Yacht Club Club Level Rooms

It was room 5174… which is 2 doors down from the Club. It overlooks the parking/entrance area and was very quiet and very nice. A perk is you can see Wishes from that area.


Wow, I would’ve thought it’d be noisy. Thanks for the info!!

Answering all of your questions :).

We were in 5232 - you can see it on the touring plans room finder - make sure to pick floor 5 (it took me about 15 minutes to find this). Very bad view of the top of the hotel or something but we did not care.
CL is the top floor so no one above you - way down the hall is relatively quiet since less people walking by, but you will definitely hear the rooms around you if people talking loudly, or in hallway. This is pretty much at all hotels, though.
And I think all of them have full balconies at the YC/BC. Poly has no balconies on the 2nd floor.
And I am directionally challenged too - until I just looked at the room finder - I though we were on the other end of the hotel :).


Thank you!! I’ll check out the room finder next…if I can pull myself away from this forum! RE The Poly: I think honestly they should discount the 2nd floor rooms in Hawaii. Having a balcony or patio is a big deal, IMO.

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@kellymouse5 - YC CL photos here - you may have seen already?

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And…more photos here -

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I’m reading this just in case I get my first dose of resort “magic” and get an upgrade… :). @MagicMN DS is a hypoglycemic so I hear ya on having food close by.

I have a couple more questions:

-Are the balconies separate, or shared? The balcony in the photo on TP room finder (5178) looks HUGE!

-Are there connecting rooms on the 5th floor? I’d love to know which ones are not connected. I know the room finder is supposed to indicate connecting rooms, but I’ve found this info to be incorrect for many resorts/rooms.

@len, when I select “standard view-club-queen” on the YC room finder (and no other filters), it says 0 found. Same is true for all CL rooms/views. No orange-highlighted rooms. Is this a glitch? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks so much!

Lookie what I found:


Yeah, that’s something wrong in our database. I’ll ask the dev to take a look. Sorry about that.

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OOh @PianoMinnie me like the room map. Is there more where that came from?

After a long while of internet searching I found it posted on disboards by someone who obviously searched longer than I did. There was a map for each floor but I only copied this one. When I’m back on PC I can try to find the link if you want but ATM on my cell.

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that;s really cool, I think Tp should have a page with all of those kinds of maps. I also think it would be a nice thing to have the bus stop numbers with the hotel listed at each park because I know that when I’m tired I want to be at the closest stop and if I am doing a commando day I might just pick the hotel that has the closest bus stop. What do you think @len @LaurelStewart


If it’s on the Dis I can find it there, too. Thanks.

That’s a nice idea, but I know those bus stop numbers are magnetic, so they can be changed around.

Here is Beach Club from the same site. … have to use way back machine because that site isn’t updated


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@PianoMinnie - Our room finder is updated now. Let me know what you find.

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Bumping this old convo, as I’ve just changed our booking to CL at Yacht Club, woohoo!
Kelly, were you happy with your room that you ended up with?
I’m curious too if all the rooms have balconies also.
And is it deemed better to be closer to the lounge or down the other end closer to stormalong bay?
so many questions! and excitement, let’s not forget the excitement!

If anyone has recs for specific rooms, I’m keen to know.


Yay, @quattro! We’re doing YC CL in November. So exciting!!!


how exciting! @Star_Wisher x

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