Can We Talk About Airport Transportation Options?

With the demise of DME I am examining transportation options to/from MCO to WDW (other than car rental) for my mid January, solo trip.

So far I have tracked down:

Mears (replacement for DME) - $32/person Round Trip or $16/person One Way
“Shared” ride experience with multiple stops at WDW. Suspect it will be similar to current DME.

Quicksilver - $155 Round Trip or $85 One Way for up to Four People
Not a shared ride experience. Includes a 30 minute grocery stop.

Uber - ~$37 each way
Not a shared experience.

Has anyone used any of the drivers available through the Ear for Each Other Facebook group? The group organizes current and former cast members that were laid off/displaced during the pandemic. There are a few CMs (some former Minnie Van drivers) that that get rave reviews, but I would prefer some first hand Liner experience if anyone has it! The two I see most reviewed are Laila & Omar or Jake Adkins.

Are there any other options?


Where are you getting the Quicksilver price?

Edited- I see they just went up….

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From their website.

Actually, for my resort it will be $80 One Way or $150 Round Trip.


Sign up for emails if you decide to book and then book when a $5 coupon is available.

It has gone up about $10 in the last couple of weeks (I had the booking page open in my browser).

We have used both Tiffany Town Car and Happy Limo. Although more expensive, I prefer Happy Limo. Drivers have been great, meet you at baggage claim and drive safely. I felt the Tiffany drivers drove way too fast for my liking and I had to find them outside to be picked up.


Plus, on occasion, I get an actual Limo even though I book a Town Car and DS thinks he’s a rock star when that happens!

following. Me and my friend are traveling together with our kids (5 of us total). We need two stops (all stars and contemporary) and three booster seats. I suppose I’ll have to actually phone someone to figure it out!

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This company was mentioned by a Youtube Disney vlogger I follow. I’ve never used them. They will make grocery stops, can handle large groups, and offer handicap accessible vehicles. You’ll need to contact them for pricing.

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I have used Happy Limo in the past but they are a little more expensive than Quicksilver, don’t guarantee the stop (or at least didn’t when I booked with them) and the last time I tried to book with them their website was in big trouble (something obviously got to it and took it down-my system blocked an attack)- after my website experience I moved on.

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Uber or Lyft can change - I’ve seen it much higher than $37 when demand is high. Their rate is highly changeable depending on vehicle, number of people (because that can affect vehicle), and (at least with Lyft) if you want the car ASAP or are willing to wait a bit.

They also have share options.


Yes, there have been a lot of posts that Uber/Lyft have cost $75 or more.


We have used Tiffany Town Car several times when we don’t rent a car. They were great, always on time, waiting at the bottom of the escalator at MCO, friendly, etc.

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At the risk of stating the obvious, there is also the taxi option. I realize it may be old school, but when I’m travelling from an airport I almost always go taxi, if only for the convenience of not having to make a reservation or meet a specific car. And at most airports, I’ve found the days of waiting in a long taxi line long gone (thank you Lyft and Uber). As I recall, it’s around $75 (plus tip), depending on where you’re going in WDW.

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Hard with kids who need carseats though!

I’m planning on booking Tiffany Towncar. Their service is similarly priced to your Quicksilver option. I think it’s $150 round trip for a private towncar with a 20 minute grocery stop at Publix.

We’re traveling with little ones in car seats so the fact that those are included makes the difference for us.

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Yes I agree ,that was my expierience also

Tiffany said they don’t meet you inside anymore. We were looking for the guy for 20 min

Same expierience as find a fishingspot

I just booked our Quicksilver transportation for next May. We got our flights booked this morning through SW. Mears would have been $150. Quicksilver is only $20 more so I went with them. It is worth the uncharge to be able to stay in the A terminal at MCO and also have a driver meet us at baggage claim.

Oh, and I just realized that Kingdom Strollers is on the ground floor of the A terminal so we can just grab our stroller on the way out. Wow, it will be crazy to not have to do the airport run around game that we did this summer to make it to Magical Express. Aside from the added cost, I am actually very excited about this!


I am thinking I might splurge and do something like Quicksilver (10am on a Friday) for my arrival but then do Uber for my departure day (late evening on a Tuesday).

Still pondering…

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