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As many of you know, for a time I was putting out Liner Daily Tips, first on Chat and then on the Forum. I was hoping to get a year’s worth of tips, but I found that after 300 I was having a hard time coming up with tips that I thought were worthwhile as well as ones that I could personally vouch for, so I ended up stopping at 321. Kinda looks like a countdown, so I thought that it was an appropriate number to stop at.

However, there have been several requests to put all of the Liner Daily Tips in a single place, so that they can be easier to find/browse. After considering several options I have decided to create a single “archive” topic with each tip as a separate post. As most of the tips deal with WDW, I have decided to post this thread under the “Walt Disney World - All” Category, but there are tips that deal specifically with DLR, UOR, and general travelling.

Note that as this is a historical archive, information may have changed since the tips were originally posted. Always double-check things, and when in doubt, rely on official WDW/UOR sources.


Liner Daily Tip #1 – Wait Times – Posted 10/20/13
Report posted/actual wait times and ride closures in the app - easy instructions are at The more data @len has, the better the predictions are!

Liner Daily Tip #2 – Phone Cast Members – Posted 10/21/13
If you are talking to a phone CM and he can’t/won’t do something that you think he should be able to, call back and talk to another CM. Some of them are more knowledgeable/helpful than others.

Liner Daily Tip #3 – Unpacking – Posted 10/22/13
Unpacking is as important as packing. Review the stuff that you did not wear/use - chances are you will not have to bring it next time. Lighter luggage = easier travelling, and more room for souvenirs!

Liner Daily Tip #4 – Ice Water – Posted 10/23/13
Keep hydrated! Ice water is free for the asking at all CS restaurants. Get a cup as you pass by, and sip it while waiting in line for your next attraction.


Liner Daily Tip #5 – Pity the FastPass Runner – Posted 10/24/13
If you are using a FP Runner, be waiting at the entrance of the next attraction when he gets there. The poor slob has just taken one for the team, running -er- “walking with intent” in high heat and humidity. Don’t make him hunt around for you because you decided to go into a gift shop. Gee, can you tell that I have an axe to grind here?

I know, this one no longer applies at WDW, but it is still good for DLR!

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Liner Daily Tip #6 – Resort Airline Check-in – Posted 10/25/13
If your airline participates, use the Resort Airline Check-in - you do not have to be taking DME in order to use it. Full info is at Note that you have to have paid any baggage fees before using RAC - see for more info.

Liner Daily Tip #7 – Party Night Entry – Posted 10/26/13
If you are going to MNSSHP or MVMCP, you can enter the MK with your party tickets starting at 4:00. This does not count as a regular park admission, so it’s a good way to PH if you do not have Hopper tickets.

Liner Daily Tip #8 – Take Photos of Tickets – Posted 10/27/13
Take a photo of the backs of your KTTW, tickets, and PhotoPass cards. Very helpful if you lose them and have to replace them at Guest Services.


Liner Daily Tip #9 – Take Photos of Rental Cars – Posted 10/28/13
Take a photo of the back of your rental car - makes it easier to find it in a sea of near-identical rentals. Why the back? It shows the make, model, color, and license plate - handy stuff to know when you are searching for your car.

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Liner Daily Tip #10 – Take Photos of Parking Places – Posted 10/29/13
Take a photo of your parking place and your lot name/row number. Not that I’ve ever been wandering around the HS lot at night trying to remember where I was parked…


Liner Daily Tip #11 – Photopass Photographers – Posted 10/30/13
Photopass photographers may take a photo using your camera if you ask them nicely. But you might get Disney Photobombed!

Liner Daily Tip #12 – TouringPlans Room View Photos – Posted 10/31/13 is rolling out room view photos for every room at the WDW resorts - for more info go to

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Liner Daily Tip #13 – Take Photos of Your Kids Every Morning – Posted 11/01/13
Before you leave your room for the day, take a photo of each of your children. That way, in the unlikely event you get separated, you can show a CM a photo with exactly what the child is wearing that day.


Liner Daily Tip #14 – Protect Your Camera/Smartphone – Posted 11/02/13
Put your camera/smartphone in a Ziploc bag when you go on “wet” rides. Nothing ruins a vacation like killing the device that has all of your photos on it.

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Liner Daily Tip #15 – Finding Your Parking Spot – Posted 11/03/13
WDW keeps track of the approximate time that they fill up each parking area. So, if you can’t remember where you parked your car but do know when you got there, see a lot attendant and they should be able to help you out. Not that I know this from personal experience or anything…

Liner Daily Tip #16 – Viewing IllumiNations from Restaurants – Posted 11/04/13
La Hacienda and Rose & Crown are good locations for viewing IllumiNations while dining. Make an ADR for 1 hour and 15 minutes before showtime. Show up a few minutes early, ask the host if you can have a table with a good view, and let them know that you are willing to wait a little bit. When you are being seated, if you see a better table that is available or is being cleared, ask if you can be moved over to it. The staff are generally accommodating to polite requests.

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Liner Daily Tip #17 – Seeing Space Mountain Lit Up – Posted 11/05/13
If you hear that SpaM is closed, beat feet to TTAPM. You may get a rare view of SpaM with the lights on!

Liner Daily Tip #18 – Google Drive – Posted 11/06/13
Put copies of all of your travel documentation on Google Drive. That way you will have access to it anywhere via your smartphone.

Liner Daily Tip #19 – WDW Room Sizes – Posted 11/07/13
Want a better idea of what the various WDW room sizes are? Check out the infamous “driveway” blog post

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