Can We Talk About Airport Transportation Options?

I’m not sure. Probably you’re right. Honestly I’m so annoyed about the whole thing this am, I’m not being completely rational. I’m also fighting with the stupid non stop return times offered by southwest. I’ll put myself in a time out and come back to it later.


Ok so for the family trip Mears connect comes in at $224 and Quicksilver is $190. You’re right, the private service will be easier and less expensive. Thank you!


Did you look at Mears SHUTTLE too and see about a van to meet your needs?

Not trying to deter you from Quicksilver, just looking out for your bottom line.

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Thanks! Just checked and both the Mears shuttle and Mears connect express are more expensive than quicksilver.

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just got a quote from Tiffany for $130 plus tip for a one way. 3 kids, boosters, two adults and two drops (ASM and CR). I think I’ll be booking my mears express tomorrow… :rofl:

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Wow … they are including vaccinations on the way to WDW as a perk? :slight_smile:


ha! that would be nice wouldn’t it!!

Not to miss the point, but there are currently two locations in the landside building at the Orlando airport offering mRNA vaccines, no waiting, no appointment needed.


That’s fantastic!

And you can take the city bus from Disney Springs to the airport for $2. Now that is saving some serious spondulicks.


But you have to lug your Crap™ to DS

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I have done this exactly once and it was absolutely not worth the cost savings.

I do sometimes stay at a hotel off Palm Pkwy and take the city bus to DS or TTC or SeaWorld.

Just an update here (as of 2/4/2022)…
Quicksilver is now $195 (without $5 coupon) for a round trip from MCO to/from BCV (for up to 4 people) with a 20 min grocery stop. Mears Connect is $32/person ($128 for the 4 of us). Not sure the grocery stop is worth $60?

It depends - you will need to tip quicksilver too but they will meet you at baggage claim and also help with luggage.

My trip is in 16 days and rentals are finally under $200 but my Quicksilver booking is $150 so I decided to keep it.


A colleague of DH’s recommended “Florida Towncar Service”. Here is a link to their website:

Does anyone have experience with this service?

Someone in another thread just had a wretched experience with quicksilver. Canceled on them the night before the trip and then tried a $200 upsell.


What’s the new one similar to Mears Connect that looks like a train?

What thread?

That was me. I got it all sorted, but what a horrible experience:(

Sunshine Flyer I think

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