Clever Ideas from Liners

I have been to WDW many times over the years with my family always using the “Unofficial Guide” and the TP’s in the book. This is the first year I am using a custom TP and have been online reading the forum. I am so impressed with the knowledge of the liners and this forum has helped my planning so much. I am very excited to “catch a gem” at Mickey’s PhilharMagic and just learned about Fairy Godmailers. What are some other clever ideas for before the trip and at the parks? Don’t worry about our ages…we are all kids at WDW.

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I’ve only recently heard that you can request “Magic Poses” from your daytime WDW Photopass photographer. Some will do it, some will say it’s only for special events. Link.

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You can get your letters stamped from Main Street USA.

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Don’t forget that you can actually get a hair cut at the barbershop in Town Square, as well!


Here’s some more information on Magic Shots, and a map of where photographers are found at various parks. @roguepixel, you might enjoy this too.

Many of the Liner ideas I’ve found most helpful are related to packing. When I travel with my family (me, Mom, Dad and not-so-little sis), we always bring a power strip or two. It’s not something I’d have thought of on my own, but when you’ve got four cell phones, two tablets, a netbook, a couple of cameras, and a backup charger that all need to be plugged in, it’s a darn good thing to have!

Another Liner idea that could bring some magic (or at least comfort!) is getting a Frog Togg, or something similar. They’re good for keeping yourself cool in hot summer months. Or hot spring or fall or winter months, Florida weather is unpredictable!

If I come up with any that are more magical than practical, I’ll let you know!


Catching a golf ball with a mickey silhouette on it for soarin’, Finding the hidden pascals in the gardens around the tinkle (tangled) tower, get yourself a book like The Hidden magic of Walt Dinsey World, there is a new revised edition that I just got, It will help you find some of the hidden magic of Disney.

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I so appreciate all these ideas. I just made an appt at the Harmony Barbershop for my husband as a surprise. Keep them coming.

Visit Club Cool in Epcot and try the sodas from around the world, free samples, look for devine in animal kingdom,, in the muppets in Hollywood dtuios, on the left when you walk in there is a sign that reads key under the mat, lift the mat and find the key


There is also a sign by Indiana Jones in HS that says not to pull the rope. Pull it. =)


The hidden Mickey book is good fun - I think you can get it as an app too.


Do stay for the goodnight kiss:

Magic to find

Impress husband with high score on Buzz:

and Toy Story Mania


Check out the Liner Daily Tips Archive - Liner Daily Tips Archive - 321 good (and not so good) tips for WDW and UOR.


I just read about this on chat : become a citizen of WDW.

In HS, go to One Man’s Dream, ask the first CM for the citizenship test, fill it out as you go along the attraction, and give it to the last CM. They will grade it, and if you got it all right will make you a citizen of WDW!

I can’t seem to do links on my phone, so here’s the web address.

Edit: for some reason my phone thinks will should autocorrect to Erik. :wink:

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This is so cool! Do you know how involved the test is?

Not to involved is my understanding. You should be able to find all the answers in the attraction.

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Thanks. I’ll be trying to corral DS2 and DS5 at the same Time as taking the test and my limited powers of concentration always suffer at those times.

Might be silly but best thing I’ve ever learned from my pretend friends (liners) is always ask for your check at pre-Rd CP when you order your drinks! I learned the hard way then liners showed me the light :wink: