Yacht Club Club Level Rooms

We are currently booked for a standard view CL room at the Yacht Club. Since we are a family of 5, the standard view was the only category available. :sad: Does anyone have any room request suggestions? Are all of the rooms fairly close to the lounge or are the hallways really long? This will be our 1st stay there so not sure what to expect. Thanks!

Kelly, we have exactly the same situation and I’m wondering the same thing! I’ve stayed at YC before. Not enough people have submitted photos for the Room Views feature on touringplans.com so it’s difficult to get a good feel for the actual view from the rooms.

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You’re in a standard view Club Level room?

Yes, the standard view CL. I wasn’t very clear in my 1st post. Edited it. :slight_smile: We definitely want CL but can’t book another category such as pool view because we have 5.

Loooooong hallway so request near the elevators. The club is just off the elevators. Standard view will be fine. The lake with pool view rooms are set so far back from the front of the building that it overlooks the roof before it overlooks the pool if that makes sense.

But you are staying there for the pool and proximity to EP / DHS right? So near elevators is key to delivering on that.

If you want views, stay AKL or CR :slight_smile:

The pool view wasn’t that great - don’t feel like you are missing out on something. You will be way happier with proximity to lounge & elevators


Perfect. That’s exactly what I needed to know about the hallways. Yes, looking for easy access to Epcot, SAB, and the boat launch to HS so close to elevators it is. Thanks!!

I hope CL becomes available if a fall RO discount comes out. We’re booked at YC in Nov & as is, will be our first non-CL stay (CL booked solid right now). Thanks for the tips, keep em coming…hope I’ll get to use them :smile:


We have 2 nights booked YC CL Standard view as well (Sept 15-17) on the 30% off room only discount. We are doing 4 nights at Caribbean Beach with free dining then transferring to YC. It will be our first club level stay and we are super excited even just for the 2 nights we’ll be there. We have a 5.5 year old son and a 2.5 year old daughter so being close to the elevators and lounge sounds like a great tip that I plan to steal.

We stayed (well were upgraded) to YC CL in Feb and we were 2 doors from the Club and elevators… It was awesome, sure it was a parking lot view but at night we saw Wishes and there really was tons of green, trees and other things to enjoy with the view… I have been to other Club Levels and this was my first WDW one and I really enjoyed it. Nice to come back to the room and grab a Cognac or two and chill with some other CL people.


I agree with @MagicMN. We just got back from a Club Level stay standard view and we at the very end of very very long hallways. Definitely request close to elevators. We had a view of the top of the building but did not care. On a different note - we like the food offerings better at YC than club level at the Polynesian (split stay).


Our last CL stay was at CR. We never ended up being there during appetizer time so I don’t even know what they had. But we plan to make better use of the lounge this trip. What were some of the food offerings that you enjoyed?

Breakfast had oatmeal/grits, bagels, cereal, fruit, cheese, good cappuccino machine. Afternoon was just crackers and candy - no meal there. During appetizer time 5 - 7, they always had vegetables, fruit, crackers, hummus or other dip, cheese, and they always have 2 hot appetizers - things like pot stickers, baked brie, egg rolls, bacon wrapped sausage. Different things every day. Sometimes we would just eat this for dinner and maybe something small later if hungry. For our family with me, DH, DS9, DS9, and DD6 we definitely used it for some meal replacements. But we are not big eaters and do not need a hearty breakfast. Also - I do not really care about sit down meals at WDW anymore. For our 8 day trip - we only had 3 table meals. I think from now on I will book CL in the summer when we definitely will be in our room for a midday break.


Thanks for sharing, @Belle04!

Sounds fab! Thanks!

I GOT IT!!! RO OFFER IS OUT!!! CM said I got the last room!


@PianoMinnie we normally stay club too. DS10 is diabetic and I feel better just having some food “around” in case we need something for him. Last trip we had more people with us and I did Garden Grocer. We voted and think we like GG more than club. We never need anything from the CMs and it was so nice to essentially have the lounge in our room.

When we had so many issues with our booked club rooms I placed an emergency order to GG, they came the same day and it was great service. It also opens us back up to being able to stay 1st floor, which I actually prefer for location to pool and not needing to use an elevator.

I check EARLY in the morning and eventually rooms open up. If it’s a long stay I also try grabbing a few days at a time then once I have all of them I get a CM to link them into one reservation

That’s smart. I never would’ve thought to do that! Also I was just shocked by what happened to you. Was one incident at YC?
When we had the FD I figured we’d do GG & w EP so close we wouldn’t miss CL. But…I’ve status w 2 chains & haven’t stayed non concierge anywhere in years. Diz CL CMs have brought so much magic to our stays, setting up surprises, booking ADRs, canceling ADRs w/o fee, hunting down things I forgot to pack, giving helpful advice, & being an adult I can talk to as DH usually stays home. Snacks & drinks are a bonus. I really like resorts that have CL on separate floors or bldgs. (not that I’ve tried many; I usually stick to the Poly). Looks like YC is that way!

The biggest downside for me is feeling as if I need to be in lounge in evenings at least once so I don’t miss out on yummies. This trip I’ve booked things 6/8 nights & haven’t been able to move to earlier times. So…will see. Will be stuffed all week, I’m sure! Other con is cost: can only afford 1 trip/yr.

Any idea what room you were in? Or even which direction you faced…I’m directionally challenged.

@Belle04 How was the noise level in the back 40? I’m willing to hike to the lounge if it means less noise. Incredibly light sleeper, here.

One more question: Do all the rooms on the CL have full balconies? Or I guess I should ask, do all standard view YC CL rooms have full balconies?