Linking Family and Friends in MDE

These are some roughly put together instructions on how to link Family and Friends in MDE. This example is from the APP but this works essentially the same in the browser version. First I will show you how to link someone who has their own MDE with their Name, Age, and MDE email. Then next you will see how to link someone that is on someone else’s Family and Friends list and/or managed by another person (children or adults without their own MDE).

The last item is how to link multiple people using a resort reservation number and the last name of the booking person.

Thank you for posting this @AuntB_luvsDisney! If I’m understanding this correctly, can I add my sister to my MDE account after I get an AP so that she can take advantage of my MM? They’re planning a trip in February or March, but I won’t necessarily be there for that trip.

Yes you can. Edits and downloads will need to be done in your account.

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Thank you!

@AuntB_luvsDisney I have me and DS14 (managed by me) on my account and need to link with my mum and dad (mum managed by him). If I request to add him via his email, do I have access to book her FPs? Or do I need to then add her via connected guests and have him approve it?

I think the latter. She needs to be linked too.

Waiting for @AuntB_luvsDisney to confirm!

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I linked my dad to my sister’s family last year and we didn’t do that but I think they both booked their own FPs and I didn’t tell them how to book extra in the parks because I was having enough trouble with them!

This option!


Thank you! And thank you too @Nickysyme.

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Trouble with what? The FPs or them? :joy:

Definitely them!! Not my parents, my sister and her family.

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Does this look right? This is what I see -

Joe is DS, Steve is DH who won’t be in the trip, Brian and Maura are my parents. If I try to book FPs (which I can’t as we’ve got a package) I can add them both to my party.

This is what my dad can see (no Joe because we haven’t linked him yet) -

Clare is me, the others are my sister’s family from a previous visit.

I think what’s throwing me is that I got an email addressed to my mum saying ‘Clare wants to connect with you, accept or decline’ and when I accepted, I got an error message.

It looks right to me. The only person that seems to be missing is DS (Joe) on your father’s MDE. But maybe you are not worried about your father booking FP for your son?

No I expect I’ll book for everyone more often than not. We will link him but I wanted to make sure we’d got my mum linked to me first. Thank you!