I feel so rusty!

I haven’t been to WDW since 2018! I shouldn’t feel as rusty as I feel! We’ve been a total of 5 times… but each time it’s at least 3 years apart.
I have so many questions!
What does the little blue moon on the park hours mean? Where can I get a refresher of all the abbreviations? Does All Star Sports really open at the end of March? Are all rooms remodeled? What is this Genie stuff? If I understand it correctly, it now doesn’t matter that I am not planning 6 months in advance- right?

So excited! We’re thinking of Sun April 3rd thru April 7. Thanks in advance!!

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I think the blue moon, means extended evening hours.


For Genie + LL/Ill info check this thread. The first post has everything you need.

ADR you is now 60 days out.

APR advanced park reservations are needed at this time.

Enjoy your planning.


Like the footnote says, the park has 2 hrs of Extended Evening Hours. Currently, that’s only for Deluxe resort guests, one park at a time, usually MK one night per week and EP one night per week.

Yes, ASSp really reopens, finally, on March 31.

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Park hopping doesn’t start until 2:00 pm. If you have park hopper tickets, you must tap into the park you have that day’s APR at, then you can go to any other park. You can hop to as many as you want. You do not need to make an APR for those, just for the first park of the day. The only time a park was closed to hopping was MK on Oct 1, 2021, and that was just for a few hours (4-8pm).

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Genie reading-

Read part one first :wink:

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For spur of the moment specific intel, I like to pop in and ask questions on Touring Plans chat feature.

Scroll down to WDW Planning Tools, then click WDW Chat.


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