Who posted that awesome picture?

I swear it was on here someone posted a fantastic picture of their two kiddos with painted faces (pirate and Avatar) with castle blurred in back. Now I can’t find it and I want to show my DH. Can anyone find it for me?

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I know the one you mean but I don’t remember who posted it. It was in one of the recent trip reports.

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I believe this is the post in question:


Hey, thanks! That one turned out pretty well. (On my iphone X if you can believe it!) I posted one of my son as a N’avi on a different day of my trip report as well.

Here’s the N’avi one. :slight_smile:

YES!! Thank you so much! DH is a photographer and we are headed there next week and I loved the pic and the spot where you took it :slight_smile:

Thank you! It was not a spot that was on my radar, but we were headed out of Adventureland and about to cut through the hub to meet Ariel, and suddenly I saw it!

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