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When I am here I mostly just browse and read the trip reports. Now, I have been to Disney a lot over the years and have used a lot of the information that I have found on this forum. So now I found myself having a hard time reading the posts due to abbreviations. I know that has a lot but finding that it is not complete. Is there a more up to date abbreviations list on the forum?

Is their any in particular that you would like to know? Its mainly hotels, rides, resturants, and people.

This is just a few to start:



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A lot of these are new.
SWGE- Star Wars Galaxy Edge (the land itself)
ROTR- Rise of the Resistance (ride)
BG- Boarding Group (how you get to ride ROTR)
MFSR- Millenial Falcon Smugglers Run (ride)
MMRR- Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railroad (ride)
These I am guessing, if someone can confirm
BLSRS- Buzz Lightyear Space Rangers
BP- Boarding Pass


sometimes I just make shit up to see if ne1 is paying attention. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::kissing_heart::yum:


Thanks again drvillarejos! If it would be ok to update the list of abbreviations I would be more than happy to do so. If anyone knows a way to edit a list so anyone can add to it would be great. Also is there a way to the pin the list in a certain place so it is easily accessible for anyone? Say maybe on the home page? I guess these questions may be something only can answer.

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I find reading along difficult and ruins the enjoyment… with all the abbreviations. I use a lot of long hand. I already have far too many acronyms at work to deal with. :upside_down_face:

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I havent opened that thread recently. But, he logical way would be to copy current list (not sure if that is even up to date or if people were adding willy nilly in the thread chat), past into a reply, make the changes, in alphabetical order like it requests, then post. This thread is pinned for me but I can’t remember how to “pin” something, lol.

I dont mind the basic ones or aberrations for long words but I also like to write out some. New Goal! No more than 3 abbreviations per 5 sentences :joy:

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challenge accepted

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I am with you! It is crazy with all the abbreviations! I try to do the best I can to read along knowing that I am not getting everything. :crazy_face:

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Best practice for using abbreviations (acronym or initialism) is to assume the point of view of an uninitiated reader and:

  1. Never use the abbreviation in a title or heading

  2. Always qualify the abbreviation at its first use in the body of the document

So the Original Poster (OP) should have made the title “Walt Disney World Abbreviations”, and in the body written “I’ve been to Walt Disney World (WDW) a lot over the years” …

Now I freely admit I don’t often adhere to that best practice unless I’m referencing something obscure like the now defunct DQ that was located in DD which is now DS. That’s tough to follow so lets try that again:

Now I freely admit I don’t often adhere to that best practice unless I’m referencing something obscure like the now defunct Disney Quest (DQ) that was located in Downtown Disney (DD) which is now Disney Springs (DS)

It’s difficult to know where to draw the line.






:joy: You just couldn’t resist, LOL

Hypocrite! :wink:

More seriously…it is overwhelming at first, particularly if you are super familiar with all the rides and attractions in the parks. At the same time, if I am posting from my phone, I hate how many typos and autocorrections take place, so using abbreviations is so much more efficient.


And yet, I still mange to mess up the abbreviations sometimes😂

I can definitely relate to not knowing the abbreviations! When I first arrived on the forum I was so lost much of the time. I still don’t know all the abbreviations, but you can always ask if you can’t figure out in context. Tbh it’s one way we can tell who’s new to the forum. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But it would be better if there wasn’t a barrier to entry so people would feel more welcome to join in.

what’s TTYL… talk to you later? and Tbh @Jeff_AZ? I do a little gaming, started w/ my boys when they were younger and they would message me, “Mom, you’re embarrassing us! Stop writing in complete sentences!” :rofl::rofl::rofl: So then I started shorting everything and it invaded work and RL it caused my friends to ask “What!?” all the time. I do love short hand but this is a different language than found in other realms.

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TTYL = talk to you later
TBH = to be honest

That is so awesome!