All the Liner Tips and Tricks, April 2019 Version

Over on chat we attempted to create a giant SaveForLaterable thread with all the commonly asked for tips and tricks we could think of. I know this has been done before, but this is fresh as of April 2019.

NOTE: if you use Evernote, all of this can be found in a shareable page that you can take with you in the parks:

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this list!

SDFP Drops :: Current drops ::
Epcot (Soarin’ & Test Track) 11:31, 1:31, 3:31(sometimes FEA at 9:31/37 9:57, 10:07, 10:37)
Hollywood Studios 9:31, 12:01, 2:31
AK (FOP) 11:01, 1:01, 3:01, 5:01
9:32am on 4/28/19 by kariel

On getting Same Day FP at the drops:

I set an alarm about 5-6 minutes before and jump on at least two minutes early.
10:08pm on 5/7/19 by GettingMyKicks

I’ve been practicing. Get on MDE and into FPP menu 2-3 minutes before. Pick your party, date, park and select a time. Keep selecting a time to refresh and you will see the SDD pop up exactly as scheduled.
10:16pm on 5/7/19 by mem459

Set an alarm. Log in several minutes before. You’ll possibly be refreshing a lot, so make sure to pay attention and grab the fp when it comes up. You don’t want to refresh it away. I’ve had good luck with searching all at once, party of 5.
10:18pm on 5/7/19 by wozDisney

On Soarin’ politely request and wait for B1 for the best view.

9:31am on 4/28/19 by JonMcIntosh

Thermostat bypass instructions: and
9:45am on 4/28/19 by evamarie320

Twitter for cast compliments @wdwtoday #castcompliments or email
9:46am on 4/28/19 by evamarie320

How to do a room request using the Room Finder on TP and fax.
9:48am on 4/28/19 by Armadillo_Alert

Reservation Finder
9:48am on 4/28/19 by Armadillo_Alert

How to find @pod: and his foot care tips:
9:48am on 4/28/19 by evamarie320

FPP Refresh strategy:
9:49am on 4/28/19 by Armadillo_Alert

Ride vehicle & attraction seating blogs with photos and descriptions. Ride Vehicle & Attraction Seating Blog Links
9:50am on 4/28/19 by Armadillo_Alert

To Book Magical Express online or by phone 1 866 599 0951
9:50am on 4/28/19 by evamarie320

Estimated meal costs.
9:51am on 4/28/19 by disneygirl17

Dont take @brer’s advice! Probably the most important tip on this thread!
9:52am on 4/28/19 by brerbeer

To book a Bounceback (or to find out dates and offers), dial 8844 from your room or 407-939-1923. Must be done while you are staying at WDW or on day of checkout.
9:52am on 4/28/19 by evamarie320

Fast pass availability before making 60 or 30 day FP:
9:53am on 4/28/19 by KBelle

Also for FP availability:
9:53am on 4/28/19 by KBelle

ADRs start at 6 AM EST. FPP at 7.
9:57am on 4/28/19 by sassinator

Locker rental basics
9:58am on 4/28/19 by ck15nc

Don’t be a LMP! Arrive well rested with all your stuff to maximize your vacation time!
9:58am on 4/28/19 by LuvMuppets

Pressed penny locations
9:59am on 4/28/19 by ck15nc

Arrive at AK 60-90 minutes before park opening to ride FoP. Stay very near the rope towards the center.
10:00am on 4/28/19 by felesh

Liner TA list
10:00am on 4/28/19 by ck15nc

Free ice water at QS- that’s still a thing right?
10:01am on 4/28/19 by jennie8r

Always use mobile ordering if it’s available! And ask for cups of ice water at quick serve counters.
10:02am on 4/28/19 by StephanieV

Regarding FP Drop times. If one wants so set an alarm for these times, should time zones be a factor?
10:07am on 4/28/19 by sweise2502

Hotel room views Email to send room view photos (Please send in your room view photos after your trip, it helps everyone and lots need to be updated!)
10:07am on 4/28/19 by ck15nc

I like these maps:
10:14am on 4/28/19 by wahoowaWDW

Also, good way to check for DVC availability:
10:14am on 4/28/19 by wahoowaWDW

Fantasmic sneaky way to exit:
10:15am on 4/28/19 by wahoowaWDW

Toy Story Mania target/high score tips:
10:16am on 4/28/19 by wahoowaWDW

Times guides:
10:18am on 4/28/19 by wahoowaWDW

Make left turns, more people turn right.
10:19am on 4/28/19 by libdoc

Laundry availability-
10:22am on 4/28/19 by jra418

Always bring gum especially if you take Bonine or something similar that causes dry mouth. Gum not sold in DW or MCO.
10:26am on 4/28/19 by worldmagic

Glad we’re running one of these again. This is great at least once a year. Some stuff changes over time. So many new people join in the late winter & spring each year.
10:34am on 4/28/19 by sixarfun

Get into lines for headliners (FoP, SDD…) right before park close. Wait times usually much less than posted.
10:34am on 4/28/19 by hockeymom2

@AuntB’s Fam&Friends MDE tips Linking Family and Friends in MDE
10:35am on 4/28/19 by sixarfun

