WWYD? Early FPP's or split up group?

Right now, for HS day in Feb, we have an 8 am TSM, 9 am TOT, and 10:10 MFSR. DD and I don’t care too much about TSM and would love RNR, but the only FPP available for that now are at noon. Should we:

A. Leave as-is and bet on getting FPP’s for it same-day? (or --gasp–standby line, worse case scenario!)
B. Split up our group so that DH and DS do TSM at 8, with DD and I locked into a 12:15 RNR. That will prevent us from getting earlier same day FPP’s in the 10 am hour after MFSR and prevent us from getting the 12;01 same day drop.

I think I am inclined to do Plan A because starting to get 4th + FPP’s by 10 am sounds pretty good, but thought I would see if there were any other schools of thought.

We could also try to RD RNR but crowds at RD seem unpredictable and I can’t get a good estimate with touringplans wait times that will account for being at the rope 45 min or so early.

Here are the current SDD:

Remember that SDD are not guaranteed.

If I were you, I would take the 12:15 FPP and work to move it earlier. If that doesn’t happen, try to modify during the SDD, if there is one that day.

Oh that’s a pretty good idea also

So your advice was right on. I grabbed the 12:15 and tried to modify–suddenly an 8 am was available! Thx!

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Glad there were some available!

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Just get ready to move all your fastpasses earlier when they change park open to 0700.

Right?! Between the MFSR drops and then the hour changes, disney had me on my toes this week.

It worked for us on 14 Jan and 16 Jan. I just wish they’d opened everything to Tier 2 then.

Trip report to HS

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