Your absolutely favorite WDW restaurant

Cali Grill if adults only
Topolino’s breakfast if with family

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The qualifiers are helpful!

I went to Topolino’s in January 2021 for both dinner and breakfast. I had the rigatoni and it was so delicous I wanted to lick the plate. Went for breakfast and had the waffles and half of someone’s quiche. Again delicious! Went again in September 2021 for both dinner and breakfast and neither lived up to the expectation created by my memory. I pretty much ordered the exact same dishes.
Maybe I just imagined it was so great? Or it had come down a notch.


Yes I may have had high unrealistic expectations myself. The service was wonderful but I’m sad to say dinner may be a one and done.

Now CG brunch is just the chef’s kiss!

Isn’t it though?

Le sigh.

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I had a similarly outstanding experience four times over the last two years. Nonetheless, it’s a sad fact that you, like me, are nothing but a drooling mummilard, lacking any taste or discernment, and would likely be pleased with Chef Boyardee on a paper plate. We should defer to the TRVTH as delivered by our intellectual betters.


Why do I feel like I’ve just received an amazing compliment? :rofl:


Meow meow meow words meow not sure meow what you mean meow.

I am just a cat and your primate ways are weird and scary.


He has a way of making you feel that way :wink:


I did a google definition search for mummilard and no shit this is what came up: Forgive me, I’m confused - Walt Disney World - TouringPlans Discussion Forums


And I am just a crazy cat lady. :joy:


We all have favorite words

Mine are much less eloquent and definitely not lady-like :wink:


Actually not. A common complaint levelled at WDW restaurants is their inconsistency. I have had poor experiences at Topolino’s but I don’t doubt that others have had great ones. (I should be clear: I’ve only ever had breakfast there.)

Satu’li is the restaurant I’ve been to the most so, on that basis, it must be my favourite. I think the food is terrific — and consistently terrific — and that it is very good value, by Disney standards. I also like the theming, and air-conditioning.

I’ve obviously had better meals at WDW. The best meal I’ve had was not, actually, at V&A — the majority, but not all, of the courses were outstanding — but at Tiffins. But I can’t vote for Tiffins as my top pick because I’ve also had disappointing meals there: that notorious Disney inconsistency again. This applies to a number of the signature restaurants, actually: CG and LC spring to mind.

On the one hand I have pretty high standards and expectations. Yet on the other, I can be very easy to please. After all, Satu’li is hardly haute cuisine. But it’s good quality, tasty food. Very filling, too. The value is there. My favourite restaurant at DLP was actually Earl of Sandwich, for similar reasons.

But when I pay a lot, I expect consistent, high quality. Nowhere at WDW has met that bar. (This, incidentally, is the same criterion that, e.g., Michelin uses.)


And it smells amazing!!!

Did anyone say “go to Jaleo”? Go to Jaleo.


It so is.

I thought you loved the waffles in September.

It was the quiche I thought wasn’t as good as the first time.

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Ohhh. I have to agree with you. I would consider ordering something else now (which I’ve never done😂).

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I saw that plane biscuit pic and was drooling. I probably won’t be back for the biscuits until august!!

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