Your absolutely favorite WDW restaurant

Mine are wackadoodle and hunkydory


Mine starts with “F”


So does DHs, lol

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Who’s hunky dory?


Sis, you just made my day! Kathy Hilton is da bomb!

Edit: You will only understand if you watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. :joy:


DH used to joke that that would be DS’s first word just from hearing it so much in the womb :rofl:


Any time I can combine my Disney and Bravo worlds is a good time for me.

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I literally jolted in my chair. When my worlds collide! :heart_eyes::joy:

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Like ay-ok. Its all good. Its hunkydory


I know. That was just a funny thing Kathy Hilton said on the Real Housewives show. Sadly she really didn’t know what it meant.


Oh, haha, Ive never watched it.

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I have no idea how to pick a favorite.

Truth is, we’ve not been much on eating at TS up until very recently. We might do a single TS restaurant for an entire trip. Only in the past couple of years have we branched out into more TS places…but barely scratching the surface.

Furthermore, we are rather mundane when it comes to food tastes. For example, I’ll hear people refer to some place as having food barely any better than Applebee’s, meaning that as an insult…only…well…we rather like Applebee’s!

And people rave about Cali Grill. We’ve never been because, well…the menu looks disgusting to us. So, there is a slim to none chance we’d ever eat there.

As I’ve mentioned before, we are happy eating at Lotus Blossom, and thought the food at Rain Forest Cafe was perfectly enjoyable (just not the overall atmosphere…meaning the noise).

How does one judge “absolutely favorite”? Where we go most often? That’d probably be Cosmic Ray’s or something like that…yet, I’d hardly call that a favorite!!!

I will say that, after my wife and I ate at Olivia’s in December 2020, we loved it so much, we decided to take the family there in our May 2021 trip (despite being a UOR trip). So, perhaps that wins? So far, it is the only place we’ve willingly chosen to pay an arm and a leg for upon returning.

BUT, we aren’t planning to return to Olivia’s for our December 2022 trip. Not because we stopped liking it, but because there are other places to try. Then again, we ARE planning to return to Yak and Yeti.


Despite this coming from Mousematt, I agree. All my friends and family call me a “foodie,” but I have no clue what that means. I like restaurants that make things with pride, instead of slopping out trash. I know some words from the English language to describe food, instead of saying, “The chicken is good.” I guess that makes me a “foodie?” - whatever. I’d rather eat a grilled cheese made with pride, than an overpriced pile of mediocrity that was slopped out with no consideration other than profit and volume. You can tell. I’ve written in this forum many a time that WDW qc is haphazard at best, so my M.O. for dining is more of a damage control type situation, with spending where it is warranted, and avoiding the multitudes of land mines for the most part. I’m not against spending for experiences - I happen to love the character meals, and ate well at Chef M’s and also Tusker House - even though Tusker House’s supposed ethnic foods were blatantly atrocious, and in general, just laughable representations of anything they were trying to mimic. I honestly get skeeved out thinking about the “curries” I’ve tried there. They mostly tasted like the shelf stable packets you can find at about any grocery store, and in thinking about it, they probably were industrial sized packages, or canned foods. The Falafels were like balls of fried Bisquick with a few chopped chickpeas, and some cornmeal thrown in for good measure. I immediately thought of the dining scene from, “Better Off Dead:” 'Fronch Fries, and to drink…PERU!"

Anyway - just me rambling yet again.

I totally get what MouseMatt is saying about Sautu’li or whatever the completely silly name of that place is.

My values are:
I honestly thought Hoop Dee Doo was a value at 70 bones.
Pineapple Floats - they could charge 9 dollars, and I’d still be in.
The hot subs at Fuel,
The spare ribs and o-rings at Flame Tree - nothing else.
Chicken Tenders throughout the entire land are my safety net.
Fried Chicken is another safety net resort wide.

If Homecomin could find a way to keep their quality control the same, I’d want them to open a location in every park, instead of being stuck out there in DS.


I’ve heard great things.
But as a Canadian I just can’t bring myself to go there when there’s the rest of the World (Showcase) to choose from.

I get it. We’d never actually been in the American Pavilion until our last trip and we mostly stopped by then as we were killing time waiting on some folks touring Club 33 at Epcot…

It is a good steak and under normal non-pandemic conditions the servers are from all over Canada which we enjoy as we can talk hockey with someone in Florida. That’s probably less exciting for you… :grinning:


For those who watch RHOBH, I can confirm that at least Sutton is truly being herself. I went to college with her (she was in my class - though I was FAR below her social strata) and she was just as judgy and snobby then.


Wow. With Jiko and Flying Fish re-opening I might need to extend my trip…


Whaaaaaaaaat?!? That’s wild.

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Yep. We were in the same dorm freshman year. I’m fact the girl I ended up rooming with after like a week started out assigned to room with her. I still remember going to see Hollie (my initially assigned roommate knew her from something in high school) and finding Hollie - in a cammo t-shirt, denim shorts, and boots like Docs - sitting on the bed under this ridiculously girlie princess canopy over the head of the bed. Sutton did all the decorating.

It was clear that roommate situation was “they are both from the same state…” and that alone. :rofl::rofl:

(My initial roommate and I got along fine, but are better friends than we were roommates - she moved across the hall with a girl who was initially going to be a day student but they stayed on campus during orientation and she decided to move in.)

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I agree with a lot you are saying. We love trying various foods from around the world wherever we go. However we find the Disneyfied versions of food not good. I get it is good for people that rarely venture beyond burgers as a taste of other foods, but too me it is too simplified. I want the real thing. Give me the full spices, tastes, ingredients.

Grilled cheese is one of my favorite foods. But you better not be using American Process Cheese Product.

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