Can We Talk About Airport Transportation Options?

I just sucked it up and will do round trip.

So I figured that I didn’t want to use Mears. It was going to take too long and if I am paying for it I don’t want to waste any of my time.

Next would be Uber/Lyft. While it can cost as low as around $40 each way, it could also be more …and after our negative Uber experience in October w/ the driver who circled property twice driving us from Disney Springs back to DHS (including the parking plaza for MK!!), I don’t want to chance it too much. (In the end I had to take out my phone and use Google Maps to guide the driver to the Uber drop off spot for DHS! :roll_eyes:)

My compromise would have been Quicksilver there and Uber back, but by that point I could be saving $30, but possibly nothing.

So I just decided it was easier to have it planned and not leave my transportation up to the whims of possible surge pricing.

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Hmm, this “ad” is on their homepage but I don’t see any pricing that low on their Rates & Quotes page.


$150 is the least expensive round trip from the airport listed.

There is generally a coupon (but not that much).

Yeah, I got the coupon and then didn’t see an obvious spot to enter the code. After the fact I READ the email w/ the code and noticed the instructions as to where to put the code. :disappointed:

If anyone is considering Quicksilver, do not delay.

I had booked with them (and since cancelled) but they had no towncar and could only offer me an SUV which was a substantial price increase. He said they are booking up very fast right now. I suspect that will only get worse as people realize/remember there is no DME for their post Jan 1 trips.


I am going to call them today to ask about the $49.90 ad and see if they can add my coupon.

How far in advance do you suggest?

As soon as you know you’re going honestly

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I booked my February trip. I know I am giving up the ability to apply a coupon but I wanted to be locked in.

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I emailed about a question I had about the price of my Quicksilver booking. Something interesting that they said in response was that they are going to be increasing the prices again very soon.

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Last night’s discount email from Quicksilver:


I like the idea of a grocery stop. Great info in this thread!

For anyone who has used quicksilver, how early do they pick you up ahead of your return flight?

Our flight is at 7:50. They said they will pick us up from GF at 5:15.

I always add in the notes what time I want them to pick me up.

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Did they tell you the time before the trip or once you were there. I booked my pick up, but forgot to look at the fine print :woman_facepalming:

They call you the day before each way. They give you the driver’s contact info too.


It was in my confirmation email after booking. On their site, it says 2 to 3 hours ahead of your flight.

Thanks everyone!

I notice that they’re offering MCO to UOR, UOR to WDW, and WDW to MCO for $225.
That doesn’t seem quite the deal I thought they offered… is it?