"Aloha!" Aulani Sept 5-15, 2022 (completed TR)

It’s begun, got the email from Aulani asking us to check in online:

Hello Friends! It’s been a year since we first traveled to our home DVC resort of Aulani (purchased Dec 2019 right before the world went to hell). Last year we traveled w/ our youngest DS and stayed in an ocean view 1bv (Aulani Trip Report 9/5/21 (10 days)). That son is in his freshman year of college and will be home in charge of the cats. This year we have a poolside garden view 2bv and the oldest DD, SiL and youngest DGS will be joining us. We will be celebrating our 24th Anniversary and DGS’s 13th birthday; he thinks this trip was planned for his birthday :wink: He’s so cute! There will be CAKE! :birthday:

We were supposed to leave on Wednesday 9/7 but when DH came home on Thursday and his leave started… I started thinking… and looking… and plotting…. And by Friday morning, for a few extra doll-hairs, we are leaving 2 days earlier. DH and I will be staying in a D.studio and the kids were already planning to arrive before us and will be staying on Waikiki Beach somewhere. Then on Wednesday we will all check into our 2bv at Aulani. Oh, we are staying one night (Sunday) at the Hyatt Regency MCO to avoid having to get up too early Monday morning.

Another happy accident, purely unintentional, for our second leg of our trip, out of Mpls, we will be seated directly behind DD, SiL, DGS (what are the odds of that?). I’ve promised NOT to kick the back of their seats. :smirk: Part of me wishes I hadn’t called to tell her about our change of plans b/c it would have been too fun to see their faces at the airport in MN.

I wasn’t going to do a trip report but a few of you have asked for this and so this is for you :kissing_heart:. I’ll probably post more pictures than words, I am interested in seeing how much has changed b/c last year so much was locked down. Please ask questions and I’ll do my best to respond. @Jeff_AZ message me w/ your house number from Hickam AFB b/c we’ll be there on Wednesday; I’ll do my best to get a picture this year.


Sounds like it will be a fabulous trip!!

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Looking forward to following!

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Yay it’s almost here!! Hope you have so much fun!


Have a wonderful trip!!!


Have a fabulous trip and wonderful family time :heart:


Thanks y’all for the well wishes! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. First ADR made at Makaheki for dinner; just the two of us. I started my own ear worm :woman_facepalming:


Have a great time in Hawaii! I know you love being pretty close to WDW, but also won’t mind getting away from Florida for awhile. Hoping you get lots of relaxation and make some fabulous new memories with your family!



That would have been so much fun! But it’s so hard to keep a secret…

Is this the trip they are staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village?


That would have been a heck of a surprise to your DD and family! Hope you have an amazing time!


Yes, I couldn’t remember the name of the place.


oo I am curious to hear how they like the Hilton Hawaiian Village, or not- its one of the places I’m considering for a future trip. Thanks for sharing your trip report, I’m excited to follow along :slight_smile:


sure, I’ll see if I can get some pics too


Ok… just got off the phone w/ Aulani front desk b/c they emailed me to check into our second reservation. We are requesting ground floor Waianae side; he said it’s very likely (w/o promising :wink: it is closer to the parking garage ), and DD wanted to know some things…

  1. They have refillable cups
  2. and refillable popcorn is back up and running :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:
  3. They do not sell birthday cakes or any cake on property, but we can bring our own to the table

pictures tomorrow

Other tidbit, both our families are renting vehicles, and both get to park for FREE w/ DVC


on our way :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

texted room number and QR code to get a room key from the dispenser


I had to go read the 1st post again because I thought I was losing my mind! I forgot about the night at MCO :rofl:

Safe travels.


Checked in to Hyatt regency at MCO. I didn’t know there were 2 Disney stores in MCO? :upside_down_face:

Room is nice. Bigger balcony than any at Disney.


Cool clock in mirror and night light over facet. It’s the little things

ETA: and AC is kickin’ unlike my WDW’s rooms


No drama just an AC leak so they moved us to a new room. Corner room over looking the pool


What time is the flight to be staying there?
It’s a lovely hotel room!!!