Centra Care (urgent care): 407-938-0650 has free shuttle. Doctors on call 24/7 (and will come to your room): 407-399-3627
10:35am on 4/28/19 by Rjcsmom

Wdw parks merchandise 877-560-6477 (from the top of merchandise receipts)
10:36am on 4/28/19 by ck15nc

And this too
10:36am on 4/28/19 by sixarfun

To get guest folio copy: Also phone 407-939-6104 guest relations billing
10:37am on 4/28/19 by sixarfun

Here’s tipping info Tipping:
10:39am on 4/28/19 by sixarfun

Wdw live entertainment schedules
10:41am on 4/28/19 by ck15nc

First Aid centers in each park have free over the counter meds, bandages.
10:43am on 4/28/19 by Curiouser71

Love this … sfl … my tip … always remember how lucky and privileged we are even when things don’t go to plan or meet expectation on a WDW vacation
10:47am on 4/28/19 by TashToo

Stuff wet shoes with newspaper and in the morning they will be dry. You can usually get a newspaper at the resort gift shop.
10:50am on 4/28/19 by rhinorulez

FPP finder:
10:54am on 4/28/19 by bethannke

Help with tickets: WDW Ticketing (407) 566-4985
11:10am on 4/28/19 by WDWJabberwock

I like checking WDW Prep’s packing list to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.
11:21am on 4/28/19 by yetisafari

Monorail start times, park hours, etc.
11:58am on 4/28/19 by evamarie320

Fastpass kiosk locations- FuelRod locations-
12:06pm on 4/28/19 by jra418

Portable Urinal Kit so you don’t have to waste time with silly bathroom breaks:
12:08pm on 4/28/19 by Fatty McButterpants

Disney Abbreviations/Acronyms List-
12:13pm on 4/28/19 by jra418

Hamburger hack: Order a double and a bun. Cheaper than two burgers! (at least it used to be)
12:14pm on 4/28/19 by Kwanfan Our Laughing Place transportation wizard to calculate bus/car/ferry times all over the World.
12:16pm on 4/28/19 by Jayzeeduck

Entertainment schedules
12:39pm on 4/28/19 by DuchessandBerlioz

Leave and check for Liner notes in the Bible on page 71. Don’t actually write on the page. :slight_smile:
12:41pm on 4/28/19 by Stupid Judy

All the WDW help phone numbers:
12:44pm on 4/28/19 by sixarfun

If MDE is misbehaving while you’re in the parks try both the app and web version, and if both fail use in-park FPP kiosks to modify and get 4th, 5th FPP. Kiosks work really well!
12:46pm on 4/28/19 by sixarfun

ALWAYS preorder when going to Be Our Guest for breakfast or lunch. Must use website not MDE App.
12:54pm on 4/28/19 by Curiouser71

1:17pm on 4/28/19 by Twotoucanssoundbet-465556

Dark sky for weather
1:58pm on 4/28/19 by kariel

1:58pm on 4/28/19 by Thumper14

I like the idea of adding all the links and tips to the forum @PT & @br. Here are 2 I don’t think are listed &
2:21pm on 4/28/19 by youcanfly

Pin trading info (although my kids are ok with fakes) and locations
2:35pm on 4/28/19 by Tinkerminnie

Best place to see FPP availability:
2:39pm on 4/28/19 by heathernoel

Turner Drug - Best pharmacy near WDW and they deliver. (407) 828-8125, (407) 828-8027-fax Monday - Friday 8AM -10PM * Saturday-Sunday 8AM - 8PM
2:49pm on 4/28/19 by momma4fun

Lost and found form
3:47pm on 4/28/19 by Bubbakirby
5:10pm on 4/28/19 by dianabonn
5:11pm on 4/28/19 by dianabonn

Stand under parasol girl in the stretching room in HM.
5:13pm on 4/28/19 by ScaffyWitch


Thanks for capturing this @JonMcIntosh!

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This is wonderful, thanks! The link for finding fast passes isn’t working ( - is that the correct link or has that been shut down? I didn’t know about this site until I heard it referenced on Backside of Magic yesterday and just saw this today :slight_smile:

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Newbie here - Where can the Bible be found?

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Nice work, @JonMcIntosh

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There’s one in the drawer by the bed. In nearly every hotel (anywhere in the US anyway)

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Oh - haha - I knew that - but thought “the Bible” was a reference to a definitive all-knowing pinned thread on TP :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It’s actually

I’ll edit it in just a minute.

Unless you are in a Marriott property - there you will find a Book of Mormon.

I don’t mean to self-promote, but there is also this:


This is beyond excellent! Thanks so much

Will definitely be using this. Thank you!!!

Love this. So helpful!


Quick tip - “sfl” is not necessary on the Forum. You can bookmark threads by scrolling to the bottom and clicking on the ‘Bookmark’ button. You can even bookmark a specific reply by clicking on the bookmark icon just below the reply itself.


LOL That’s funny

Why should you stand under the parasol girl at HM? Is that closest to the door? @ScaffyWitch

Yes, the door into the next part of the line opens up underneath parasol girl. Standing there let’s you be first people out of the room.


Thank you!!!

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Also not to self promote (well, maybe) but this link should be helpful too. I’m sure there’s a huge overlap.

I haven’t kept it updated as I hit the 32K character count, but the Facebook note that I reference is kept up to date.