Current same day FP drops

If 2 of your first 3 are at the same park, they can’t both be tier 1. So as soon as you tap into SDD, you can book Soarin and a tier 2. You’ll need to use both of those before booking FEA or TT.

Or you could have SDD and TOT at HS, and as soon as you tap into the first of those, book Soarin. Then you could get FEA/TT immediately after tapping for Soarin.

But if you’re only doing 2 parks, 1 of your first 3 has to be a tier 2.

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That makes sense. Thanks! I’m not sure if we’ll use this but it’s helpful to be prepared.

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You don’t need to save for later on the forum. If you’ve followed the instructions at the top, then this will be pinned to the top of the WDW category. You can also search for any topic. If there is something you know will be helpful and you’ll want to refer back to it time and again, you can bookmark it with the little bookmark icon underneath every post, to the right of the little flag.

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Thanks for the valuable info


more details from Chat:
Test Track & Soarin’: 11:31
Test Track, Soarin’ & Frozen: 1:31, 3:31
Frozen only: 9:31, 9:37, 9:57, 10:07, 10:37

HS: 9:31, 12:01, 2:31

AK Tier 1: 11:01, 1:01, 3:01, 5:01
AK Tier 2: 9:01, 1:27, 1:49, 2:18

MK - no set pattern


There’s no 5.01 at HS.

I only saw TS at the 9:31 HS drop.


I’ll edit. I copied from a Chat post.

I didn’t find any fp’s using this, but I kept missing the times by a few minutes. My step-son and his wife got FoP this way though.

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Are these for day of in the park FP?

There’s no TOT at that drop? That stinks, I’m trying to get my 1:40pm FPP for around 11am. On the other hand, I don’t have to worry about having my head buried in my phone searching for it that morning!

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Did anyone see tt fea or soarin’ at 1:31 drop today? I was looking but saw nothing!t

There might be ToT now that the refurbishment is complete?

Yes, for same day FP.

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The drops are all for tier 1 rides. TOT may drop at different times.

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No changes since the post in August?

Going tomorrow.


No changes have been reported.

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Hi. Thank you for this information, it is very helpful. Can I ask a stupid question. I am visiting in two weeks and have booked fast passes for everyday but was unable to get a fast pass for FOP (staying off site). I have FP for Navi (early mid afternoon). If I log on MDE on the day at 11.01 say, will I be able to modify the Navi FP and switch it for a FOP? We are a family of 5. What are my odds in your opinion? Best wishes.

Potentially yes! Odds are varied. It depends on many factors: crowd level, ride closures, etc