told them we would be looking elsewhere. Just felt like they were really upselling me. Idk.


I’m using Sunshine Flyer at the end of the week. A little nervous because … new stuff. And I don’t know my return time pick up yet. They will email me 24 hours beforehand. :grimacing:
Good or bad I will report back. Damn you, ME!


You didn’t get your DME return time until the day before either? How’s that different?

It sounds like something happened to their van (yup- I think there was one). It was not in great shape in September. My son went on and on about how he thought he was being picked up by a towncar and then he saw THAT van (something about it shaking when they hit 55 on the highway….)

I agree that it was up to them to honor the bookings they had and upgrade people.

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Yup that’s it. Thanks

Based on the above we are seriously considering doing an Uber Family/XL- are we crazy? Anyone else Uber with a family?

@Kkalfordw trip report also mentioned Quicksilver tried to charge for an upgrade when they couldn’t supply what was reserved.

I had Quicksilver on a short list to call for transportation but I’m taking them off. :no_entry_sign:

Years ago we used Happy Limo. I had reserved a limo. They upgraded us to a stretch Hummer. It was slightly embarrassing to realize that beast was there to pick us up.

True, but we knew it was three hours before the flight.

Yes, it was discussed on both threads last night.

That what they should do, free upgrade. I’m going to take a look at Happy Limo— quicksilver is off my list too.

I had it anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 hours before depending on where my resort was in the pick-up line.

Sushine Flyer’s FAQ on their website says "the day before you check out, you’ll receive a confirmation email advising you of your motor coach departure time, which will be approximately 3 hours prior to your scheduled departure time for domestic flights and 4 hours prior to your scheduled departure time for international flights.

So it’s the same time frame. Plan on 3 hours if domestic and 4 if international.

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We are headed to WDW in June and I really wanted to do Sunshine Flyer but our flight to leave is at 5:30 am :grimacing: and unfortunately, they only accommodate flights leaving as early as 7 am. I did a little research and found Florida Town Car to have the best rate. We are 5 adults and will have 3 bags, which means we will need a van. Also, we wanted to make a stop at Publix quick on our way to the hotel. Roundtrip our total came to $160. I submitted the form on their website and received a confirmation call that afternoon to go over everything in more detail. I am hoping all works out since this is my first time using a car service but so far, I am happy with their customer service. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


I posted on another thread but I ended up booking with Florida Towncar for my President’s week trip.

I highly recommend them! They picked me up in the van and it was a newer van.

Tony called me when I was in the plane (on landing) was there on time at pick up.
It was great service!


OK think I’ll give Florida Town Car a shot.
I asked him about fees for modifying the reservation owing to flight time changes and he said “no charge, I monitor all of that and take care of that for you”


He is just a nice guy.


Taking notes for my July trip for the Liner Meet-up. Quicksilver was fine in January, but for one person I am not paying that price hike!

I am booked with Cast and Crew Transportation for May. I will report back afterwards to share how it went!


I’ve book with them for early May. He said cash payment, is that what you had to do?

Yes, that is what we have done with him. You pay cash on pick up and he gives you a voucher with the return time.

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