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Liner Daily Tip #20 – Tipping at WDW – Posted 11/08/13
Not sure who to tip or how much to tip at WDW? The Blog has you covered - see

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Liner Daily Tip #21 – Renting DVC Points – Posted 11/09/13
Looking to stay at a Deluxe resort, but want to save some money? Look into renting DVC points - see for some beginners’ tips.

Liner Daily Tip #22 – WDW Transportation Wizard – Posted 11/10/13
Want to know how you can get from Point A to Point B using WDW Transportation? Try the OLP WDW Transport Wizard

Liner Daily Tip #23 – Directions from MCO to WDW – Posted 11/11/13
Renting a car and need directions from the airport to your WDW resort? AllEars has comprehensive directions including tolls and grocery stops

Liner Daily Tip #24 – TSA Information – Posted 11/12/13
Flying and not sure about ID requirements, carry-on regulations, etc.? The TSA website has all the information you need They even have an app

Liner Daily Tip #25 – Car Rental Deals – Posted 11/13/13
One of the best sites for discount rental cars is Keep checking back regularly and rebook every time you see a better price.

Liner Daily Tip #26 – Fly/Drive Calculator – Posted 11/14/13
Trying to decide to fly or drive? BeFrugal’s Fly or Drive Calculator gives good estimates of the total costs of each option

Liner Daily Tip #27 – Using GPS at WDW – Posted 11/15/13
Looking to use your GPS unit to get around the world? MouseSavers has good tips plus a downloadable Point Of Interest file for WDW Note that GPS units (and Google Maps, etc.) have been known to try to use restricted roads and/or take you to employee lots, so sometimes you are better off just following the excellent WDW signage.

Liner Daily Tip #28 – Taxis at WDW – Posted 11/16/13
Sometimes a taxi can be the best way to get around. MouseSavers has a good set of tips for using taxis at WDW

Liner Daily Tip #29 – Virtual Tour of Hogwarts – Posted 11/17/13
The blog has an excellent virtual tour of Hogwarts

Liner Daily Tip #30 – Hidden Soundtracks for Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket – Posted 11/18/13
On HRRR you get to choose your own soundtrack, but did you know that there are “hidden” tracks as well?

Liner Daily Tip #31 – Suggested Soundtracks for Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket – Posted 11/19/13
As there are so many HRRR sound tracks to experience, the blog has 5 recommendation to choose from

Liner Daily Tip #32 – UOR Locker Map – Posted 11/20/13
Many of the thrill rides at UOR require you to stash your stuff in a locker before riding. These lockers are free for the duration of your ride. Here’s a handy map with locker locations and information,-81.470022&spn=0.015014,0.01929

Liner Daily Tip #33 – UOR Express Pass – Posted 11/21/13
Express Pass (UOR’s version of FP) can be rather pricey, but you get unlimited XP for free if you stay at a UOR resort, so a split-stay between WDW and UOR might save you some money. Also, you get XP for both check-in and check-out days, so you get two days of XP for one night’s stay.

Liner Daily Tip #34 – WWoHP Early Entry – Posted 11/22/13
WWoHP has 1-hour early entry every day for guests at UOR resorts. However, if you get the tickets with transfer from Dreams Unlimited you may also get early entry Note that this is an unadvertised benefit, so there are no guarantees that you will get early entry. However, this has worked for many Liners.

EDIT: This is believed to no longer work. The last report I have seen of it working was 01/17/14, and I saw a report that it did not work in August 2014. However, back when it was working there were occasional reports of it not working for certain individuals, so YMMV.

Liner Daily Tip #35 – UOR Water Rides – Posted 11/23/13
UOR water rides can get you seriously wet! Liner Daily Tip ratings: Jurassic Park = “splashed”, Dudley Do-Right = “wet”, Popeye and Bluto’s = “soaked”.

Liner Daily Tip #36 – Disability Access Service Cards – Posted 11/24/13
Everything you wanted to know about the new DAS cards

Liner Daily Tip #37 – Running at WDW – Posted 11/25/13
Not putting in enough miles walking around the parks? Here’s a handy guide to running at WDW

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Liner Daily Tip #38 – Stroller FAQ – Posted 11/26/13
Stroller FAQ

Liner Daily Tip #39 – Is It Worth It – Posted 11/27/13
Here at LDT we try to deal with objective facts, but here are some tips for evaluating those subjective “Is It worth it?” questions