King beds in Beach club?

I’m looking at the room view finder on, and king bed isn’t an option for room type. Surely there are king beds in a deluxe resort…am I wrong? If there are any, are there any on the east side with a garden view facing EPCOT?

Yes there are a few - in each of the following categories - standard, garden view, lagoon view, standard club, lagoon view club, one bedroom club and two bedroom club.

Requests are taken for king beds if you have two or less people in the room. (0r two adults, plus an infant.)

I figured there had to be some in the resort, so I was dubious of tp’s little map. @len do you know if there are any king beds facing epcot?

It seems as if Len is saying there may be an issue with the room finder on this thread: Yacht Club Club Level Rooms

We’re looking at it. The spreadsheet we uploaded seemed correct (it came from Disney), but the results in the DB aren’t matching. Give us a few more days.

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