What happens when you do everything wrong?(Click here to find out.)

Charlottean here! I have a friend who flies Allegiant all the time from Concord to other FL airports and has never had a bad experience. I think you’ll be fine. Also I love DD7 already bc we have very similar must dos.

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I think you are in good shape. It stinks that Spirit pulled out of AVO. That was a nice flight. Samford is a little bit more of a haul but with a shuttle service you are only tacking on maybe 20-30 minutes. So no biggie really. And I am sure some good planning will get on those attractions. Shuttle from Bonnett shouldn’t be much different than bussing from Pop or AoA or ASM.


One of " The Minimalists" (JFM, I think?)
Is it wrong that I’m kind of excited to commit crimes against Disney planning😈. Perhaps whatever the trip is lacking in magic may be made up for in serendipity;)


She is a fun one! I have a sister in Charlotte, so I make that Trek up 74 pretty often. I lived there for 1 year after college, but WNC is more my speed😬

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Thanks! We have always driven down, but I always kept that direct MCO Spirit flight in my back pocket. I was so bummed when I noticed that Spirit had pulled out during the pandemic:(

I think that was formerly the Hilton at Bonnet Creek. You can’t compare this to a Deluxe Villa! But the rooms are spacious. We stayed there in 2019 (also on points) and took mostly Lyft to go back and forth to the parks.

Sounds like a good paced plan. I was in DLR earlier this week and hated being on the app constantly.

Have a fabulous trip!


Sooooo…Quicksilver called me just now(7:40pm) to let me know that they had to cancel my towncar that I had scheduled 12/28, so we no longer have transportation from Sanford when our flight arrives at 8:20 tomorrow morning.:rage: They generously offered to send the SUV that they do have for a $200 upcharge. I am so pissed. Does anyone have recommendations for alternate services that may be available last minute? I had a really sketchy incident with rideshare once, so I would like to avoid if possible.

Wow that’s terrible. No advice but I’m sure someone will.


I just booked a mears SUV. It was at least $100 less than what quicksilver was quoting me & includes gratuity. I swear that I think that they had an opportunity to book our slot at their now higher rate, and just cancelled:(



That is unacceptable!!


Or maybe they have had an increase in volume they aren’t used to and genuinely screwed up

I’d like to believe that anyway.

I’m glad you’re all set.

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Duuuuuude, I was in tears after I got off of the phone.


I’m sure!

I’ve been sending so much work their way! They better let this be a one off


If that was the case, they should have offered the SUV service at the originally quoted price for the town car. They did not. He literally told me that they should have a list of alternative licensed services at the airport and hung up😤


That is absolutely unacceptable for them to cancel on you, but then say “unless you pay us more”. A reputable company would have still picked you up in whatever vehicle they had available and eaten the cost since it was their screw up. I’m sorry that happened, but glad that Mears was able to step in and pick up the pieces.


I agree wholeheartedly


OK…looked at @mousematt 's Epcot pics…Namaste…We’re back on track:)


What in the what?!?!

I’m mad for you.

I’ll go look at the Epcot pictures too.


Unacceptable! If you’re on social media (especially Twitter) you should post what they did to you. It might help someone else and will put them on blast. Glad things are back on track, though.


Ok…mears scheduled, grocery pick up switched to delivery. Hopefully we’ll be on our way @ 7 in the morning🙏!